Although the initial fight against their clones isn’t too hard, every time Renji and Ishida splatter one of them, each resulting puddle forms into another clone. This creates tons more clones, and since they can’t fight that many, Renji suggests to Ishida that they escape. Given how they failed earlier to do so, Renji comes up with a plan of initiating ban kai and getting all the clones to copy him. That creates a giant explosion that collapses the building, and Ishida and Renji find themselves back outside afterward. However, Szayel is still around, and he’s not pleased. He dissolves all of the clones so that he can handle Ishida and Renji himself, and his subsequent attack involves extending one of his wings and wrapping it around Ishida. It eventually spits Ishida back out, and from it, Szayel receives a voodoo-like doll of Ishida. What he does to the doll is reflected on Ishida’s real body, though when Szayel twists the doll open, Ishida doesn’t get split in two. Instead, Szayel fishes around the various organs inside the doll and picks out the stomach piece. When Szayel crushes that, Ishida feels the same happen inside of himself and coughs up a ton of liquid. Renji tries to retaliate, but Szayel uses his wing to surround Renji and creates a doll of him as well.

Meanwhile, Nel has to continue her fight against Nnoitra, though at one point both stop short of dealing potentially killing blows to each other. Nnoitra gets irritated because this reminds him of how he fought with Nel in the past, and he feels that she hasn’t changed at all since then.




Well, the censoring department was hard at work here keeping this episode as bloodless as possible. Szayel crushes Ishida’s stomach, so logically Ishida throws up tons of…water. It’s ultimately not a huge deal, but it does ruin the perceived impact of that attack, and so now instead of having his stomach crushed and having lost tons of blood, Ishida’s probably just a bit dehydrated. In any case, I’ve noted before that the Szayel fight drags on for a while, and it ended up taking the majority of this episode. However, given Nel’s voice, I’m not sure that’s such a bad thing. At least she looks kinda cool in her original outfit (compared to the rags she has on now), and I assume next week’s episode will show how her somewhat interesting past with Nnoitra. There was no preview for next week’s episode though because it’s the time of year again for the next Bleach movie (focused on Rukia, due out December 13th), so those advertisements are out in full force. I wouldn’t be surprised either if they changed the OP and ED animations to advertise the movie sometime in the near future like they did last time.


  1. throws up WATER? come on! i stopped watching this series a long time ago and am only following the manga…and from the looks of it it was still the right choice. i completely agree with finalnight it is sad what is happening to this series. water…that’s just stupid.

  2. Another bad episode of Bleach…All filler arc was shit(there was some good episodes like 169,176,177,178 but all others episodes mostly sucked) And still situation not changing. I though then we will back to canon it will become good again, but I’m was wrong. If future episodes will be like this. I see Bleach being cancelled
    Anyway hoping better animation for future episodes of Bleach(probably better animation will be then they will finish bleach 3rd movie)

  3. WTF!!! come on… how the hell someone would throw up WATER from having their stomach CRUSHED… and in this chapter there is almost NO BLOOD… what the hell are the color edition doing? i see more blood in POKEMON

  4. LOL he threw up water instead? that’s so…. – -”
    Next bleach movie is rukia centric?! YES!! i think the movies are the “anime” ill watch of bleach now ;_; but rukia, yay!!

  5. BWAHAHAHAHAHAH WATER!!!! (I’d rather have BLACK blood, though black blood just makes it look kind of strange, like they’re bleeding ink.) That is the FUNNIEST thing i have EVER EVER SEEN! I agree, this is like a saturday morning cartoon…oh how i miss those, does anybody remember when saturday morning cartoons were actually worth getting up early for?
    lol anyways the anime just makes me sad, so i read the manga =)

  6. damnmmit i stopped watching the f*****g filler of this show for the manga arc….

    and this is what i get >,< damn you censors!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    therefore quincies have 100% water in their body… no blood…

  7. People complaining about the lack of blood – go thank Disney. It’s because of Stitch! that Bleach was moved from its previous time slot to 6 PM. And there’s no way they’d show someone vomiting blood at 6PM…

  8. By the way, the new movie sounds like a repeat of the Soul Society arc only without Ishida, Orihime, Chad and the rest. This is enough reason for me NOT to watch it. I’m so sick of the rest of the gang being completely ignored in favor of shinigami.

  9. I like bleach and all but today’s ep for me was one of the boring ones… i dont know what about these two, but i dont care about anything about Renji, and Quincy boy… if it was quincy boy alone. i maybe able to like it. but ya wat made me happy was re watching the ED song lol. tho i can always re watch it; its more fun to watch it after the latest episode. cause its been a while u know….

  10. those saturday morning cartoons, remember Medabots, Monster Rancher, DIGIMON! COME ON GUYS!!! Its WATER for christ sake…and not just spit, its transparent hose-like pouring of water.

  11. You can’t blame Bleach as barak said. They don’t have a choice. Showing Ishida vomiting out blood at that type of timeslot will get them owned by the public.

    This is not to detract from the point it still looks worse than if it had been blood.

  12. Honestly if people don’t like an anime series, because theres not enough blood, or stupid things like that then don’t consider yourselves anime fans. Is censoring foolish? Sure. Does that mean I’ll stop watching the series because of it, no, because it absolutely doesn’t effect the storyline at all, in fact I’m a little bit happier each time I see Nel, even if her voice is seriously screwed up…

    Kazuki Shikimori
  13. maybe Szayel’s evil plan is to make them all shriveled prunes by squeezing their vital organs so hard they puke water.

    after all, throwing up lots of water CAN be lethal.. over time. dehydration, anyone?

  14. Ughh… That’s it.. the last good thing they did with this series was Ichigo vs. Grimjow. That’s about it.. I’ve got nothing else to look forward to. I’m completely forgetting about this damn thing once and for all. Well.. maybe after I see the lastest Bleach movie.

  15. Fuck, jesus crist, I wish people would stop bitching about the censorship in Bleach. This is not Hellsing or Elfen Lied for gods sake. It doesn’nt bother me and im ok about Neliel’s voice it makes her sound cute and she does sound more mature when she’s serious in battle.

    Taylor Paul
  16. This censoring doesn’t bother me, and at least the blood hasn’t been fully taken out – last episode when Neliel slashed Nnoitra a lots of blood flowed out of his body. I guess blood is only censored in extremly violent scenes such as puking it out.

    Although I am confused on why there’s no blood on the person when they showed blood flowing out of someone’s body. I remeber in 190 we could see blood dripping from Grimmjow yet he himself was only covered in bruises. Now surely being covered in blood can’t be considered extremly violent?

  17. I think someone’s already said it but Bleach has a rather mainstream time-slot so there’s no way they could get away with someone puking a bucket load of blood.
    The only redemption would be to correct this for a DVD release but more than likley they won’t bother…
    Bringing up Nel’s voice, it’s just, no… It makes my ears bleed.
    Such a cool scene and then that intensity is ruined by a loli voice. It’s like if they kept Yoruichi’s cat voice for her human form… :/

  18. Most people will laugh at the water as for me its this classic dry humored comment from omni.

    “Well, the censoring department was hard at work here keeping this episode as bloodless as possible. Szayel crushes Ishida’s stomach, so logically Ishida throws up tons of…water. It’s ultimately not a huge deal, but it does ruin the perceived impact of that attack, and so now instead of having his stomach crushed and having lost tons of blood, Ishida’s probably just a bit dehydrated”

    ark noir
  19. I can’t stand this BS any more. Tell me when they stop playing around & end this retarded garbage. I just may watch bits & pieces of it then…*goes back to the ss arc for some kickass action*

  20. Censorship isn’t exactly new to Bleach. It’s been happening as early as the anime started but I do have to admit that this time it was rather poorly done. It would have been a bit “better” if they censored it while trying to mantain the impact of the scene (ie. Maybe have Ishida cough up blood off-screen? Or just show it while coloring the whole screen red to hide the crude fact, etc). Anyway, I’m not entirely surprised seeing as the this battle has seen the biggest amount of censoring in all of bleach. I wonder though how they’ll handle the “sexual healing” (xD) bit a bit later.

    On the more positive note, at the very least, this is as far as the “boring” battles go as it should become much more interesting past this point. The only problem is the animation in bleach, which seems to be getting worst by the week. I like bleach but it’s lost a lot of its magic ever since the SS arc ended and the manga is moving along so slooooooooooooooowly that it makes me wonder how exactly they’re gonna keep up the anime without catching up to the manga too quickly.

  21. It all obviously depends on the studio which produces the anime and the shows popularity. One Piece, for example, still mantains a relatively high production value even after 370+ episodes. Naruto also has a marginally better animation than bleach (but nothing solves the horrible passing problem in that anime). And Bleach, not being as popular as the others, is stuck with a noticeably lower budget. Perhaps the producers are saving the budget for the upcoming major battles (which is what I’m hoping for) or perhaps the animation will just continue like this (which I don’t hope for).

    Anyway, I’ve been seeing Bleach long enough and I’ll probably keep reading the manga and watching the anime until they’re both done for. I just hope that the animation problem doesn’t get in the way of the awesome stuff that’s coming. Which could end up being the difference between a good episode and a bad one.

  22. Completely pointless episode, 60% was recap from the past episode and the rest was the still going and boring Szayel fight… Looking forward for his KILLER TO COME FINALLY.

    Jonathan Strange
  23. Well of course you throw up WATER when someone CRUSHES your insides!!! that’s the logic of the universe!! Ugh…they seriously should change Bleach Schedule again so Pierrot can stop censoring all the episodes…i’m getting tired of this.They’re taking all the seriousness of the manga chapters…this is…disappointing…well, now excuse me while I go to throw up too.

  24. Yeah, honestly, with the switch to mostly poor-quality Korean animation and poor voice-acting and editing, it may be time to switch to another series.

    I still very much enjoy the Bleach manga, but the anime hasn’t been remotely good since the Vizard/parents arc.

  25. That was not water coming out of Ishida’s mouth. How do you think Ichigo and company survives in a desert like Hueco Mundo for weeks without food fighting Aizen and still have energy. Booty Sweat and Bust-A-Nut bars. If Ichigo couldn’t bust a nut bar in his mouth he would already be dead. Ishida ran out of booty sweat but Renji gladly gave him every last drop of his. Sadly Chad refused Ishida booty sweat because it was too strong for him and Rukia refused to allow Ichigo to bust a nut bar on her and told him to save it for Orihime. That is the reason why Chad and Rukia became weak and lost.

  26. i dont care what any of you say i like the show regardless of a few bad episodes in the futer it will turn around. even if it doesnt im a bleach fan and im loyle to the show so ill watch it even if i does get worse it can get that bad.


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