As you may have noticed, the Reader’s Choice poll is showing wildly inaccurate vote totals right now, much of it thanks a few individuals who thought that ballot stuffing would be cute. Now part of this is my own fault for not having the correct poll settings to prevent this kind of cheating and so that the results weren’t visible until the conclusion of the poll, but unfortunately I don’t have the time to tinker with it and run a second poll.

So what does this mean? I’ve closed the poll early, and network admin Maestro and I have gone through the database of votes. We found that the last legitimate total before the massive ballot stuffing began was at approximately 7AM server time. We’re going to take the results at that time and go with it since it’s pretty clear who the winner will be anyway. Final results for all choices will be posted tomorrow with my Best of 2008 post.

In the future, we’ll be looking at alternate, more secure solutions for polling.


  1. Seriously. The people saying Geass was a great series, just wow. The first season started off decent but with R2 it became a trolling fest.

    Also yeah, the reason for it being so popular is due to the “japanophiles” or weeaboos as I know them as. Them or Yaoi Fangirls. Geass tries to be everything at once, catering to everyones needs, but that’s part of what screws it over. But because those parts are there, people love it all the same because it’s cool.

    Geass is mediocre at best when looking at the entire series, and a good one (not great or amazing) when looking at just S1.

    And Haruka is a definite no. It’s one of the most generic anime I’ve seen in a long time. I don’t think Kaiji is the greatest, but when that started increasing in votes I was really rooting for it since it’s original, creative, and does everything really well much unlike the number one at the time.

  2. @Bwahaha: Yes….it was a troling fest, and that IS why people enjoyed it. I mean come on, how many series pull SO many things out of their ass. How many times have you watched an anime and went “I can’t belive they did THAT”. That was half the fun: trying to guess what crazy ass stunt they would pull next. The other half was the charatcers, they were all entertainig in some way.

  3. Oh man i missed the insanity… well i assume gundam 00 won but really there should have been more then one catergory. As for the cheating sorry to say Omni you were pretty dumb on that call you assume the worst of ppl but expect the best. This isnt exactly filled with mature ppl here first thing you should have done was made it so noone spams the voting box.
    But hey thats life live and learn have a great new year ppl

    p.s. Plz guys if you can donate to galbadia hotel they REALLY NEED OUR HELP!

  4. Yeah… we all knew GeassR2 would win it by a mile, but that’s more to do with the fanboys/fangirls than it’s actual quality.

    Chi… I was too late…. I was sooo gonna ballot stuff a deserving series like Kaiba or Kure-nai or Dennou Coil…. and that was my last hope of trying to knock some taste in the fandom…. sigh. 🙁

  5. “Wait I hope this doesn’t mean if I voted later than that my vote will not be counted?”
    That’s exactly what that means. Go say thank you to the jokers who thought it would be hilarious to hax a “2008 best anime” poll. Seriously, how pathetic one has to be to do such things.

    It only makes me feel sad for Omni, as he has to put an extra amount of work into it because some nolifers don’t have anything better to do and wanted to show how counterculture they are (well hello there CG haters).

  6. The amount of geass-haters amuse me. 50% of them are mad that their favorite show is not getting attention, 30% just hate anything popular, and the last 20% are just copying the first 70%. You see, someone who does not like Code Geass will not waste any time hating it. They will just disreagrd it. Those who complain about it are the haters.

  7. Don’t care what anyone says about Code Geass being overrated, I found it the most entertaining to watch this year. DmonHiro is right, most of it’s haters are people who hate things that are popular just so they can feel special about being different.

  8. I definitely felt that Code Geass S2 was much weaker that S1. I didnt enjoy S2 all that much and was quite surprised that it did so well in the polls, but it wasn’t horrendous or needed bashing.

  9. Clannad still had my vote. True Tears right after that. But Code Grease? (::*wants to murder the artists of the characters*::) I was so pissed off when I saw it had that many votes and then lost hope in all the others. But I’m glad you did what you did. I still voted for my favorite. :] Go Clannad & True Tears. 😀

  10. Geass R2 was incredibly weaker to R1. Sure it ended on a decent note, but lost a lot of steam as well as the potential to be an all-time series that rank with some of the major classics.

    It’s also a shame that underrated shows get less attention 🙁 Mainstream is good, but when people start obsessing over it like with Lucky Shit, it just kills the mood of the series, making it overrated than what it is actually worth.

    Geass R2 was enjoyable to watch, but as for other characteristics of what defines a good anime like music, plot, character development, and artwork, it just doesn’t cut it especially plot and character development wise. I would’ve voted Macross Frontier, but held back for the same two reasons. H2O same thing except in the category of artwork instead. As a result, I voted Ga-Rei -Zero-. The most underrated series (+ manga) this year that actually was outstanding.

  11. Also the fact that R3 is potentially in the works according to an official implied statement by Sunrise makes Geass R2 fail even more, hence I don’t consider it a good series anymore. Just something that Sunrise is trying to milk the cow with.

  12. Ah, I didn’t even get a chance to vote. Worst, my brother’s friend is throwing a fit here since he was one of the ones tried the cheat votes thing after seeing someone posted them at 4chan. WTH was he doing. >_>. A baka, he got banned from RC and now it says he’s temporarily blocked until poll closed. Isn’t the poll closed already?

    Baaah, whatever. So, I get CG was first, but which series were at 2-5th place?

  13. @Squanto: “(::*wants to murder the artists of the characters*::)”
    Err, what exactly do you have against CLAMP? D:

    And yeah, I was waiting for a post like this after I saw those crazy numbers. I assumed the link got thrown to 4chan or something. My vote still goes to Clannad. I enjoyed Code Geass and all, but I wouldn’t count it as one of my all time favorites.

  14. Realistically, Code GEASS would win because of the overwhelming fan base for it (even despite its progessive decline[oh how I love oxymorons]).

    Robots, alien chicks, a whole bunch of useless crap that seems to catch people’s narrow attention spans wrapped into an intricate plot that could have been better conceived without such gimmicks… who could ask for more?

    As much as I’d like to cheer on the underdog… it’s an overwhelming landslide.

  15. Seems like the original votes were around Code Geass with 7xx something holding first place, Gundam 00 with 4xx, and Macross Frontier with 2xx. That is, if my brother’s friend is recalling right. It’s what Omni is referring too, the time before the cheat votes started.

    I wanted to see what the other series were at though. With supposed honest votes from fans. Like Shana, Spice and Wolf, Ga-Rei Zero, Kannagi, and so forth.

    This really is why we can’t have nice things.

  16. I had a feeling things were being trolled. I admit I lol’ed. Bus Gamer lol. Anyway, I personally don’t see the necessity in a poll if it includes such complications. What does it matter which button most people either click or don’t click. I can’t really see it as any helping indicator for the ‘Best of 2008’ post.

    Honestly I enjoyed shows like geass/00/kurenai etc. but ranking them by the click of a button may be insulting to some. I think Kaiba deserves to be at the top imho. It was a modest achievement many years ahead of it’s time.

    *In saying this, I would not say Geass is overated, yes it earned explosive attention mostly via criticism on it’s many faults but there is no denying it was an interesting project that obviously fulfilled it’s intent of entertaining many. There have been many cases of people who have critiqued this show before even watching it. A large majority of the hate for Geass comes out of ignorance and immaturity. I think both parties (positive and negative)need to back off a little if there is to be any sound of sincerity here as far a Code Geass R2 is concerned.*

    Random muser
  17. Also, who the fuck said there’s an ‘R3’? Sunrise haven’t even made confirmation of what form the new project will take yet. Yes, I don’t think another round is necessary even if it could be a potential Geass fumoffu. But everyone needs to calm the fuck down whether they love Geass or detest it. Otherwise we’ll be back to where we started with R2, amirite?

    Random muser
  18. Ease up on Geass, people. First of all, this isn’t purely about Geass, no matter how hated/popular it is. Secondly, there’s other stuff to talk about. Don’t get me wrong, I like Lelouch and a few others in CG, but R2 just isn’t good enough.

    Anyway, I sincerely hope you’ll find that better alternative soon Omni. One of the things I hate most is seeing people manipulating things and coercing them into what they want to see.

  19. ^ Replys like that are exactly why you get Code Geass haters. People scream their love for it without even explaining why its the best.
    Personally I thought it was an entertaining anime, and worthwhile to watch, but not something that deserves an Anime of the Year award. Season 1 was pretty good but R2 sank lower and lower till it ended with an awesome ending. But that awesome end doesnt make up for the whole series. I’d say 8/10 at best, but its definitely not a terrible anime.
    I’d have voten True Tears or 00 (huge bias there =P) but it seems I was too late >.<!

  20. i voted for ef a tale of melodies HAHA ^^;; but that’s just one person’s opinion…
    to be honest, i didn’t think that geass R2 was that great. the first season was way better, and as for gundam 00, it was great but i didn’t think that it was the best since it was basically just the first half of the entire series. so other than that, i was thinking of ga-rei, but then ef a tale of melodies really touched my heart more than i coudl have imagined.

  21. i dont see the point in all the neg comments on geass…this is about YOUR choice of best anime ’08 so whats with the criticisms on other people’s views? just the fact that you dont like seeing comments about what others thought was the best means you can just post comments criticizing what THEY like? whats it to you people jeez 🙁 (btw rooting for gundam over here :))

  22. I’m amused at all the Geass haters. The ballot stuffing was for stuff like Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu, Strike Witches, and the like. Geass was winning before the hacking I thought.
    I voted for Geass because it brought the most fun I’ve ever had with an anime. My friends and I got together every Sunday to watch it, there were hilarious macros and discussions on line afterwards, and I just had a good time with it. I’m not saying it’s the greatest anime ever, but I personally loved it. Everyone just has different opinions. *shrug*

  23. It’s quite funny to see people complain that their own show isn’t winning, and so bash on a popular one, namely Code Geass. =/ Come on people, grow some balls, and at least respect other people’s opinions.

  24. Am I the only one that gave Kure-nai some love?I was torn between that and Kemeko DX!There should be at least a few categories like best action, comedy etc. rather than just one best anime is my suggestion but then again I guess that would be too tedious.

  25. People don’t bash geass because its popular, since most admit that season 1 was good, the first season is probably in my top 10 anime ever, but R2’s first half was incredibly boring, nothing happened, around 14-19 was season 1 quality, with all the stuff that happened with orange and all that for the first time, the plot was being set up well, then from 20 to the 2nd last episode, it was some of the worst stuff I’ve ever seen, it was complete nonsense, from wall mounted guns, to Diethart appearing beat up at random, it just made no god damn sense, if it was like season 1, popularity wouldn’t matter, there would be much less haters, the hate comes from the huge decline of the overall product, not people trying to be cool by hating, it was a genuinely bad anime.

  26. To be honest I’m more concern to what Omni chooses for Best Series of 2008 than what the fans chose. We he fall into popular demand or will he surprise us all, I already know that Macross Frontier will win for best Soundtrack and Gundam 00 will win for best action.

  27. [quote] I don’t understand why so many of you vote Code Geass as your favourite anime of this year. True, it was entertaining as hell, but once you start using your brain (which many of you seem incapable of), you can see that the story and plot simply doesn’t make any sense, there are too many unexplained events, and in general it was much worse than the first season, which I consider the second best anime of 2007 . [quote]

    It makes sense if you actually weave the fragments together. I’m sorry but your own incompetence in truly comprehending the storyline in R2 does not make the storyline any less understandable.

  28. @Random Muser: This whole R3 thing is from yet another misquoted intereview from one of the producers, which is generally how people seem to get most of their misinformation about the way the series was/is produced. During an interview the screenwriter said something vague along the lines of “The series (Code Geass) has ended, but we feel it might be a good idea to make something else”. What “something else” is or whether it even has anything at all to do with Code Geass is anyone’s guess, but the damage done by the misquoting has apparently already been done so now gullible people or those just looking for fuel to add to the fire are thinking and spreading the idea that there’s an R3 in the works even though no such official announcement was ever made. You know how like every new season you’ll hear someone say something like “Where’s Haruhi 2, I thought it was coming out this season” because they listened to and believed a rumour/troll about it being made? Expect a similar pattern to develop with the equally non-existant Code Geass R3.

    Anyway, jesus, I don’t know if Code Geass R2 deserves to win the RC poll for best series or whatever and I don’t really care, it’s an internet poll and not something I can do anything to change even if I wanted to. Ballot stuffing didn’t change the results and whining and trolling people isn’t going to change anything either so just let Omni handle it. I’m sure he’s already had enough of a hassle with all of this.

  29. @Rya

    You’re joking, right? For example, C.C. We never got to hear what’s her real name, we never got to see what’s behind the numerous people who look like C.C. when she gave Lelouche her power, presumably the Geass world or whatever. Her wish didn’t get fulfilled, despite the significance and screentime of it. That’s already one example, and as you can see, there are already many unresolved and unexplained details of the plot.

  30. Since when was it a crime to have unresolved endings/cliffhangerss in an anime? I can think of many series that leave unresolved plots yet it seems that GEASS is the only one to get bitched about -_-

  31. So many good Anime yet so little time… Oh well, I voted for Kanokon since every other minute in the show couldn’t make me stop laughing. Though I really like Gundam 00 and when I get the chance to watch Geass I am pretty sure that will be bad ass as well 😉

  32. I voted for Natsume Yuujin Chou. I think I voted pretty early, so hopefully my vote will be counted. Though I know it won’t win, since not a lot of people watch it. I don’t really care which series will win since if it’s a series I didn’t watch, then I probably will check it out. I usually very cautious when watching shows, so I don’t have a lot of shows that I dislike. So I wouldn’t have to worry if it’s a series I truly detest.
    I don’t mind Code Geass much. I think I only watched it because CLAMP did the character designs.

  33. Voted for Clannad!!!!!!!!!!!! I <3 gundam models! Not a big fan of the series XD @ those rude ppl, u guyz are so immature XD ppl do or watch what they want, its none of your business. The designs of the knightmares in CG are pretty cool XD I bought few of the models myself. (no comment on the story) +.+

    Gundam maniac
  34. NOW I understand. I understand the Geass bashing. The heater’s favorite show failed to entertain many people, and Geass succeded. So they hate it for beeing better and more loed then their favorite show. So immature.

    And to people who said that the story in R2 didn’t make sense: yes, it didn’t, but what’s your point? Are you telling me that Geass is the ONLY anime where people do wierd and unexplained things? Also, to those whyning that the Geass lovers don’t explain their love: why should we? I don’t feel any particular need to explain my love of a show to anybody. You can accept it or not, I don’t give a crap about you (the ones who want an explination).

  35. This is meant to be viewers choice of their best anime right, people are entitled to their owned views but are going over the top. The code geass bashing is crazy, all the people screaming over every detail. I enjoyed code geass and thought season 1 was really up there where as season 2 was a bit drawn out and was left a bit ambiguous with many plot lines. I still felt that it was good albeit not as good as season 1. I think people really need to calm down. People are going over the top about why they hate it and also about supporters.

  36. [quote] You’re joking, right? For example, C.C. We never got to hear what’s her real name, we never got to see what’s behind the numerous people who look like C.C. when she gave Lelouche her power, presumably the Geass world or whatever. Her wish didn’t get fulfilled, despite the significance and screentime of it. That’s already one example, and as you can see, there are already many unresolved and unexplained details of the plot. [/quote]

    Oh yes, the all-important CC’s real name! I’m sure that knowing her original name would contribute so much to the storyline! Obviously the story of Lelouch’s rebellion would be incomplete and meaningless without the revelation of CC’s freaking name!

    Sarcasm aside, I do remember reading about the background stories of CC being scrapped as it delved too much into religion or something. However, the omission of these minor details hardly affects the progression and development of the main plot in R2.

    Disliking a series is one thing. Questioning the intelligence of those who do not share your hatred, however, is despicable.

  37. Minor details? Those were actually somewhat significant. C.C. is the one who gave Lelouch the power of the Geass, which is pretty mysterious and played an extremely important role in CG. Without C.C. or that power, Lelouch would’ve never been able to succeed in even starting the revolution, so how can you merely dismiss that? (Bad example) It’s like a man just comes out of nowhere and gives you a nuke to start a war: Aren’t you going to question who he is, why he gave it to you, and where the fucking hell it came from? Like it or not, C.C. is very important to the story, and R2 basically left out loads information of the source of the Geass, C.C.

    That’s not the only thing. We’ve also got Marianne in Anya, which is basically a deus ex machina, Charles and Marianne’s plan, the Jupiter gods. Where the hell did it come from?

    R2 had so much fucking potential, I really wanted and was expecting it to become the absolute best anime of 2008 because of the outstanding season 1, but they just executed and changed things too much, and badly. I can compare it to Seed Destiny, a huge failure unlike its predecessor.

  38. since people wana bash the main stream code geass. ill bash the underdog anime gai rei zero that a few of u praise. Ahem

    Kagura: YOMI! YOMI! YOMI! YOMI!! YOmi! YOmi! YOMI!!

    and that consisted the entire story. END

  39. I think the messing with the vote count started with Code Geass, no way a show like this has over 3000 votes when others that are just as good/popular have like 4. Let’s be realistic, nothing against CG, but that kind of a difference is not normal.
    Having said that I still want to get my vote out, since I was seamingly too late: 1 vote to Strike Witches.

  40. I think you essentially expect everything in a story to be narrated clearly and in plain words. Anything that is not served on a silver plate seemed to be unacceptable by your own standards.

    Who is CC? What’s a geass? Who is Jupiter? If you are actually paying attention and connects every bit of detail rather than viewing them as separate events, you would have probably understand by now that:

    Geass is never a miracle or a supernatural ability. The ability to manipulate the mind is a result of centuries of scientific research on the human mind. Children were brought to the Geass Research Facility for experiments that could produce the desired geass effects. VV actually commented on Rolo’s status as a flawed specimen, suggesting that the bearer of a geass is simply a subject in the on-going research.

    If geass is but the result of scientific researches, who are the race of people who commanded the Geass Facility? One can deduce that these people are genetically altered to be immortal so that they could oversee the geass operations for millennia. The reason for this is simple: Research into the human mind is a long and tedious process- one that could not be possibly perfected within the lifespan of a normal human. However, having an immortal leader does not guarantee an everlasting effort of geass research- the leader may get tired of living and stray from his/her responsibility (as with CC). Hence, these leaders are also given the ability to grant his/her immortality, along with the responsibility of overseeing geass research, to others who possess a certain level of geass. So, CC is basically a girl who inherited, albeit unwillingly, immortality from the previous leader who got sick of her job and life (the nun).

    And Jupiter is not even a god. Remember that VV told Cornelia that the so-called ‘God’ as perceived by the people in the CG universe never existed. Jupiter is simply a collection of human consciousness. So why does human consciousness go there after the demise of a human? Who knows? The reason why the nature of Jupiter is not revealed is probably because noone in the Code Geass world fucking knows. It’s like asking what’s the ultimate fate of the universe in our world? Noone fucking knows too, but does that make our real world any less realistic, or credible? I think not.

  41. @snowwhite: Codes Geass WAS indeen winning, as I saw the poll a few hours after it was openend. But it was winning by like…300 votes, not 2700. So yeah, CG was lkely the first hacked.

  42. I would have liked to see Soul Eater included on the poll. I know it’s not finished yet, but there have been more than enough episodes that it seems reasonable to be able to judge it against other shows of the year. It would have had my vote if it were included, for sure.

  43. Anyone who thinks geass had no holes explain one thing: WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO DEITHARD, WHEN HE APPEARED BEAT UP, WITH NO EXPLANATION, NO COMPLAINTS, NOTHING, and then he was fine the next-scene, I re-watched the entire episode, and it still made no sense. This lead me to believe the creators gave up and used scenes like this to troll knowing the show wasn’t going anywhere anyway.

  44. Omni, I don’t get why you’d want to start a poll like this one in the very first place, if you already know what the result is going to be (I still voted for my beloved Aria though, it was almost a duty!). It was obvious that you were going to be trolled, knowing how many people despise this blog in /a/, heh. :\

  45. @Exes: Actually I’m pretty sure that if Code Geass were anthropomorphic like you seem to think it is that it would be a fine woman so I don’t think it was ever a consideration. 😉

    Anyway, it helps not to take every aspect of the story so goddamn literally. There were actually a lot of metaphors being used throughout for a lot of things as the series approached it’s final couple of arcs, especially during episode 21 which everybody seems to think made no sense because again they took EVERYTHING in it so damn literally. For the record there were no Jupiter gods and Geass as they were presented visually, never were, it’s all a metaphor and stand in for the concept of a collective unconciousness, or rather humanities true nature. Whether it’s what Machievelli and Hobbes spoke of, or Locke’s optimism I don’t know, but it was so heavily hinted that that was what they were going for that I’m more than willing to indulge them. Anyway, not really the topic so I won’t be discussing this any further. Don’t want to add any more fuel to the fire then I probably already have.

  46. Wow,people trying to cheat on a poll on a blog?That’s pretty sad.
    Anyways,it’s obvious that Code Geass R2 will still be the winner.
    “Baaaaw,my favorite show is not winning and CG is TOO famous,that’s why I hate it!!1 It’s a trainwreck because I have a limited vocabulary and just say what’s ‘in’.”
    FFFFF,those people are so amusing it’s not even funny.

  47. How DARE you deny Bus Gamer it’s moment of glory! Damn you! Damn you to heck!

    Yea, I voted for Code Geass R2. Sure, the show had it’s fault, but hot damn, it was FUN to watch. One thing I’ve never liked is predictable shows. One thing you can’t call Code Geass is predictable.

  48. Code Geass R2 had its moments but it was a dying gasp compared to the quality of the first season. Having said that I did like watching it if only because I had high hopes for it originally. They just tried to do too much at once at the end and lost a lot of the tension and intelligence (nothing feels better than those oomph moments a strange strategy proves mind over matter) that made the first season great. Pity. Those who say it is bashed too much should take a hard objective look at it. Would you still call it the best if it weren’t a sequel to a much better season? Anyway enough criticism…

    I’m with some others here in supporting Ga Rei Zero. Originally I was put off when I saw the first two episodes and learnt it was a prequel…however after watching a few more, I have to say they pulled off a great job with the storytelling and mood, effectively breathing life into what is a minor boss in the manga into something that deserves its own story. Has to be the best of 2008 in quality…oh besides bus gamer of course. I would have voted One Outs if I could though heh. Too bad its not blogged here.

  49. I’m so happy that I got to vote before the whole poll went nuts^^

    WOW! Just because so many people love Code Geass some start to hate it for being so popular.

    If people already love it, it’s hard to convince them to hate it.

  50. ConfusedGirl29, haven’t you heard, the total IQ of the world is constant, while the populatio of the world grows in number. That explains the popularity of some series.

    The Middle Finger From Russia
  51. It’s not unbelieveable. It’s just a well liked series, and there is nothing wrong with that, now is there? Just because your beloved series “_______” didn’t win, doesn’t mean you have the right to bash everything else, now do you?

  52. Well, even though I don’t think Geass deserves to win since I think there were probably other series that were better. But just because of how entertaining it was and because other shows didn’t really manage to keep me watching till the end like S2 did, so I voted for Geass. I mean, it’s just a vote…no need for stuffing, I mean it’s all opinions of who likes what and stuff….

  53. lol at all the Geass bashing 😀
    Anime is ENTERTAINMENT, not some higher art form. Napoleon Dynamite, anyone? Not that I thought that movie was funny, but /some/ people liked it. Geass was awesome precisely because it was retarded. I loved the dysfunctional and crazy characters, the memes were pure win, and it was just overall a very enjoyable show. Stuff is popular for a reason, get over it.

  54. i have already voted on the day the poll was created and i’m sure all of u know code geass r2 would win as its the best anime 2008, somemore code geass season 1 is also the best in 2007

  55. Fuck Yeah! Ballot stuffing! Power of Python!

    It’s not that I hate Code Geass, I like it. But it doesn’t deserve to be rated the ‘best’ because some idiots aren’t willing to watch anything other than the biggest budget, biggest hype stuff, then pretend their opinions really matter. Look in your hearts, you’ll see what I say has wisdom

  56. Any future poll needs to group by genre. Otherwise there can’t be any meaningful comparison. True Tears is a great show in the romantic genre. I don’t object comparing it against Clannad and the like. But it is futile to compare it against Code Geass or Striker Witch (both suck big time, by the way).

  57. “The amount of geass-haters amuse me. 50% of them are mad that their favorite show is not getting attention, 30% just hate anything popular, and the last 20% are just copying the first 70%. You see, someone who does not like Code Geass will not waste any time hating it. They will just disreagrd it. Those who complain about it are the haters.”

    That’s kinda how it goes. I enjoyed Geass R2, but it was far from the best show of the season for me. Having a new Macross was a big deal, and it was nice to get a new Slayers, but Kaiji pretty much stole it for just how freakin’ original it ended up being. Everything from the idea to the art style gave off a more Western vibe, and that really did it for me.

  58. Man, I love how some people defend R2, Rya does a great job to point out why it fails. As for the nun, her origins remain unknown, to say that she was the leader of a cult that was researching the geass, well you sure do have some imagination. As for the Geass Directorate, problaby were created by Britannia to research the geass ability and to create people like Rolo.

    The Middle Finger From Russia
  59. My conclusion from reading all the above comments and based on my personal opinion/taste

    Code Geass Rs is obviously overrated (not to mention it was full of plotholes), Kaiba deserves to win it by a mile but never will, shows like Natsume Yuujin-chou and Mouryou no Hako deserve to be placed higher, and Rya is obviously an idiot.

  60. @Mugen:
    “Kaiba deserves to win it by a mile but never will” then you should go read what the poll was about again: “Favorite Anime 2008”. FAVORITE. If CG wins it means it was the most entertaining anime/has the biggest fanbase etc., thus it is the favorite anime for the majority, which doesn’t imply it was the best. Maybe Kaiba had better plot, characters etc but still wasn’t as entertaining as CG.

    Most people don’t really care how perfect a show is, but whether they like it or not. Why do people have to be so butthurt and bash CG all the time. Sorry for enjoying geass and not having as sophisticated taste as most of you, geez…

  61. @Zenzen
    And that’s exactly the point, R2 sure as hell isn’t Series of the Year potential and the only defense it has is that it was “entertaining” but even the trashiest anime can be considered “entertaining by the lot of you, but seriously there’s no need to bash it since as Omni said it was a landslide which series was gonna win anyways plus you guys are acting as if it’ll win every single damn category which isn’t the case and considering it was lacking and some departments other series excelled at (Music: Macross Frontier, Action: Gundam 00, etc) Reader’s Coice would be the only award it wins which isn’t saying much. God I wish Omni would just hurry up and interested into his input into this year.

  62. [quote] Man, I love how some people defend R2, Rya does a great job to point out why it fails. As for the nun, her origins remain unknown, to say that she was the leader of a cult that was researching the geass, well you sure do have some imagination. As for the Geass Directorate, problaby were created by Britannia to research the geass ability and to create people like Rolo. [quote]

    Man, I love how some people doesn’t know what they are talking about. You did a great job pointing out that your reply is a spectacular failure.

    Ha, Geass Directorate created by Brittania. If that was the case VV would’ve been its creator, which is not the case: he succeeded the position from CC, suggesting that there was indeed a line of previous leaders.

  63. Why do I have to repeat myself. I said Brittania created the Geass Directorate, not VV or Charles zi Britannia. If you don’t understand then you have a problem. Since Charles is 98th Emperor, what makes you think a previews Emperor did not create the Geass Directorate.

    The Middle Finger From Russia
  64. Why do I have to repeat myself? I’ve said Brittania created the Geass Directorate, not VV or Charles zi Britannia. If you don’t understand then you have a problem. Since Charles is 98th Emperor, what makes you think a previous emperor did not create the Geass Directorate. (sorry for the above comment)

    The Middle Finger From Russia
  65. My statement stands. There was a line of previous Geass leaders. Who created the directorate in the first place was unknown. The show simply showed that by the time of Charles’ reign it was under the command of his brother. You should heed your own advice about imagining things.

  66. “The show simply showed that by the time of Charles’ reign it was under the command of his brother.”
    First. VV immortality it’s never explained, the only thing obvious about him is that he became immortal at the early age of 10. Long before Charles and VV ever met Marianne and CC. Considering that VV is Charles twin brother. This partially explains the conection between Britannia and the Geass Dir.
    Second. Of course CC was a natural choice for leading the Geass Dir, since she dates back from medieval times, her knowledge on the geass ability exceeds that of VV. This is confirmed when both Marianne and CC make the same vow as Charles and VV, about a world free of lies and all that shit.
    To cut a long story short: Britannia creates the Geass Dir(who and when are unknown); VV gets his immortality from them; Charles and VV meet Marianne and CC; Marianne and CC agree to help Charles and VV; CC becomes the leader of the Geass Dir; Marianne is killed by VV; CC leaves the Geass Dir; VV takes over. End of story.
    Now please explain VV place in your theory?

    The Middle Finger From Russia
  67. Facts: The Directorate has a line of previous leaders. CC commented that each time a new leader is chosen the base of operation changes. VV succeeded his position from CC.

    Unknowns: Whoever established the Directorate in the first place was not revealed.

    There’s no evidence whatsoever from the show suggesting that Britannia had created the Directorate. Your off-topic blabbering about VV and CC aren’t going to change that. It’s amusing though to see you desperately writing a huge block of texts that did anything but proving your claim.

  68. “The Directorate has a line of previous leaders.” You just confirmed what I said. That VV got his immortality from a previous Directorate leader. As for “writing a huge block of texts”, I guess you do have a short memory. Who was “writing huge block of texts” about millennia old cults.

    The Middle Finger From Russia
  69. sigh.
    It’s like the creators of CG took a poll of otaku’s about what they like most about animes. And they got “Cute Girls” “fanservice” “mecha”. Then made a anime with all 3 and added ‘plottwists’ to try and pass it off as a plot-oriented series.

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