Having become the captain of the 12th Division, Urahara introduces himself to his new unit, but his men are unsure of him, and Hiyori, the vice-captain, refuses to accept him. She uses physical violence against him whenever she gets pissed off at him, and when she finds him just sitting around outside with some of the other men, she challenges him to a fight. To everyone else watching, it looks like she successfully kicks Urahara in the face, but Hiyori herself sees Urahara move his head for a moment to show that he can dodge before moving it back into place so as not to embarrass her. That night, Shinji shows up chat with Urahara, and he reveals that Hiyori saw the previous captain Hikifune as a mother. Shinji’s advice is that although they in higher positions may sympathize with those below them, they shouldn’t always try to please them. He thinks that Urahara should just do as he wants, and if no one follows him, then it means that he didn’t have what it takes.

Afterward, as Shinji is leaving, he rips apart and reveals the illusion that Aizen created in order to spy on the conversation. When Aizen wonders when Shinji noticed, Shinji claims that he’s been able to ever since Aizen was in his mother’s womb. The next day, Hiyori find Urahara installing all sorts of research equipment inside his 12th Division room. She freaks out, and when he asks her to get to know him little by little, she punches him in the face. Urahara doesn’t mind though and instead asks Hiyori to accompany him to a place called the Maggot’s Nest.


Wow, they’re really trying to stretch this out as long as they can. Like last episode, this episode also covered exactly one chapter of the manga. But whereas I thought last week’s original material was pretty good, this week’s episode seemed to drag on a little during the middle parts. There are only so many ways Hiyori can show her dissatisfaction and resort to physical violence, and this episode covered them more than thoroughly enough. I did, however, like seeing how Urahara handled the fight with her, and the scene with Aizen was both cool and foreboding. The fact that Shinji was able to see through it so easily makes him seem a lot stronger at this point, but we all know how things turn out in the future, and what’s interesting are the details of how things got from here to Aizen being (seemingly) so much more powerful.

In any case, I’m now really beginning to wonder if they’re trying for one chapter per episode for a dozen or so total episodes in the past. Not that I’d mind if they did – even this Hiyori stuff was more interesting than the Rurichiyo and friends episode two weeks ago. Now that I think about it though, they’re probably going to have this arc go until the winter season ends, and they’ll start either with the next manga arc or something completely anime original in the spring season (April).


  1. Dragging it out is at least better than the Lurichiyo fillers, I agree. Besides, if done properly, we gain insights into certain aspects of the story that we were not able to in the manga…but the question of course is whether it will be done properly.

  2. awesome, the things happened in the past always makes you excited and craving for more. i really hope that they will also bring hitsugaya’s one shot into animation too.. 🙂 oh, and btw, damn you aizen, really.

  3. Even though dragged it out, I still enjoy this WAY more than that stupid Lurichiyo fillers.
    At least we get to see some relationships in the past and in my opinion, a lot more interesting than seeing Lurcihiyo do a soccer game >.>.
    Shinji was so cool when he found Aizen spying on Urahara….I wonder if Shinji would win in a fight against Aizen now…we never know.

  4. After reading the manga, the 2 thinga I looked forward to and did enjoy were

    1) Hiyori breaking her shin when kicking Urahara in the nuts
    2) The Shinji Urahara Aizen scene

    The rest of episode was okay, but you know…

    It does look like they are stretching out even less than 1 chapter for the next episode. Despite going to the Maggot’s Nest, it looks like alot of anime original material, but it could be important to the blossoming relationship that is Hiyori/Urahara.

    Thinking back to old anime/manga when we first were introduced to Vizard… Hiyori said she hated shinigami and Shinji agreed. This just seems out of character for Shinji. Especially since, he said it in his serious tone too, which he doesn’t/shouldn’t use for petty things…

  5. as i always suspected. Aizen is such a peeping tom.
    on another note. in actuality BLEACH should have been over with “manga wise”. i mean Ichigo & friends PLUS Soul society & friends PLUUSSSS all those “gone into hiding previous captains & friends” TOTALLY OUTNUMBER AND OVERPOWER aizen and his,,, WHAT!? handful of espada, plus a blind dude and a snake guy??? bum rush them already!!

    BROOKLYN otaku
  6. The Pendulum Arc, basically is showing us what happened 110 years ago i just hope they don,t strecth this arc for too long cuz this episode was all abut Hiyori and Urahara dysfunctional relationship but hopefuly next week as the preview shows looks like we are going to be seeing a familar face again.

    Peter Rice
  7. OMG I hate fillers when I don’t understand them -_-
    Like I started watching bleach from when Ichigo fought Ulqiorra on those temple thingy’s and when Ul disappeared I was so bummed, Ulq is my fav char and I was SOOO exited too see him again with that blue guy fighting and then (again) dissapearing into that other dimension cube thingy…and then appearing AGAIN not so long(4-5eps?) ago…and now…dum dum dum
    damn lol when is this ”story” thing or whatever it is supposed to end and show Ulqiorra fighting Ichigo ? I’ll just stop watching bleach till that day comes -_- probably in freaking 5weeks? 🙁

  8. This is a good example of what is killing my interest in bleach, the dragging.. 3/4 of the episode was Hiyori beating up Urahara. -_-

    Shinji revealing Aizen was my favourite part, I’m looking forward to seeing more of the Vizards history and what happened between now and then, and why Urahara & Yoruichi left Soul Society!

  9. hiyori never stops kicking people in the face (especially shinji)
    this arc is not filler but cannon, yes they have been streching the episodes but hey they can extend these all they want if they keep from going back to junk fillers like luricho again.
    as it stands now the manga is almost 40 chapters ahead of the anime. most of these chapters are quick fights so they do not even have enough material to make it to fall without some form of filler. if they are going to do a filler episode or two i’d rather they do it here with the old captains that kill the story like they have done with the last filler arcs.

  10. Anyone else suspecting that those two filler eps between Hueco Mundo and TBTP were there to remind us how *horrible* it could have been if they had made anime-original things instead of stretching canon material out?

  11. I thought this episode was horrendously boring, i absolutely cannot stand that girls voice, its irritating as hell.
    Although, aizen is as usual up to his old tactics, still looking badass.
    Next week will be an interesting episode depending on how many manga chapters they focus on, if its 1 chapter a week.. its gonna be slow but its better then any fillers they could come up with..

    Precise Moment
  12. they cant make a good filler because the manga has a straight storyline, anyways I only want to see at turn back the pendulum is SOI FON at young age, Hiyori, and the HOLLOWFICATION.

  13. to BROOKLYN Otaku:
    Nice idea. Aizen is practically outnumbered in his situation, Ichigo and his friends already decimated half of the Espada, and Soul Society lent its hand to take care of the rest. Even the Vizards made themselves allies to demolish Aizen once and for all.

    But you have no exact idea how strong the man named Sosuke Aizen is. Remember that at the end of the Soul Society arc, he said to Ichigo that he already reached his limitations of Shinigami strength and skill, and his thirst for more power is what made him avert from soul society and seek a way to master Hollow powers.

    And he proved himself right, not just once, but many times. He practically stopped Ichigo and his Bankai with his bare hands. He smashed Renji and his Zabimaru without even laying a finger on him. He made Captain Komamura bleed to death by one Kido spell. and he made Grimmjow fall on his knees by only exerting Reiatsu. Honestly, do you think that Aizen is one easy person to defeat?

    plain listener
  14. Does Hiyori have a different voice actor than before? And that voice actor has some annoying accent.
    Also, Shinji looks like an idiot when he’s smiling in this episode. I guess he didn’t do that in the manga.

  15. #
    UnknownVoice at 6:01 pm on February 18th, 2009


    This is not filler.
    yes it is, there was going to be a huuge ”blockbuster” fight with ulqiorra and ichigo
    and SUDDENLY there came these few episodes to ”FILL IN” some time (why, I don’t know since they could put this story after or sometime else too) :/


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