Although Byakuya destroys the building with his attack, Zommari manages to survive by burrowing into his pumpkin-like body. When he emerges again, he opens all the eyes on his forehead and tries to take control of Byakuya again, but the Shinigami captain uses a spell to erect a barrier between them. Byakuya had figured out that earlier that Zommari’s ability is similar to kidou, and so the barrier is able to stop repeated uses of Zommari’s ability. When Byakuya uses his speed to get behind Zommari and put his sword to Zommari’s neck, Zommari appears to beg for mercy, but he then gets pissed off at Byakuya’s eyes judging him. This leads to Zommari launching into a long rant about the Shinigami persecuting the Hollows and how their justice is actually conceit. Tired of hearing this, Byakuya makes it clear that the reason he’s killing Zommari is because Zommari pointed a blade at his pride. He finally finishes Zommari off, and as Zommari dies, he yells banzai for Aizen. Afterward, Byakuya has Isane – who had come here earlier under Unohana’s orders – take care of the injuries to everyone.

Elsewhere in Las Noches, Szayel is tormenting Kurotsuchi with another doll, and it looks as if Szayel has won. However, right after Szayel tries to finish Kurotsuchi off, the 12th Division captain pops back up and makes a mocking face. As it turns out, back when he had fought Ishida, Kurotsuchi had infected Ishida with tons of surveillance bacteria, and those bacteria allowed him to observe the earlier fight between Ishida and Szayel. Because of this, he had replaced all his organs and tendons with dummies before coming to Hueco Mundo. This dumbfounds Szayel because it hasn’t even been an hour since he used that ability, and he tries to counterattack by grabbing Nemu. Tired of all this, Kurotsuchi initiates ban kai and brings out Konjiki Ashisogi Jizou. It immediately starts spewing a poison that gets into Szayel, and nothing Szayel can do counteracts it. He doesn’t get any more time to figure out a solution either because the giant baby head proceeds to eat him.


So what’s up with them not being able to show blood with the crushing of internal organs? I thought that it might have been a one-time censoring thing since the previous two episodes had a decent amount of blood (Tesla even got his arm cut off by Zaraki), but this week Kurotsuchi was spitting up that water-like substance again. It just doesn’t make any sense to me, but I guess they deserve credit for at least being consistent. That aside though, I thought the episode was pretty good. It was fun both to see Nemu again and to have someone completely outwit Szayel. I still think Kurotsuchi’s ban kai is ugly as sin, and I could have done without Zommari’s earlier rant, but those are more complaints about the original material than how the anime adapted it. In any case, as the preview (which is back again this week) suggests, the battle isn’t quite over yet between Kurotsuchi and Szayel.


  1. I’m glad that im the first to write something. I get so be ahead of all the supposed fans of anime (you know who Im talking about kids of the Cartoon Network generation. lol) I love how fake everyone is saying they hate fillers jus cause someone else says so. Like you all could do a better job or something. If you dont like just read the manga(which is actually better to do) and for the idiots that say that koreans are the reason that bleach is like this is pretty stupid. I mean come on ya’ll. Seriously. lolol

  2. Ashisogi Jizou is like weird modern art that twists religious imagery. Jesus in a bottle of urine type thing. Jizou is a Buddhist deity usually depicted as a bald monk with a baby bib because he protects stillborn children. I guess that was Kubo Tite’s inspiration.

  3. @Omni lol why is Kurotsuchi’s bankai ugly as sin or is it because of that thing flotting in the air

    seriously zommari shouldn,t have played too much with byakuya but i had to laugh when he started

    yelling the hooray, hooray aizen sama chant i was like is aizen having a birthday or what.

    Joe Cole
  4. @Agev, did you really just flex your epeen to bash people and say nothing about this episode? /golfclap

    Thought the episode was awesome, did not enjoy the 7 min recap covering stuff from the 2 last episodes. Looking forward to the continuation of the fight, mad scientists ftw.

  5. Seeing how they have been censoring stuff, I fear that they would censor Nemu’s fate in the next episode. That would be a pity. Even though the scene is as disturbing as hell, I rather like the twistness of it.

  6. it’ll be that Nemu spits out water and slowly with gooey stuff out from Szayel’s reborn but in the end pwned. So i guess there’s no much censoring until the ” Mayuri & Nemu ” part which involves a medicine injection which makes cheesy sound or in around.

  7. Why are you all do fucking stupid? Am I the only person who like bleach who can also read? Also on a side note the english voice actors are way better than the japanese actors. All of the women in the japanese dub have high voices like molestation victims. But then again none of you have ever had sex so you probably like that kind of shit.

  8. “Scott at 4:23 pm on December 10th, 2008

    Why are you all do fucking stupid? Am I the only person who like bleach who can also read? Also on a side note the english voice actors are way better than the japanese actors. All of the women in the japanese dub have high voices like molestation victims. But then again none of you have ever had sex so you probably like that kind of shit.”

    Learn to write properly before you bash someone. Because right now I just made fun of your stupidity.

  9. Anyways was pretty fun seeing Szayel get owned this badly. All the chatter he put up the last few episodes and finally gets put in his place. Doubt the fight is done quite yet but seems pretty clear who is winning this round.

    Have to think Ishida would rather be taken down than having Mayuri come save the day. I mean honestly getting saved by your ultimate enemy just sucks on many levels. Guess it’d be too much to hope for a rematch at this stage.

  10. @agev
    … ehm, fillers lack any creativity and they’re plain boring.A main character is getting beaten up, but you know beforehand he won’t lose, because he needs to be alive in the actual plot. How can you like fillers?

    Manga and Anime are two very different ways to present the story. I personally don’t like reading manga at all, but I love well animated Anime.


  11. Even with all those cute little thingies on her hair, Isane still looks like a man. She is just the opposite of Nemu. It was interesting to see both characters showing up in the same episode. In fact, the four captains on the invasion mission all have diametrical personalities. Zaraki is hot headed; whereas Byakuya was is. Kurotsuchi is cruel; whereas Unohana is kind. The author Kubo is very good at bringing in a bunch of interesting characters into the story. But it must be a nightmare for the TV production because the voice actors got so little air time per person!

  12. I’m so late with comments and episode watching 😛

    Anyways, yeah… Next episode will pretty much be… Horrific… Oh well; it’ss be cool, none the less ^.^

    btw, anyone know when the third Bleach movie is gonna be subbed? Just curious… >.>


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