After getting off the phone with Yuki, Touya is visited by Haruka who wants to go for a walk. Although he initially turns her down and slams the door on her, he eventually goes with her. The walk turns out to be him on foot and her on a bike, and the two end up at the park. In their subsequent chat, Haruka reveals that she didn’t directly contact Yuki to tell her to come to school but had taken credit for it because she had prayed for it. She then sits back-to-back to Touya, and even though he thinks to himself that that’s Yuki’s spot, he doesn’t stop her. The two push each other back and forth for a while until Haruka suddenly gets up to go home. Meanwhile, Yuki goes to Eiji’s place to talk about something important, but when Rina gets there, Yuki is in tears, having just finished listening to a cassette. Rina is confused as to why Yuki is crying, but all Yuki says through the tears is that it’s because she’s happy.

The next day, Touya is at work when Akira comes by with some cheesecake that he made because he knows that Misaki likes cheesecake. Misaki, however, was absent from school today, so he wasn’t able to give it to her. Their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of a disguised Rina and Yuki who have some free time before work. Touya quickly sees through Yuki’s disguise, but he’s shocked when Rina uncovers her face. They serve the girls the cheesecake and chat about how Rina is Touya’s goddess for the day until Yuki’s manager comes to pick her up. This leaves Rina and Touya to talk about the book of Browning poems, and Rina slips Touya a note asking for his phone number, so he writes it down. Rina then gets a ride from Eiji who came by, and on her way out of the cafe, she gives Touya one last smile.

That night, Touya calls up Misaki and finds out that she’s sick. For the majority of the conversation about Browning and the poems, Touya’s mind keeps going back to the cheesecake and Akira, but he never actually says anything about it to Misaki. She eventually mentions that she had a favor to ask of him, however she starts coughing and never gets around to talking about it. After the call, Touya heads home and finds a box of food in front of his door. Figuring out that it’s from his father, he decides to return it. When he gets home again, he hears the phone ringing and picks it up. The caller is Rina, and while talking to her, Touya realizes that he was waiting for this, but he wonders to himself who he was waiting for.


Well, I thought this episode was a lot better than the first one even though it still suffers from some confusing story flow and things that don’t get explained very well (like why exactly Yuki was crying). I certainly wouldn’t call the pacing slow anymore now that the story is taking shape with a few very interesting developments this week. All of the main girls – Rina, Yuki, Haruka, and Misaki – appear interested in Touya in some way, and he’s not really pushing back on any of them even though he already has a girlfriend in Yuki. It’s starting to become clear why Touya is compared in an unfavorable way to Makoto from School Days and Takayuki from Kiminozo.

I really enjoyed the scene with Haruka (seemed like the animation quality went up a notch too with that flickering light), but the biggest move story-wise was made by Rina, starting Touya down a potentially dangerous path. In these two episodes, he hasn’t exactly been shown to be exceptionally close or intimate with Yuki, so I guess it’s not unexpected that he doesn’t reject any advances or flirting. What I don’t understand is why Rina is doing this if she appears to be such a good friend to Yuki. Is she secretly a mean girl or is she really that lonely and doesn’t understand that this could lead to a lot of pain for everyone involved? I’m going to guess the latter for now, but I suspect we won’t find out the full answer for a while, especially not since the story appears to be focusing more on Haruka for next week.

Note: I still haven’t yet decided whether I’m going to continue blogging this series, but I’m leaning towards yes right now.


  1. So far so good, I hope you continue to blog this one. Hopefully it won’t have a school days ending.
    Not sure why Rina seems to be going after Touya, maybe while she is supposedly Yuki’s friend, she has some grudge against her and wants to hurt her and thinks this is one good way. Yuki and Touya’s relationship doesn’t seem to be all that good, like they are still together more out of habit than anything else. He seems to have the best overall relationship with Haruka.

  2. Touya is lonely too, don’t forget!
    Yuki is lying biatch! I’m sure she said she didn’t have a phone…
    Hope something more juicy happens

    So many routes on the visual novel it’s gonna be hard to predict what happens :/
    Show Spoiler ▼

    whatever the end it won’t end like School days

  3. LOL Willy, if Touya is so lonely as you say he is, why the hell don’t he just say it to Yuki, why being a parttime b****… The guy doesn’t have guts neither he has ballz, that’s all to it. So don’t give me this bs about lonely guys. He’s just a chick in men’s suit. qua qua qua

  4. Dang Willy, I think I’ll have to stop watching it, this is one of those animes I was going to watch and hope for a nicely done ending. But since there is no chance of ‘that’ ending I must have to give it up.

  5. This dudes ballz are baiter meat. Can I just put the poor fool out of his misery now. This guy is a maschist to his own brain…you can’t get any more pathetic than that. Not only that, but it also makes you want to kick the chick(s) in the head that actually want to be around him for some dumb reason. What the hell is that…some motherly nature complex or something. This anime is just screwing with me on every level possible. Damn, I just don’t understand why they animated this crap.

    How in the hell is this entertaining – its just giving me bloodlust for the male lead…or maybe that’s what its trying to do; damn I fell for it. OK, it wins & I’ll stop watching to let the show wallow in its victory as much as the male lead is in his self pity.

    I know I’m venting too much but this is the first show in a while that I’ve hated from the start with good reason.

  6. I think Rina just might be jealous. She’s already an idol or whatever, and here comes Yuki, an upcoming idol, not even close to Rina’s level, but Yuki has something that Rina doesn’t: a boyfriend. So she’s going to ninja said boyfriend from right under Yuki’s nose. Inferiority complex maybe? Or just lonely as hell. I dunno, but I do have to agree with Megas’s comment above. For the life of me I can’t understand why anyone, much less women, would want to be around Touya. He’s supposed to be in college, yet he’s as naive as a toddler.

  7. @Megas: Same I have to agree with you. Besides his childish attitude which I guess is just part of his nature, being eccentric or plain weird, I mean wth is with the goddess of the day none sense? The dude has a cute gf already who is an upcoming idol, but instead of supporting her, which he should have since we all know show business is like that, there will always be competition and schedule would be tough. Yet the guy doesn’t do anything but having dreams of breaking up with his gf, getting late for his job, and just kept waiting for her to come to him = no guts/confidence/self-esteem.

    Basically he just wants the girl to come to him and he wont do anything else. I share your thoughts about how in the world do girls flock over him? He is not even kind at all, an example would be when he asked Misaki to find him that book of poems, yet he just forgot about it and didn’t even want it in the first place. Basically he just says things on a whim – this attitude would be acceptable if he’s some rich kid but he isn’t, a pathetic main lead who tries to be independent and not ask his dad for money, but in the end he did. I mean he doesn’t have any of the factors that a usual male lead in a harem does lol, like either he’s kind/oblivious and innocent/perverted/cool/handsome/intelligent/mysterious/good at fighting(delinquent)/has some secret identity or something.

  8. The show has amazing “rewatch value”. It’s fairly complex, and often enough you notice new little details even in the third rewatch. Of course, you can also criticize the show for the same thing, that not everything is “explained very well”, as Omni put it. But after a boatload of shows of childish triviality, it’s refreshing to have a serious romance drama which forces you to use your head for a change.

  9. WOW, it’s only episode 2 and people already want to kill the male lead.

    It’s really easy to find faults in anyone, especially if you are prejudiced from the start. I guess with those kinds of shows, it’s guilty until proven innocent when it comes to the main character.

    I suppose it’s useless to ask to cool down and view things in perspective in the future and give the guy a chance, when it’s so much easier to just hate the guy and root for a “School Days” type of ending. Fans these days are just full of blood lust when it comes to romance drama shows.

    I’m probably going to stay away from this if it continues in the direction I think it’s going. I can’t endure to see another man-hate fest.

  10. It’s fascinating the amount of rage that’s being thrown around when it’s only the second episode. From my perspective the story, thus far, has a certain realism to it that many similar shows lack. It’s very difficult to sustain a ‘distant relationship’ like is pictured here. The main couple started dating in school when they saw each other every day. Now they’re lucky to see each other once or twice a week. The girlfriend’s schedule is busy, but it is also completely out of sight. The guy’s schedule is more empty which doubtless makes the time that passes seem even longer. Moreover since she’s phenomenally busy it makes a certain kind of sense for him to base the schedule for seeing her around her availability which is something he’ll only find out about when she tells him. There’s also the fact that they’re still young and growing emotionally, and it’s tough to ‘grow together’ when you aren’t sharing experiences. It’s much more likely that you’ll grow apart and that one, or both, of the people involved will find comfort elsewhere with the old relationship being ended only after a new one is established.

    It’s easy to rage against characters (or people) who set off your hot buttons. It’s a lot more constructive to take some time to understand why they do the things they do and why you’re reacting to what they do the way you are. Then again, maybe only aspiring authors think like that.

  11. So far, Touya hasn’t done anything I’d crucify him for. In fact, I pity him a little bit – since Yuki is so completely oblivious about his worries (and he sucks at communicating them too).

    But I’m looking forward to the upcoming flamewars when the crap really hits the fan ^_^

  12. Touya isn’t nearly as bad as Makoto. I didn’t see any reason to hate him. He doesn’t seem to be some lazy fuck like our least favorite male lead, he actively thinks about Yuki most of the time. He’s lonely though, since he only sees her for minutes at a time, and over the phone is really the only place he spends time with her.

    It’s the other girls that are throwing themselves at him, with subtle hints about how they want to spend time talking to him, going on walks with him.

    Maybe it will get worse later, but I feel pity, not hate. Pity for Touya, and pity for Yuki. She’s got three other girls after him, and she’s probably too oblivious to notice.

  13. Yuki cried b/c she is going to have her songs released under Eiji’s label. Touya isn’t as bad a guy as some of you may think – he is a bit lonely and the other two girls have been his friends for a long time now. Rina is definitely entertaining herself with Touya right now too. And as for Touya and Yuki’s intimacy, there is an awkwardness between the two, that’s all. We learned they used to sit back to back together so we know they used to be intimate.

    @Khronus – I totally agree with the realism in this series. Its a nice change from the other shows that do lack it where they need it.

  14. Why doesn’t he tell Yuki he’s Lonelly? Simple, she’s living her dream right now and he’s happy for her. You’re not going to try and be totally selfish at this point are you? If you are that makes you a bigger ass than if you just sit there and do nothing about your own problem.

    Think about it, she’s just starting out now and she’s going to be very busy, it’s what she always wanted to do, if you care about her you’re not going to get in her way like that. Yes it sucks for you but there WILL come a time when you can be together, hell Rina being the more famus idol at this point doesn’t look all that busy like Yuki who’s just starting and has to fight her way to the top. Did you see how the rest of those girls are back in ep1? It’s dog eat dog in showbiz.

    Anyways, I can’t hate this guy at all, I’d also not be selfish and try to put even more pressure on Yuki at this point.

    I’d try to find more time to be with her though, and if even that doesn’t work, then I dunno. Maybe that’s what the anime will do? If he can’t be with Yuki at all even if he tries and Rina is there more, who knows? This is what happens in real life anyways, and while you try not to be selfish, people deep down are regardless.

  15. Geez, lots of speculations already…

    Hmm, about the blog, maybe you should keep White Album on your weekly schedule because it is certainly shaping into a nice, somehow nostalgic, series. Love triangle/square/pentagon or not, I think it will be very good. Plenty of potential here… so I think.

  16. hmm… to drop? or not to drop… I think I’ll be optimistic and give the guy a chance, honestly if you think about plenty of other Harem animes (most of which aren’t so good) the male characters are doing basically the same thing or atleast similarly… but because it’s a poorly made comedy there is no reason to hate him…

    so for now ya o_o… I’ll go with the “lonely” guy thing… and if he goes after the girl his friend likes I’m gonna ***king ….

  17. I was more open minded with ep 1 and i liked it as an intro (great vocals and possibly interesting storyline). It went up a notch in ep 2 and now i’m really looking forward to this series and how they develop the love angles.

  18. Hmm, this show has potential to deliver some high-quality drama (Kiminozo) or to turn into a harem dumb-fest (School Days). I’ll give it a few more episodes to see which one it is.

    As for the main character, I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, since even though he exhibits many annoying qualities of harem leads, he hasn’t done anything to incur my wrath so far.

    However, if he starts fooling around with other girls before breaking up with his gf properly, there will be hell to pay. Who says LD relationships are easy? It takes a certain resolve and trust to make them work, and this guy looks like a pansy who can’t really handle this type of pressure.


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