In light of Byakuya calling him arrogant, Zommari claims that he regards the two of them as equals, but Byakuya sees that in itself as arrogant. Zommari responds by transforming into his released state, covering himself in eyes. He points the eye on his hand at Byakuya, and although Byakuya attempts to dodge, Zommari successfully marks Byakuya’s leg. That leg is now under Zommari’s control. Instead of letting this to continue though, Byakuya cuts the muscle and tendon in his leg. Zommari then directs his attention and eyes towards Rukia’s body, so Byakuya quickly gets in the way to prevent anything from happening. Their battle is interrupted by the arrival of Hanatarou who raises a commotion about Byakuya’s injured leg and Rukia’s body. As he powers up, Byakuya instructs Hanatarou to get back because he can’t guarantee that Hanatarou won’t get dragged into this. Unfortunately, Byakuya’s left hand had gotten marked when he got between Zommari and Rukia, leaving him no choice but to slash his left arm just like he did his left leg. This prompts Zommari to note that it would be too arrogant for Byakuya to think that he could challenge an Espada with only one arm and one leg.

Byakuya, however, disagrees and feels that even without his left arm and leg, the two of them are still far from being equal. In order to make his opponent understand what kind of situation he’s in, Zommari explains that each of his eyes is able to control one object. Earlier, he had used two of his eyes: one had hit Byakuya’s hand and the other had hit Rukia’s forehead. The latter gives him full control over her body, and he uses it to make Rukia first slash Hanatarou and then attack Byakuya. When Byakuya tries to counter, Zommari has Rukia hold herself hostage by putting her sword to her own neck. This appears to leave Byakuya no choice but to drop his sword in accordance with Zommari’s wishes, and although he initially complies, Byakuya also uses a spell to bind Rukia in place. No matter what Zommari does now, he’s unable to make Rukia move, and to make things worse for him, Byakuya initiates ban kai. Zommari tries to use all of his eyes to control the petals that start swirling around him, but this proves to be futile because there are just too many. Byakuya’s subsequent attack envelopes Zommari and destroys the entire building.

Special OP and ED

Well first things first: as expected, they started advertising the new movie by changing the OP and ED animations. Screencaps above, and I’ve uploaded streaming versions for both.

As for the episode, it made me realize how utterly ridiculous the pink bottom makes Zommari’s released state look. He’s like a flower crossed with a pumpkin that’s covered in eyes, and I started laughing when it first appeared because it looked like a total joke. And even if you don’t count his appearance, Zommari just doesn’t come across as a very fearsome opponent. Just look at how much he panicked when Byakuya simply stopped Rukia from moving. His downfall was probably not taking control of all of Byakuya immediately after transforming, back when he still had some element of surprise. He certainly makes Byakuya look good in comparison though, and it was fun seeing Senbonzakura Kageyoshi in action again. I’m expecting next week to be fun as well with the continuation of the mad scientist (Kurotsuchi vs. Szayel) battle.


  1. this is what im talking about, bleach action with superb animation quality, i just wish they will continue this until the end of all the battles..
    Zommari looks like a stupid pumpkin.. to make it worst, they colored it PINK!!! 😀
    Didn’t like this fight though even in the manga, it’s so lame.. i really want too see the Kurotsuchi vs Szayel, that’s an awesome fight..

  2. I’ve noticed how pointless Zommari and Byakuya’s speed is. When each of them release or go bankai, it doesn’t require speed. Who needs speed when u can control ur opponenet or just stand there and let ur swords do the work

  3. This episode was in good in sense that the conversation between the two was interesting. zommari flower scene made me laugh so hard, i was just laughing when he panicked but it also had me think what zommari espada number was although i like the they ending it with byakuya’s bankai destroyin the place it was gettin a little dark in there.

    Riise Rickett
  4. yep yep, zommari.. in the words of the great Arnold Schwarzenegger. “your one Ugly MOTHERFUCKER”. twas a good move to get this outta the way early. its gonna get sooo HOT!!!

    BROOKLYN otaku
  5. GOD that was such a boring F**king episode! theyre were talking for like the whole damn fight! I had to fast foward to the zenpachi fight but that only lasted for 20 seconds before byakua and the ugly espada started yabbin on again, I only stopped fast forwadin with the pink petals of doom killed the 50 eyed pink pumpkin

  6. Great episode and reminds me everything that’s good about Bleach.
    It really suited Byakuya with all the dialogue where they are trying to prove who’s superior and then he ends up getting pissed when he targets Rukia and owns him with one move. lol
    Great animation as well. Let’s hope it continue for the next episodes fight which should be another great ep.

  7. arrogance was the topic of the day for this episode what is with bleach and strategy to win a fight i have noticed that some fights in bleach are full of dialogue and strategies just fight and stop talkin or talk while fightin isn,t that at least better i would rather watch the kenpachi fight because those guys want to fight and kill each other for real.

    3nny Fishar
  8. I wonder how they are gonna animate the scene with Nemu (when they get there) and also how they are gonna handle what happened to Matsumoto this week in the manga. Will they censor the shit out of those 2 scenes or show it similar to the manga. Poor Rangiku…

  9. the hell? they skipped some of manga!! i wanted to see byakuya use the hado spell that forms like a shield >.>
    this fight made 7th espada look like shit too, he sucked…
    but the op and ed was pretty cool =D

  10. Zommari seemed pretty lame for an Espada. Like, he looked stupid, but he was just a very stupid character. I don’t know why his power goes from being incredibly fast to being apparently immobile and able to control other people. It just seems like a total non-sequitr in a world where everyone has one or two main gimmicks.

  11. I stopped reading the manga at the point when the 4 captains showed up in Hueco Mundo, so I was looking forward to these new episodes.

    While it was certainly a great episode, I found the presentation poor. A good amount of time was spent “explaining” the situation, which simply wasted time. In addition, I think the part with Hanatarou was too drawn out (unless it was also equally drawn out in the manga- I value animation studios following manga adaptations in a canonical fashion).

    Personally, I would have enjoyed more emphasis on the fight between Byakuya and the (foolish) Espada, akin to the intensity we witnessed between Byakuga and Ichigo. Though given this presentation, does it suggest that the Pumpkin Espada is very weak? Couldn’t Byakuga use the 6 Rods Kidou in the first place and chop his head off? Was Byakuga so arrogant and grand that he went through the trouble of harming his own body just to lure the Pumpkin Espada into a false sense of security, only to destroy him? Perhaps this is what they call “overkill”.

    (N.B.: I do know what happens next with the fight).

    Joe Stan
  12. PINK!!!!!!????!!!!!! OMBFG!!! I didn’t imagine his pumpkin bottom to be PINK!!! When I read the manga, I thought that ‘his release form can’t be any fuckglier’. Unfortunately, I am wrong…

    What a pair up… Pairing one of the hottest bishonen in the manga with one of the most ridiculous looking villains… It almost makes Byakuya shine with sexy godly aura.

    I am looking forward to see the mad scientist pair. Now, that’s a GOOD pair up!

  13. Zommari advertises on weekends as a bloomin’ onion from Outbacks Steakhouse. True story.

    And what’s up with that Yugioh looking mutha sucka in the movie previews? Other than that, more Kon and more Renji vs. Ichigo are good things.

  14. FINALLY,Kuchiki-taicho fighting, instead of looking arrogant as hell and talking even more grandly than ever, to make up for the few lines he says. And that Espada fights DIRTY; he must have realized the gap in powers was so great he couldn’t take Kuchiki down in a real fight, so resorted to that puppetry. So much for all that arrogant talk…probably just trying to cover up his insecurities. For some reason, Kuchiki’s arrogance made laugh alot, because its so evident in every one of his movements and words. Well, almost every….but he is still hot. Phew, whats with my character analysis…

  15. From the OP I can tell that movie is going to piss me off. How many fucking times does Ichigo have to kick the shit out of the Shinigami, only for them to finally realize he is on their side. The Shinigami are so retarded.


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