Over a century ago in Soul Society, back when Aizen was still the vice-captain of the 5th Division and Shinji was its captain, all the captains had gathered for a certain ceremony. During this time, Love was the captain of the 7th Division, Rose had been promoted to captain of the 3rd Division, Kensei was the captain of the 9th Division, Yoruichi was the captain of the 2nd Division, and Kyouraku, Ukitake, and Unohana were already captains of their respective divisions. In addition, Lisa had been Kyouraku’s vice-captain, Hiyori had been the vice-captain of the 12th Division, and the 12th Division captain Hikifune had also recently been promoted into the Zeroth Division which served the royalty. Learning about this latter fact had surprised Aizen greatly.

The ceremony they are all going to concerns the promotion of a person to the 12th Division captain position, and the story behind that stretches back even further. Some time ago, Yoruichi had decided to recommend Urahara – who was then the third seat in the 2nd Division – for the position, but Soifon had been against it and had gone as far as to follow Urahara so that she could prove he was no good. When she presented her case though, Yoruichi didn’t take her seriously. Shortly before his test to become a captain, Urahara had gotten called away to take care of something, so Soifon followed him again. As it turned out, Urahara had rejoined the same group of men that Soifon saw him drinking with earlier, and they were after a group of fugitives. Since he was short of time, Urahara had handled all of the fugitives by himself, made it back in time for the test, and the rest was history. Now, Urahara finds himself to be the last captain to arrive at the ceremony.


For an episode that was almost 2/3 anime original and only covered one chapter of the ten-chapter arc, I thought this was pretty darn good. It was cool seeing all of the future Visoreds in their Shinigami ranks (I realized earlier that we haven’t heard from them in over 60 episodes stretching back to the fall of 2007), as well as the current captains in the former positions. Aizen might be the one to watch closest because everything he does here obviously foreshadows future events. The Hikifune aspect was also interesting because she might appear in the future if Aizen ever gets close to the king of Soul Society. The majority of the episode was the anime original material though, and I liked how it expanded on how Urahara became the 12th Division captain. It gives a lot more insight into how Yoruichi, Urahara, and Soifon’s relationships developed, and unlike some of Bleach’s other anime original stuff (the last two episodes for example), this is actually involves characters and plot relevant to the overall story. I wouldn’t mind more stuff like this to stretch out this arc, and I suspect that’s probably what they’re going to do in the coming weeks.


  1. watching this ep feels as if the anime original is part of the actual manga, which is actually good 🙂

    on a side note, soi fon is voiced by kuwashima houko instead of the usual kawakami tomoko (something like kawakami-san’s taking a break after a surgery). just a trivial info.

  2. Aizen seems to have very sinister character in this episode every comments he makes made me realize he didn,t want to be in society something like observing soul society for his own purpose obviously he was there for a different reason ( knowledge and more power) he was already in the league of the old folks in terms of power.

    Peter Rice
  3. another correction. to you Alye and Espada, that “old Snake” is byakuiya’s relative, but not his father. it i his Gandfather and head of the Kuchiki House, Ginrei kuchiki.

    standby mode
  4. Seems like Zeroth Division is at the good side’s highest level of captain level. Or should say overwhelms the ability which Aizen even has currently. Maybe… Due to the fact Soul Society is just like in between Earth And Heaven that kind of theory. It can make the plot more interesting. Just can’t wait =)

  5. Not bad from Omni this time (got all the pics thought from me), and great this thing is going back to normal, though like there’s many other fillers, and hopefully all would be like commented here too…

  6. “unlike some of Bleach’s other anime original stuff”
    huh? it’s from the manga. or did i read the line the wrong way?
    well, anyway. i hope they are stretching the arc a bit, too, otherwise we would see another anime only fillers soon, because we’re getting closer to the manga now. i would guess, they could complete this ‘arc’ in 3-5 eps, but knowing how they stretch the anime sometimes, it surely will be more. xD

  7. @Nightflame
    You may have read it the wrong way? The setting and the general plot will be following the manga, but about 70% of this episode was actually well done filler-character-development for Kisuke. Personally I like it.

  8. Just a question did anyone else catch that reference to the 11th squad. They said that the captain had got himself killed and the new guy was a bit anti-social. Anybody else think that this is Zaraki and that we may see a younger version of him and pink haired little girl? But I was hoping they would show who the guy was before Zaraki was captain in this arc. I guess that’s not going to happen. And where the heck is the captain for 10th squad?

  9. i hope they keep the pattern of quality filler material mixed in with the manga to make at least ten episodes from this ten chapter arc. as for the filler parts, its hard to go wrong with yourichi and urahara.

  10. “episode that was almost 2/3 anime original”

    To be honest, I expect a whole lot of this. The original material really lends itself well to being padded out/expanded upon.

    Also, nice trick of showing Urahara’s bankai without actually showing his bankai.

  11. O.K….so the guy with the man scarf is the pops of the chivalrous rapier “current” man scarf wearer??? and not the bald super leader dude with hair?!?! huh? hope im right cuz if the latter is the case dat dude looks terrible with hair hahahah!

    BROOKLYN otaku
  12. Actually, in my opinion the filler part of the episode was unneccesary – it did not bring anything new or important (or funny, for that matter) to the plot – it’s just an unneccesary streaching of the storyline. Is there really a purpose in that, beside the fact that there will be more episodes? In SS Arc the action was fast and dense – there was always something going on on the screen. The same with the HM Arc and the last episodes, which weren’t fillers (Kenpachi versus Nnoitra and all that)- great quality episodes, in my opinion. Now, the Past Arc would be fascinating (all the stuff revieled, ‘the thruth behind the “mask”‘, the history of Gotei 13) if it weren’t for the boring filler passages. So, I hope that next episodes from this Arc will follow Manga, which is in itself a great material, and not add unneccesary passages about Soifon being in love with Urahara. :/ But maybe it’s just me.
    Sorry for any mistakes. I’m Polish. 🙂

  13. I agree with Dziunia, they should have no filler and catch up to the manga within about a month or two and we should have to wait weeks for full episodes 🙂 (Or maybe we could have 5 minute episodes or something, that’d be SWEET!)

  14. I believe that it’s better to wait weeks for good (or great!!!) episodes than watch episodes which lack quality. Because, let’s face it, current episodes are way worse than episodes from SS Arc and latter episodes. But, as I said – it’s just my opinion.

  15. Personally I don’t mind if they stretch out the pendulum chapters because if they don’t we will be back to Lurichiyo wants to play baseball or some crap before April. In the filler last week Inoue was flying like a Shinigami and Ichigo,Ishida,and Chad team up to kill one regular hollow. I would have watched Shinji get his hair done or Yoruichi
    set up a date between Soifon and Urahara than to watch that mess last week again. The stretching this episode gave more insight into the love/jealousy/friendship triangle of Soifon, Yoruichi, and Urahara. I think that Zero squad is probably a ceremonial squad and the captain given a ceremonial rank but not more powerful the regular 13. I know what happens in the movies are not canon but if that was Zero squad protecting the king’s seal while Hitsugaya’s squad were escorts in DiamondDust Rebellion Aizen could send his Exequias to decimate them. Or if they are like Lurichiyo royal guards then he could send Wonderweiss to kill them. I wonder who was at the ceremony when Aizen became captain other than Yama because I believe thats why he isn’t scared about fighting soul society if he knows his bankai can fool captains with centuries of power and experience.

  16. Yeah, ok, I agree that this episode was way better than those with everyone’s favourite princess, because it was following Manga. I’m not going to force my opinion on You People, I just stated what I thought. So, no need to get nasty, ok? I thought that everyone could state their opinion on this forum, but obviously, I was wrong. Won’t do that again!

  17. “I’m not going to force my opinion on You People, I just stated what I thought. So, no need to get nasty, ok?”

    Umm…only ONE person replied to your opinion with disagreement and one actually agreed with you. So who’s “You People”?

  18. i wonder when will bleach or naruto or one piece comes to an end…i mean when I die of old age, are they still gonna episodes of it? then it’ll literally be ‘dying to know the end’.

  19. @Dziunia I am sorry if my response sounded nasty and made you think your opinion is not wanted here because that was not my intention. The reason why I personally read and comment on this blog than on a anime forum is because of different people opinions, jokes, and criticisms are welcomed here without being harassed, ridiculed, deleted, or banned for having a different opinion than the majority. I understand your opinion that the story should be only cannon but then they would have to use two chapters for one episode and there are only twelve chapters of pendulum and there is no way they will take a few weeks off air and stop their revenue so the manga can be a few more chapters ahead. Maybe a better filler for this episode would have been Who was Yoruichi’s vice captain? Urahara was her third seat and the way Soifon was treated by both of them I don’t believe it was her maybe it was Kūkaku Ganju sister because she knew Yoruichi even in her cat form when other people in soul society didn’t or probably just a non-story unnamed ninja. Finally for some stupid observations questions

    Did Aizen become evil because he was a nerd and wanted revenge for being a really really really old virgin?

    Should Aizen had just paid Kyouraku for his vice captain to give him some after hours training?

    Regrettably Ukitake did but after was too embarrassed to ask Unohana for a cure for too much training with Kyouraku squad so he has been weakened and when he pee it feels like Ryūjin Jakka coming out.

    Like Aizen Unohana has never paid or asked for training so she trains herself and that’s the reason she is bitter never around and always alone.

    Shouldn’t Soifon have said “you want a bit of my honey kitty cat” then mounted Yoruichi and showed her what a little bee can do when she was snacking in her seat?

    Does the kids call Urahara candyman?

    Was Urahara working on a extra special memory erasing candy for the kids when soifon interrupted him?

    Was that the reason he blushed when he thought the very young looking soifon had a crush on him?

    Anybody else think that bad ass looking pepaw Ginrei could kick Yamamoto ass?
    He probably have a metal gear hidden under the koi pond on his estate

    Does Anybody else think that Aizen had the skills to take out a pre-Vizard captain and vice captain without using Bankai?

  20. Ummm… I don’t think that you’ve read the posts well enough, What?. Because if you did you would have noticed that Vim did NOT agree with my opinion. And he (she?) was the nasty one. Roger, no hard feelings. 😉

  21. Kyoraku looks terrible.’^’
    He looks like that man Kim Byung-Man in the South Korean comedy show.:P

    Looks like we don’t have much left until we see Ulquiorra release as an anime. And I suspect the entirety of Bleach is nearing its end.


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