Ichigo and friends are surprised to Rurichiyo back in the real world, and they initially think that she’s just run away again from the responsibilities of being the head of the Kasumiooji family. However, when Kenryuu shows up, they find out that it’s because he and Rurichiyo had an argument about kemari. The two resume their argument, and Rurichiyo ends up saying that she hates Kenryuu, so he leaves deflated. As Rurichiyo later explains to Ichigo, her family has been having problems stemming from uneasiness and distrust by the people they rule over. Rurichiyo’s solution involved kemari for the common people, but Kenryuu feels that they first have to repair relations with the other nobles. Kenryuu gets desperate enough from all this to threaten seppuku, and that leads to a ruse where Ichigo and friends help him pretend that he’s about to kill himself so that he can Rurichiyo can make up. It works until Kenryuu badmouths the kemari idea again and then accidentally reveals the ruse, and this leads to him and Rurichiyo setting up a kemari match to settle things.


Well, this wasn’t a horrible episode, but I didn’t find much to like about it either. The whole argument between Rurichiyo and Kenryuu was stupid – there’s no reason they can’t do both the kemari idea and repair relations with the nobles – and the way the episode had the two reconciling and then arguing again made it clear that they’re trying to drag this out a bit longer. I really don’t care to see this go on for another week, but at least next time will have appearances by Ikkaku and Yoruichi (as well as Ririn and the other mod-souls unfortunately). Come to think of it, it’s been a while since we’ve seen Don Kanonji. I wonder if there’ll ever be another episode with him…


  1. I love fillers! I already know what happens so I could careless if they return to the main storyline. I mean I appreciate the work they go thru(because honestly, we couldn’t do any better.) I mean if people on here always are say “ugh filler” or “I guess I won’t watch this week” but I know that they will still watch it. Well at least I know I won’t be fake and still show love to all the filler characters^_^

  2. Guess this was inevitable. Oh well, I think this is only supposed to last another episode or so, the back to canon. More likley than not they’ll add some filler to the Vizard history arc. At least that’d be better than a whole season of pure original filler…

  3. I still think the fillers ain’t bad, in terms of having to do 2 episode fillers. I.e. plot-wise it totally blows, the episode itself blows, but having such a storyline for a filler ain’t half-bad.

    However, I also have to have a disclaimer, that I’m also loathe to see such fillers. For an episode or 2, fine, but not for an entire arc. 😛

  4. Oh it seems like I won’t watch bleach this week haha, I kinda forgot that it’s going to have fillers

    Not everyone watch fillers, some of us are actually not lying. Like I don’t want to watch fillers especially after what I saw in the Bounto arc and back then I was new with animes and did not now was fillers was until I saw it. It changed my whole view on Bleach so I prefer not to watch fillers.

  5. They will have to keep showing the fillers for a long time, and don’t expect the Pendulum arc soon. The anime is very close to the manga. The battle between the captains and Aizen is ongoing as well the fight between Ulquiorra and Ichigo.

    It is just a shame that they can come up with good fillers. The Bounty filler arc was reasonable to be honest, not that bad. The filler arc with the new 3th captain was annoying because of Rurichiyo. She is a horrible character and doesn’t has any value for the anime.

    I think it would be a good idea to have filler arcs about the feuds between the Head families like the Kuchiki house and the Shiba house. I doubt that the manga will cover this, so it would be a great opportunity to have good filler arcs.

  6. I’m the same AGevhunter. I actually only watch bleach during the fillers anymore. The sotry in the manga has become so slow paced and boring that it isn’t worth watching again animated. Atleast the fillers are something new.

  7. Whoo, fillers again, terrific! And this is not sarcasm! =)
    The battle filled main story is sort of boring sometimes, so it’s nice to have a little break.

    But it’s kind of weird how they’ve decided to continue using Lurichiyo. I guess Bleach has diverged into 2 different worlds, now?

  8. A wasted episode that accomplishes nothing. I knew filler was coming but why not make it functional like the filler back story the manga did around the same period the anime is at now.

  9. horrible filler, nothing positive about it. would have rather seen the fillers take place in the past with the old captains than see some junk fillers like this. heck if they were going to go back to the real world why not leave ichigo and company out of it and do fillers with ichigo’s sisters and donkanoji again… that was more enjoyable than this.

  10. that was the worst bleach episode ever..
    but… NEVER FEAR!! Its only a 2ep filler arc… So… REJOICE!!!

    205: Thump! The Football Tournament of Hollows (filler)
    206: The Past Chapter Begins! The Truth From 110 Years Ago! (omg!)
    207: 12th Division’s New Captain, Urahara Kisuke (HELL YEAH!)


  11. Id rather they do something similar to the Bount arc than this crap O.o This episode was a waste of money and effort. Why are they dragging that annoying girl back into the show!? I was expecting filler, since the anime is seriously close to the manga. Fillers are a part of anime, whether people loathe them or not, I personally dont mind them, and even sometimes enjoy ’em, as long as it has a decent story to ’em.

  12. Yeah, this kinda took me by surprise…

    I started the episode, wondering why they were all suddenly back in school…that’s when she showed up.

    The instant I saw her face I stopped the episode and realized I wouldn’t be watching Bleach for a while. >_>

  13. I understand the need for filler to keep the anime from catching up with the manga, but the way the Captain Amagai arc and this little spin-off of it are impossible to reconcile with the rest of the series just reeks of poor planning.

  14. Ugh… Lurichiyo or w/e her name is… >.> So annoying girl… why bringing her back to the show, use the little dolls (I forgot their names) again or Gon who is supposed to be the mascot of the show… Bleach is turning real stupid… the animated battle scenes are plain boring and the battle sequence… no comments, for real the battle goes like this:
    Say there r 2 ppl, A and B ———-> A beats the crap out of B and B all of sudden shows a new tecnique and beats the crap out of A… A uses another new move and beats the crap out of B, B who is supposed to be wounded as hell… still stands up like nothing and shows a new move and beats the crap out of A, and if theres still some creativity left, A shows a new move or finally decides to die… (i.e. battle between Nnoitra and Kenpachi… did you seriously enjoy that crappy battle?)


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