Episode 199


While Rukia and Sado are recovering elsewhere in Hueco Mundo, and while Ichigo directs Inoue to heal Nel before him, the battle between Nnoitra and Zaraki rages on. The fight between Kurotsuchi and Szayel isn’t over either as the Espada manages to use Nemu’s body to resurrect himself after getting eaten by Kurotsuchi’s Konjiki Ashisogi Jizou. Szayel also now has the power to control the giant baby, but Kurotsuchi has prepared for this with a self destruct for it. What’s more, Kurotsuchi had a lot of drugs inside Nemu, and he’s already infected Szayel with one that slows down the Espada’s perception of time to the point where one second becomes 100 years. This effectively incapacitates Szayel, freeing Kurotsuchi up to stab him at will.

Episode 200


Having finished off Szayel, Kurotsuchi gives a speech about how he hates the perfection that the Espada was talking about because it leaves no room for creation as a scientist. He then revives Nemu so that she can dig up the room where Szayel kept his research materials, and he also injects Ishida with a drug. Meanwhile, the fight between Nnoitra and Zaraki intensifies with Nnoitra claiming that Zaraki can’t cut him. Zaraki, however, manages to force Nnoitra to the ground and makes Nnoitra dodge a stab to the head, and the fact that Nnoitra dodged makes Zaraki think that he has vulnerabilities. When Nnoitra subsequently tries to strike at him again, Zaraki stops Nnoitra’s blade with his hand and stabs Nnoitra through his eye-patch. Unfortunately, it turns out that Nnoitra’s Hollow hole was in the part of his head that was being covered by that patch, so Zaraki didn’t stab into anything. The Espada counters by nailing Zaraki in the chest, but all this just makes Zaraki smile.


Note: I’m keeping these write-ups relatively short because I’ve got a lot of catching up to do with this series and others.

For the most part, I liked episode 200 because it delved into the way Kurotsuchi thinks as a scientist (plus it had that funny Nemu revive scene), but episode 199 – not so much. It irked me that we’re again allowed to see blood getting coughed up instead of water, yet Szayel resurrecting himself with Nemu’s body got completely redone so that it’s really toned down. Instead of him laying his egg inside of her and emerging headfirst from her mouth, there’s now this spirit particle explanation, and Nemu doesn’t end up looking half as bad as she does in the manga. A lot of the creepiness factor (which is important given that these are the two mad scientist characters) was completely gone with that pink puff of smoke.

On the other hand, the thing I’m still curious about – which this episode reminded me of – was what Kurotsuchi found inside Szayel’s archives. I don’t believe this has been revealed in the manga yet, though the manga now appears to be way past the point where this might actually matter. It’s also good to see that we’re finally at the point where Nnoitra goes into his released form and Kenpachi loses the eye-patch, both of which are hinted at in the preview. Unfortunately, there’s no episode of Bleach next week, and episode 201 won’t be until Tuesday January 6th, 2009.


  1. As much as I love how this fight is, I can’t wait for it to end because, as soon as this is over, (unless they have another filler arc) its the “Turn Back the Pendulum” back story.

  2. I find it funny how people(like the person above) that complain about fillers. If any of the fillers were done for the manga and were animated, I’m sure everyone would be saying the usual bullshit I’ve been hearing all the ‘cartoon network’ generation that leaves comments on all these pages. ah I remember the good ol’ days of not having the internet to find anime and when publishes used to be annoying and publishing manga as issues and from left to right. Oh well I’m sure everyone that reads this will try to say “Hey no I’m an actual anime” etc etc. Oh well.

  3. thanks for doing it, and saying about next episode it seems to have a new ending “Sky Chord” by Tsuji Shion, and den would be 100 years ago liao, man damn anticipating the animes to come…

    and yeah, there was much like ‘hentai’ on BLEACH man… why didn’t they show Szayel come out of Nemu like in manga better??? Scared of anime erotic-ness?

  4. @ Anonymous
    I think Agev’s point is that some manga’s do actually have filler as sense, ie filling in abit of time and take the focus off the main plot.
    For example, if the Bount arc was in the manga, I’m sure not that many people would be complaining about it as it wasn’t even that bad.
    The problem is with these shows you have lots of younger fans who see the word ‘filler’ and dismiss it as crap there and then rather than making their own mind up and forming a view.

    As for the censoring, yet again, this show is on a prime-time slot in Japan and they just couldn’t get away with stuff like Szayel emerging from Nemu’s stomach through her mouth.
    Either way, stuff like the Nemu revive scene more than makes up for it.

  5. The turn back the Pendelium arc is actually quite important as it fills alot of back story about where the Vizards came from as well as the shakeup in Soul Society that saw Kisuke Uruhara banished unjustly from soul society and replaced by the always hilarious Mayuri Kurotshuchi.

  6. General consensus is that the two bodies Mayuri was looking at were Ciruci Thunderwitch and the Wind Diablo that Ichigo fought upon entering the fortress. Wonder if they’ll eventually play into the story eventually, perhaps a coup?

  7. Maybe that will lead to the next fillers!!

    I’m a little bit bothered because BLEACH anime is catching up to the manga so fast, that maybe they will have to put fillers for a year!!!! NOOOO!!!!!!

  8. The two bodies he found are obviously Don-Chakka & Pecce’s old bodies.
    The two’s original forms were hidden throughout the manga plus there’s a short fat one and a tall slim one, i don’t see what else those can be.

  9. The two bodies he found are most likely not Dondo and Pesche’s bodies, but rather the two defeated Privaron Espada’s. At least, the story is moving, and I hope that they have no more goddamned filler arcs, and the manga finishes.

  10. Ep 199 and 200 is indeed very interesting. Catching up with the manga so fast, I hope they don’t insert fillers again, it will be very boring.. =_=

    Thank you OMNI for the screenshots. ^_^

    Phoenix Seikun
  11. The two bodies could be… Tousen and Ichimaru:p
    Lame jokes aside, I have a few bones to pick with the guys making Bleach… what’s with all those multi-colored rocks in Hueco Mundo? This some sort of Lego factory or something?
    And I don’t remember how the manga was, but Nemu as a drill…=.=;

  12. I see that you’re more lenient than me for Ep 200 :p Cos God knows this series is really trying my patience. It’s sad the state of affairs in Shonen animes nowadays. Hopefully Ep201 will just focus on Kenpachi and Nnoitra instead of more blabbing by those who don’t matter atm (i.e pretty much who’s not providing any interesting dialogue)

  13. what the hell? in ep199, Kurotsuchi pierces that espada’s left hand, but in ep200 it’s his right hand. *sigh* are they even trying to do a good job with animating this series?


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