As Nel continues fighting Nnoitra, Ichigo struggles to get back up so that he can go help her. However, he gets kicked back down by Tesla, and Tesla threatens Inoue in order to prevent Ichigo from interfering. Long ago, Nel and Nnoitra had sparred, but he couldn’t beat her, and she refused to fight him to the end because she had no reason to. What’s more, she thought of him as a beast and didn’t acknowledge him as a warrior, and that just made him hate her more – he already despised her because she, a female, ranked higher than him, a male. Sometime after that, Nel had discovered Pesche and Dondochakka with their masks forcefully torn off, courtesy of Nnoitra. Determined to make him pay for it, she had fought him again, but when she swung at him in the middle of the battle, he suddenly vanished. A split second later, he slashed her across the face, breaking her mask. It turns out that he had the help of Szayel, and the Szayel watched as Nnoitra literally threw Nel, Pesche, and Dondochakka out of Las Noches. To their surprise, Nel then changed into a child, and Szayel theorized that her spiritual force had flowed out of her broken mask. This pleased Nnoitra, and he abandoned Nel out there.

When Nel regained consciousness, Pesche and Dondochakka realized that she had lost her memories, and Pesche decided that there was only one path they could take. He declared the Neliel Tu Oderschvank that they knew to be dead and vowed to protect Nel. Back in the present, Pesche watches as Renji struggles unsuccessfully against Szayel. With Szayel occupied, Pesche is able to shoot his saliva onto Szayel’s hand, and that causes Szayel to drop the dolls, right into Pesche’s hands. Once he has the dolls, Pesche tells Dondochakka to bring out Bawabawa, so Dondochakka does exactly that by spitting the giant worm out of his mouth. Pesche explains that Bawabawa is actually a spirit insect that Dondochakka keeps inside of himself, but they never told Nel this because they were afraid such information would could cause her memory to return. They thought that quietly protecting her was their mission, but now that Nel has shown her will to fight, they’re determined to join her. Nel meanwhile continues her fight against Nnoitra and eventually decides, with much reluctance, to change into her released form.


Maybe I’m just getting used to it, but I thought Nel’s voice wasn’t so bad this episode. At the very least, it didn’t bother me like it did previously, and I thought this episode overall was pretty good. It didn’t have any blatant censoring like last week, and I always liked how this part of the story finally gave Pesche and Dondochakka some decent character development – the anime did a good job adapting that. I’m also curious to see what the two looked like originally without their masks, which is hinted at, but never fully shown. In any case, things should get pretty exciting from here on out, and a certain someone might show up as soon as next week (if it does happen, it won’t be until the very end of next episode). With no preview though – more movie commercials this week – there’s no way of knowing for sure until next week roll around.


  1. Oh, good. Nel’s not bleeding water but black and neo blood xD
    Man im so behind in this now 🙁 only keeping up with the manga, but now i don’t even know who’s the “certain someone” who’ll show up next week…. maybe ill take a relook at the manga later, for now, must study. one more paper!

  2. I think I got used to Neliel’s voice too. It’s not disturbing anymore and even …. too cute (compared with her serious and calm personality), but not bad anyway. I agree that ‘certain someone’ will appear at the end of next episode, which they really made it nice here not showing next episode’s preview here. It’s both to advertise it’s movie and also keep the surprise. well done~

  3. Knowing how long transformations take in cinematic shots, along with the concurrent fight against Szayel, I do not expect the certain someones appearing next episode. If they do though, the episodes after that will be fantastic.

  4. I guess Naruto has been testing my patience for slow pacing but Bleach is pretty much up against the wall for this arc if I’m hearing things correctly. I just want some bloody espada to finally die or at least convert or something. It’s been so long since one actually died that I entirely forgot about it until I wrote this post to complain about it.

  5. @lag-san – hmm they’ll prolong the Szayel vs. Renji & Ishida fight? don’t think so.. pretty much its near when “they’ll” come. I bet next weeks ep will show Nel’s Release Form.. after that to the rescue.. postponing it while “they” come to the rescue then showing nel’s release then rescue.. that will be weird..

    Show Spoiler ▼

  6. i gave up and started reading the manga, it seems like they cut out a lot of the flashback between nel and Nnoitra or i just forgot and thats further in the future. considering how theyre scared of catching up with the manga, i would think that they would include every bit that they could from the manga.

  7. Great episode it stretched out what happened to Nel more than the manga. The only thing I did not understand is why Nel was so stupid. I mean if you fight with a guy and he says “I hate you” wouldn’t you always be on guard. She was a Espada under Aizen which technically makes her evil so she should have known Nnoitra was coming for payback and was going to fight dirty. Or was she so arrogant that she thought he is a animal so he is no threat to me. And when she saw Pesche and Dondochakka masks torn off why didn’t she immediately release her sword and cut his nuts off for what he did to her Fraccion. Finally I wonder was Nnoitra No. 8 more powerful than Nel No. 3 because he cracked her head with one hit of his unreleased sword. I know he used a illusion to make a opening to club her but to fall to a guy five level beneath you with one hit makes you think that the reason she was no. 3 was because of her skills and not her power.

  8. nnoitra used to be 8
    and how do you get slashed across the face with a massive blade and not bleed profusely? bleach was always less censored then shows like naruto and i liked that fact, but it looks like the production staff is starting to head down the naruto path, which worries me greatly
    also i liked your comments, but i still find nel’s voice makes my ears bleed

  9. Nah, i’m thinking you know who won’t appear until episode 196 according to the ann episode title listings for 196:
    196.Joining the Battle! The Strongest Shinigami Army Appears

    And I wont list 197 and 198 as they are a bit too spoilery 😉

  10. Well the next episode will probably be focused on Pesche trying to stand up to Szyael.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  11. Good to see they added some fight scenes. But it was so poorly animated that it was almost as good as nothing :/
    Those chapters are becoming as bad as Naruto Shippuuden (both has the same feeling that the studio is trying to stretch things as much as they can so the manga can advance… too bad for Bleach, since KT is keeping his pace with the manga as slow as it can be).

  12. Wow, this episode was pretty good. All the new stuff the anime provided was really helpful in clarifying a lot of things. The pace and the drama was good too.

    I actually like the fact that she sounds more childish. It adds an even greater contrast between her and Nnoitra, putting more emphasis on their differing views on fighting.

    Plus the animation was fairly decent too.

  13. God this sucks!!! Where are the good old days??The good old Zaraki vs Ichigo, Byakuya vs Ichigo, Ishida vs Mayuri etc where blood was all over the place and we were actually enjoying some good battles…They way bleach anime is turning is simply ruining the good work of kubo tite on the manga..I mean come on zaraki already came to battle and merely a few drops of blood fell…bleach is been censored so badly that it barely feels like old bleach anymore..shame…


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