As the surprise that Nel was a former Espada settles in with Ichigo, Nnoitra claims that she deceived everyone, but Nel denies it. When Nnoitra then accuses her of having a hidden agenda, Nel explains that she was just having fun and didn’t want to be separated from Ichigo. In order to make Nel shut up, Nnoitra tries to stomp on her, but Ichigo flies in and knocks Nnoitra’s foot aside. He believes in Nel and continues his fight with Nnoitra, however Nnoitra clearly has the upper hand and kicks him away. Turning back towards Nel, Nnoitra observes that she’s lost her memory and thinks that it was because he broke the Hollow mask on her head. He threatens Nel again with his weapon, and when Ichigo tries to protect her, Nnoitra kicks Ichigo again. None of Ichigo’s attempts to stop Nnoitra work for long, and it pisses the Espada off enough to break Ichigo’s arm. Ichigo’s screams of pain are too much for Nel to bear, and as she screams his name, a small explosion occurs.

Emerging from the smoke is Nel in her grown-up form, and the first thing she does is to get Ichigo to safety. She attributes being able to return to this form to his protecting her, and she now wants to return the favor. Ichigo gets worried when he realizes that she intends to fight Nnoitra, but she tells him that it’s okay, and he then sees the number 3 on her back. Nnoitra is unprepared for Nel’s strength, and when he tries to fire a Cero at her, she sucks it up and fires it right back at him with her own Cero added on. When he sees his master get blasted like that, Tesla rushes to Nnoitra’s aid and lets Inoue go. Nel meanwhile goes back to Ichigo and nearly hugs him to death. This lasts until Tesla suddenly gets flung back, and a singed but still alive Nnoitra emerges from the smoke. He admits to having forgotten about Nel’s Cero technique, but he also notes that she has forgotten how long she’s been away. He claims that the power of the Espada isn’t the same as when she was around, but Nel remains unintimidated and prepares to face Nnoitra again.


Well, what I was most curious about coming into this episode was how Kaneda Tomoko would change her voice more for adult Nel. The answer turned out to be not much, and that felt really weird since she no longer was a little kid. At best, it reminds me of the way she voiced Aoi in Myself;Yourself, but that’s still not a huge difference. Maybe I shouldn’t have been expecting anything different. In any case, adult Espada Nel is a lot more interesting to watch than crying-all-the-time kiddie Nel, though I do have to say that the fighting itself wasn’t that great. I liked seeing Nnoitra get his ass kicked for once, but I think I’ve been completely spoiled by Soul Eater for how awesome a battle/action scene can be.

The other thing I found weird was the prolonged shot of Szayel standing there with a goofy look on his face while everyone else was reacting to sensing Nel’s power. What was that all about? Speaking of Szayel, it looks like from the preview that next week will mostly involve the battle against him, though with the rate they’re going through the manga (about 2.5 chapters this episode for example), it should also include more of the Nel and Nnoitra fight.


  1. good episode, need more fight scenes though, i was glad they focused most of the episode to nel and the others and nel’s adult voice sounded different i wonderin how they were going pull it off and it came out well .

    john memento
  2. thats the point she a teenager maybe younger or older than ichigo and orihime i guess people were expectin a more deeper tone in her voice other than the soft spoken character she is at least she is serious when fightin or beaten the hell out of Nnoitra.

    john memento
  3. i’m used to hear teen anime girls with childish voices, but heck, if we already had a little nel with that kind voice then why the hell they didn’t change it at all, crappy animation too…

  4. T_T… I do not acknowledge that voice to be nel’s my imagination was of a deep sexy soft voice… so instead I shall be replacing her voice in my head with Noto sama’s voice… mmmm…. oh ya… thats it… keep talking… 😛

  5. @dyh

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Such a major disappointment from Nel. We all expected a mature voice but ehh..

    At the very least, we’ve gotten to see Nel’s true form.

    And Nnoitra’s wrong; Ranks still matter. Apparently still does since Nel kicked Nnoitra’s ass.

  6. Ummm…. Teenagers boobs generally aren’t that… developed. Adult Nell fits more imo..
    I was wondering about rukia too haha, they completely forgot about her… she’s been lying in a room half-dead for a long ass time now.

  7. very nice comments, and great thinking, just like mine. really, just hope BLEACH will turn for the better (in animation, choosing of voice actors), and the faster (like it’s too slow?). And what’s that wib that stupid picture of Szayel? Can’t they just make him move? It seems that the animators are really slacking…

  8. Nel’s voice over is shit.

    i would have expected a deeper voice, or even just more mature. Still, it is better becaues Nel still acted like a kid around Ichigo, an element not stresed from the manga.
    They also didn’t show of Nel’s boobs a much as the manga did, probably due to censorship issues.

    Even though i am pissed over the voice issues, Kudos to Bleach for trying to fit in the manga story after almost five months of Filler. they also toned down the speed, one manga chapter per episode rather than two or three,(Grimmjow vs. Ichigo in the manga was six chapters, while in the anime it was just two episodes.) this will ensure that the manag will take a considerable lead before the anime, meaning no damn filler again.

    *i don’t mean that the Amagai filler arc was horrible or what, it just spoiled the Bleach feel of excitement because it left HM arc on hiatus instead of concluding it before the arc. The amagai story was a great filler on a wrong timing.

  9. Its funny how anime original episodes were better than this…

    Ok, so….first most awaited moment ruing by CRAPPY voice….Three to go, if they will ruin those parts – i am dropping this bs….

  10. i can taste it the upcoming battles going to be awesome!!!
    Show Spoiler ▼

  11. I thought Tomoko Kaneda was going to take a page from Megumi Toyoguchi’s book and do voices simliar to Kuran in Macross Frontier….but oh well, it is weird to hear that voice come from that body.

  12. Jesus christ, what was that?! One of the most anticipated moments in Bleach completely ruined by shitty animation and the same shitty childlike voice. I actually cringed when she talked. A big middle finger to the production staff.

  13. When somebody says something like, “The animation in the manga looked better than in the anime”, it really breaks my heart. Isnt the purpose of anime to animate the still drawings into something better. My god, could they have ruined an episode more than this…

  14. HAAHAHAA Orihime > Nel

    no point in watching the anime, I’ve already seen whats going to happen in the manga. And lately i find myself skipping pages on the manga, the story is just dragging on for too long.

    told you so
  15. I love Adult Nel and her voice is just fine, this is anime, you know, where even adult women can have very cute voices!
    I thought Nel`s seiyuu was Ootani Ikue, but it seems Kaneda Tomoko`s voice is similar enough to fool me.

  16. Should I really be the first to speak up here and say that I disagree with both statements that NEL’S VOICE DID NOT ANNOY ME ONE BIT, and THE ANIMATION WASN’T THAT BAD??!?! With all the characters in Bleach, there has to be at least one or two that were introduced in the anime that had a voice that wasn’t quite what fans had in mind! There have been excellent animation in a filler arc, and BAD animation in the actual stories! The studio cannot please everyone, so get over it!

  17. despite the voice… which i personally dont think its too bad… i was just wondering how they gonna adjust nel’s attitude towards ichigo… glad to see the attitude hasnt changed.. all in all.. i liked it @@?!

  18. And to think this series started out so well… wtf is happening? They recycled that same animation of Nnoitra kicking Ichigo with all the sand twice in the same episode?! puh-leezz

  19. When she was serious her voice wasn’t that bad.
    Anywho, yeah I agree that part with Szayel waiting was kind of lame, he just did a reveal and now he’s just looking at him? She enemies and the good guys seem to wait, but Szayel just revealed his release.


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