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As some of you might know, Gotou Yuuko voiced Anya in CODE GEASS R2 as well as many other popular characters like Mikuru from Suzumiya Haruhi. She appeared on yesterday’s episode of CosCosPlayPlay – a program on Fuji Satellite TV featuring a lot of cosplay tips and info – cosplaying as Anya. In the video, she does a sketch (she’s known for being good at drawing) and acts out some lines (explaining to the host who Marianne is in the process), all while in costume. It’s pretty cute and worth a watch if you’re a GEASS fan, though I don’t think the Anya look really suits her.


  1. Any info on the credits for Yuko’s costume? Is it from Cospatio, ACOS, or commissioned from a private company/individual?

    Oh god, I’m looking at it and silently crying, “Please don’t let it be Cospatio…”

  2. A bit off-topic, but to go along with Omni’s video above, here are your PVs for the day. Enjoy~

    Kawada Mami – PSI-missing (To Aru Majutsu no Index OP)


    Tomatsu Haruka – motto☆Hade ni ne! (Kannagi OP)

    -divine (…hasn’t quite fallen off the planet yet)

  3. I can’t tell a discernible difference between the Yahoo Video audio and the YouTube one, but I do know that Yahoo Video quality (audio and video) varies depending on your connection speed or their server load. Regardless, I’ve had bad experiences with YouTube in the past, so I avoid using it whenever possible.

  4. I thought wow they llether where Anyas clothes on tv in the day but then i realised it was her first outfit (i didnt notice two different outfits before) because everyone knows that when she fought Jeremiah she didnt have shorts it the equivalent of a bathing suit she wore!

    WingZero zxt
  5. love the song, “..babyface..driving” (^_^), video not so much.. they should get better directors/actors for these vids.

    man…they should leave the cosplaying to white folks. honestly. there i said it!

  6. What’s this? A Code Geass related topic and there’s nobody complaining? I….bwaaah?! I have this sudden strange urge like I should be starting a fight, but there’s nothing to do…..

    Well in any case, on one hand I find this strange, on the other hand I find it sort of neat that a Seiyuu is getting so into one of her characters. She’s certainly going all out with the cosplay effort including Anya’s infamous midriff bearing outfit. Par for the course this week in my anime related dallyings.

  7. It was great, for the seiyuu to cosplay her character, but yeah, I have to agree that Yuuko Gotou doesn’t really seem to fit her character as Anya.

    Just a note,
    You guys are here are random curiousity are fabulous! I love the reviews, and the snapshots 😀 Thanks for going further to bring us closer (:

    God Eye Galatea
  8. Yea the Anya look doesnt suit her at all, Her knight of rounds costume seems pretty awful, thought they could spare a few funds for that, cost 100-200 dollars max if you got it done in Vietnam. Bit dissappointing overall


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