In her released form, Nel takes on a centaur-like appearance, and she throws her lance weapon at Nnoitra, nailing him in the chest. Meanwhile, Szayel has no trouble stopping Bawabawa, but Pesche surprises the Espada by pulling a sword called Ultima out from his crotch area and slashing Szayel with it. When Szayel tries to counterattack by sending his minions, they are defeated by Dondochakka in one swing of his mace. Dondochakka and Pesche then perform a joint Cero attack that fuses their two Ceros, and the blast envelopes Szayel. Unfortunately, Szayel emerges unfazed because he had managed to separate the two Ceros since they weren’t perfectly mixed together. He feels that Pesche and Dondochakka’s mistake was giving him so much time that he was able to measure everything about them, meaning that they should have used their Cero technique at the very beginning of the fight. Knowing that they’re out of tricks now, Szayel decides to finish things.

Elsewhere in Las Noches, the Espada Zommari Leroux finds Aaroniero and Rukia’s bodies. He thinks that Rukia should be dead, but to make certain, he draws his sword so that he can tear off her head. The Exequias meanwhile have found Sado and Gantenbainne – both of them down but still alive – and their leader starts what he calls an extraction. Back at the other fight, Nel prepares to drive her lance into Nnoitra, but at the last moment, she reverts back into her child form. Realizing that the tables have turned, Nnoitra punts Nel aside and then slams Ichigo into the ground when Ichigo tries to help. Nnoitra feels that it’s over and switches places with Tesla so that Tesla can finish the battle. Tesla subsequently transforms into a giant beast, and he starts crushing Ichigo and tossing him around like a rag doll. Inoue can only cry as she watches Ichigo beaten to a pulp, and when he tries to lift his sword because he sees her, Tesla snaps his right arm. Tesla then raises his fist to deliver the final blow, and though Ichigo is powerless to stop it, a certain someone else is not. Everyone is shocked to see that 11th Division Captain Zaraki Kenpachi has suddenly appeared, and he’s holding up Tesla’s fist.


Now that was a pretty good episode. Zaraki’s entrance was as dramatic as I’d hoped it’d be, and seeing the “WTF?” look on Ichigo’s face was priceless. In terms of action, I liked how Pesche and Dondochakka got to show off their abilities, though it’s disappointing that Szayel wasn’t the least bit affected. Pesche pulling Ultima out of his pants and the joke around that was hilarious as well. On the other hand, the Nnoitra and then Tesla fight was a lot less exciting because Nel only got to use one move before she reverted, and the rest of it was just a drawn-out sequence of Tesla beating up on Ichigo. I did notice however that they really seemed to be emphasizing Inoue’s reactions during that scene, more so than the manga did. It’s not clear if that’s because they needed to kill time or because they’re playing up the connection between her and Ichigo. In any case, next week should be a fun episode since Zaraki has shown up, and there should be a few more surprises for anyone who hasn’t read the manga.


  1. loooooooool man this was out so late…. i even watched the episode before reading this. Also DB took ages to sub this. KEMPACHI IS FINALLY COMING. WOOOOT!!!! i wanted more of big nell. MAN i laugh every time i hear adult nel’s voice, i dunno why but it just doesn’t suit her!!! Also it was lame that she reverted after one move… like, come on.

  2. I would have prefered to see her stay in Adult Nel form if it wasn’t for that foolish misake the creators did casting the same voice for big and lil Nel. I don’t know of a single person that liked adult Nel having the baby voice still. All in all the appearance of certain people from SS should make up for some of the mess with Nel’s voice.

    I just wonder how they are going to handle animating what Szayel does to a certain female from SS. I bet it will be censored all to hell (like a dude getting his guts crushed and he pukes up water? WTF???).

  3. Zaraki’s timely entrace was so badass, can’t wait to see the battle between him and Nnoitra next week! On a side not, I’d have prefered them painted the hilt of Ultima white instead of shading it when he was pulling it out from his crotch though, lol.

  4. it would good if bleach could still get some those fighting sequence in i’ve seen bleach do a better jod than this if they are killing its working but they lacking the excitement the series once had. moving beyond that kenpachi is the kind of person that does lot of fighting than talkin so i,m hopin they do that next week they probably try throw in a cliffhanger at the end if u what i mean.

    Oliva Der Silva
  5. watching this episode furthur reminds me of how much ive forgotten from the manga 0_o, ill probably go re-read it before the next episode but i hardly remember any of this (besides zaraki) besides that was a good episode, im hoping the syazel fight wont drag for too long but since *insert name here* has not even been seen yet, ill assume it will take a hell of a long time. i imagine we’ll see another example of a “sasori fight from naruto” <_< which took like 12 episodes..

    Precise Moment
  6. good episode
    and as much as i enjoyed watching ichigo get pulverized, it was clear that the production staff was just trying to buy time by making tesla take FOREVER to walk over to him just to throw him six feet. and inoue kept saying kurosaki-kun over and over and over and i was like i get it you can stop now. also i wish they could have extended the episode by adding some to nell’s fight rather than watching tesla beat up ichigo for several minutes. as long as nell didn’t say anything of course.
    i’m still pissed that they ruined adult nell >:(

  7. I don’t really see why people are surprise at Nel reverting, since in order to stay in that form she’d have to have a fixed mask. It is still broken, thus she’s returned to her child form. Makes perfect sense to me.

  8. Ugh, Ichi is always getting his ass kicked – I think he actually enjoys it. Even though this arc is cursed, its still XXXXtimes better then those silly ass fillers…& it is mostly hardass fighting so its win/win, kinda.

    @banana100% Yeah, Kenpachi save Ichi, Byakuya save Rukia, Mayuri saves the two other idiots, & Unohana is just a tag-a-long…

  9. hmmm? GOOOOD!! though i wish they woulda shown the parts were they break ichigos limbs. it would add soo much mo tension to the scene. HOPE TO GOD they animate the next ep HQ. cant wait fo capt brainiac! YES!!

    BROOKLYN otaku
  10. lol Zommari is mad cuz the numba 10 espada didn,t kill Rukia but he is not a fighter he is the type that kicks opponents while they are down anyways isn,t he uncomfortable in that outfit.

    Riise Rickett
  11. ust a drawn-out sequence of Tesla beating up on Ichigo. I did notice however that they really seemed to be emphasizing Inoue’s reactions during that scene, more so than the manga did. It’s not clear if that’s because they needed to kill time…

    yeah that whole part with tesla beatign up ichigo for like ten minutes was annoying. . .I skipped past that and the “kurosaki kuns” to where zaraki entered. . .

    the ultima sword was the best part lol

  12. It’s all about Kempachi. When he’s around, the going always gets good. When I saw that dark smirk of his in the shadow of that monster, I was all O_O” omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg lmao

    *hasn’t read any of the manga so it’s all fresh and new*

    Can’t wait for the next episode. GoKenGo~! 😀

  13. I don’t see why everyone hate’s Neliel’s voice.

    Look on the bright side people…at least it’s not like Enryu’s from the last filler arc.

    I mean they probably could’ve done better but I mean it’s not God-awful. Get over it!!

  14. I can’t seem to be able to see why Nnoitora just let go of Nel like that, he merely tossed her aside. I’m pretty sure he was scared sh!tless when Neliel released and attacked him in Ressurrecion form. That would have taken a huge blow on his sexist personality. Here I thought it was a great deal with him whenever he gets beaten by females?

    …just a thought D:

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