With time running out, Accelerator isn’t able to find Last Order at the restaurant where he left her. The waitress informs him that a guy in a white coat took her, so he calls Yoshikawa to figure out what to do. She informs him that Amai should still be in the city, so Accelerator goes to track him down. He finds Amai in his car with Last Order in a deserted area, and when Amai tries to run him over, Accelerator easily stops the car. He knocks Amai out as Amai tries to exit the car, and after examining Last Order, he tells Yoshikawa over the phone about the equipment hooked up to her that’s displaying her ever increasing brain cell rate of operation. Yoshikawa is headed towards them right now, however before she can get there, Last Order starts spouting nonsense, indicating that the virus is activating earlier than expected. She informs Accelerator that there are 10 minutes before the virus is transmitted onto the Misaka network, and she feels that there’s only one thing he can do now: kill Last Order.

Accelerator, however, realizes that Yoshikawa had earlier given him Last Order’s personality data from before the infection, and if he can control her brain’s electric signals, then he can tamper with that data. He thus decides to compare the data from before the infection with the data in her head and then get rid of all the extra. As he’s doing so, he realizes that he’s also getting rid of all of Last Order’s memories from the past week, but he thinks that it’s better if she doesn’t remember. Unfortunately, Amai regains consciousness at around this time and points his gun at Accelerator. With what he’s in the middle of doing, Accelerator doesn’t have any spare computing ability to reflect a bullet, and right as he’s finishing the job, the bullet hits him in the head. Accelerator did finish though, and when Amai realizes that the virus is gone, he tries to shoot Last Order as well. Luckily for her, Accelerator isn’t dead yet, and he now protects Last Order

Amai questions what someone like Accelerator is doing, so Accelerator acknowledges that it’s ridiculous that trash like him could be thinking about saving someone. However, he feels that Last Order has nothing to do with them, and he won’t let the remaining Sisters die. The problem for Accelerator is that he loses consciousness before he can do anything to Amai, so Amai has the upper hand once again. Before Amai can finish off Accelerator though, he’s shot in the back by Yoshikawa who had finally arrived. She secures Last Order, and when Amai struggles to get back up, she apologizes and comments on how naïve she is. Yoshikawa isn’t concerned about Accelerator because she knows an unusual doctor who has a frog-like face and is called Heaven Canceler. When Amai questions what she’s doing, she explains how she didn’t want to be a researcher and had instead wanted to be a kind and gentle teacher. She wanted to do something kind for once, so she offers to not let him die alone by killing her with him.

The two shoot each other at the same time, and when Yoshikawa regains consciousness, she finds herself alive in the hospital. The frog-faced doctor had taken care of her, but he reveals that it was Accelerator who had used his ability to control the flow of blood and prevent her ruptured coronary artery from killing her. Accelerator, however, had suffered some damage to the frontal lobe of his brain, and it’ll affect his speech and calculation abilities. This last part would mean that Accelerator has lost his powers, but the doctor vows to get him back those abilities by linking him to the 10,000 remaining Sisters on the Misaka network. He also reveals that the higher-ups found out about this incident, so the research lab was broken up and Yoshikawa has been laid off. She realizes that this means she can’t be a researcher anymore, but the doctor thinks that there are a lot of other paths. When Yoshikawa asks the doctor to save Accelerator, he promises to return from his battlefield with the patient who has up until now always fought by himself.

ED Sequence

ED: 「誓い言~スコシだけもう一度~」 (Chikaigoto ~Sukoshi dake Mouichido~) by IKU
Watch the ED! Mirror 1, Mirror 2, Streaming ▼

It seems like it’s a bit late in the series to be introducing a new ED, but I can’t really complain since it’s something new to look at and because I rather like this song. Like the first ED, this is a fairly slow song, so I see it as helping the audience unwind after episodes.


Now that this is over, I’m left wondering why I should care about any of these characters other than maybe Accelerator and the doctor. Amai was a crappy villain who’s now dead, Yoshikawa is a boring character who’s no longer a researcher – I could have done without her long speech about how she wanted to become a teacher – and nothing that happened between Last Order and Accelerator is relevant since she doesn’t have those memories anymore. I had hoped for more from Last Order, but she was more or less just a prop this episode, and there are no hints that she’s ever going to show back up in the story. So much for being Accelerator’s sidekick.

As for Accelerator, he grew a little as a character I guess, but it seemed forced at times. I will say though that it was a nice touch of irony that he ended up being linked to the Misaka network. In any case, I think the only character I came out of this mini-arc really wanting to know more about is the frog-faced doctor. He all of the sudden seems like a much deeper character and might have some hand in whatever the overall plot ends up being about. Speaking of which, it should be about time for them to get started with the final arc of this series, and the preview shows what appear to be several new characters.


  1. Last order has lost her memory. But Last order is always on the Misaka network. Do you remember each Misaka always shares her memory with everyome else with the network computing resource. Now you know the trick 😉
    Last order will be back when and if we have the 2nd season. And I’m pretty sure we will, sooner or later.

  2. hold on..I thought Accelerator lost his power..then how is this possible…

    “Accelerator who had used his ability to control the flow of blood and prevent her ruptured coronary artery from killing her. Accelerator, however, had suffered some damage to the frontal lobe of his brain, and it’ll affect his speech and calculation abilities”

  3. what i think is funny is all the peopl eaccelerator wailed on becuase he was fortunate enough to be givin bullshit superpowers are pretty much gonna run train on his face now that hes a normal joe. I wonder how hes gonna be an arrogant smartass now when he gets clubbed with a bat, godmode gone its lights out baby. That is unless the sisters help him out, with after the 10000 sister genocide hes responsible for i dont see it happening and if it does, well boo…just…boo

  4. Why shouldn’t the Sisters help him out?
    As Mikoto explained, the Sisters saw themselfs as ‘things’ and never developed a grudge against Accelerator for killing them.
    On the contrary, if they share Last Orders believe (wich they do at least partially thanks to the Misaka Network.), they don’t even think of him as an evil guy.

  5. urgh…. Accelerator got nerfed hardcore after losing to Touma. Wasn’t the whole point of his power that it works automatically, without him putting mental effort to consistently block harmful “vectors”? If it turned off when he fell unconscious anyone could have, and would have already killed him in his sleep. Similarly any surprise attack would get him.

  6. when theyn talked about the damage to his brian it affected his ability to calculate, so it didnt take away his powers, therefore he can save the researcher, it only hindered his control over vector because now he cant calculate fast enough to deal with as much vectors as he once could.

  7. well if his vector changing thing did work properly while he was unconcious then he would be dead anyways as they explained his power forces to him to conciously allow gravity to affect him so whenever he sleeps he will basically float up and hit the ceiling and since he’s outside he will float until he dies in space… That or the fact that mental damage casued him to lose his power which raises the question of how the hell did he save Yoshikawa without making contact or even being near her and being unconcious?

  8. @DarkFeenix:
    Do you have to think to walk? It is seemingly an automatic action as your brain is making all the calculations and muscular adjustments so that you don’t fall over at the sligthiest breeze yet, if your brain is damaged enough you can loose your motor abilities… I think it work the same with all those abilities…

  9. Didn’t the doctor say that the MISAKA network will be used to rehabilitate Accelerator’s speech and computational skills?

    I think he’ll have a sidekick for quite a while.

    Maybe install a little bit of a node into him and have Last Order do all his talking for him? That would be really amusing to say the least.

  10. Melchior: That would be amusing

    Last Order: “Accelerator says to ‘Shut the hell up ya goddamn punks’ ” Says MISAKA Says Misaka whilst attempting to replicate his boorish speech patterns whilst making up for pronounciation.

    Accelerator: ….

  11. After seeing Accelerator’s childhood, it turns out:

    Touma = Imagine Breaker = negates all effects = No good luck

    Accelerator = Redirection = reflects anything = negative luck/ bad luck

    I have deduced that Accelerator is more unlucky than Touma and therefore has more right to say “such misfortune”

  12. Introducing new characters at eps 20? There has to be a second season. *hopeful*
    Even though the links between each arcs are tangential at best, I liked the stories.
    If only I can get my hands on a translated version of the light novels…

  13. lol, I actually thought the plot was shit when they started the Index biting BS & it only got confirmed when Touma constantly ended up in the hospital. I can see the first time with his arm being blown off but he was hardly injured at all in his fight with the Accelerator. Hopefully the second season with get this off of my “shit anime is shit” list.

  14. I’m very on the fence about this anime so far. When it began I thought it looked awesome, the fight scenes and artwork were really mind blowing, and I was very excited to continue it. But after the first few episodes it started going down hill in terms of plot and everything. In the middle it was so lagging in everything I almost dropped it, but then there will be a decent episode that makes me stay with it.

    I really liked this mini Accelerator arc since he’s one of my favourite characters, and the artwork has maintained a pretty high quality throughout (the music isn’t bad either). I just hope the plot picks back up and then I’d probably truly enjoy this show. Right now it’s kind of yo-yoing.

  15. Yeah, I admit, it’s going downhill. My only favorite arc was Touma vs Accelerator. Hopefully the other JC Staff anime don’t end up the same way. If Shakugan no Shana ends up like this, I’m going on a pistol spree.

    By the way, who will win in a fight? Accelerator (before headshot) or Superman? I’m still wondering. (But I’m sure Accelerator aka Near-godlike will win.)

  16. I’ve figured out what Imagine Breaker is supposed to prove!! That there only be one God and no one else can reach that state. No matter what powerup they do, they will be stopped before they become a god.

  17. @atorch
    Just goes to show that the Misaka Network is connected to WWW too. LOL ^^. We’d get to surf on a clone’s mind…

    And yes I agree with Mimic. There must be a season 2. As with Strike Witches and that other light novel-turned-anime that has 3 seasons already…..

    the enigmatic moondoggiebuiscuit
  18. Actually I think Accelerator might end up getting his calculation back as well. The reason being the Doctor ala Heaven Chancellor. He said him self that he “Makes the impossible possible”. So things that would seem impossible to everyone else he makes into the possible. So maybe thats what his power is.

  19. I really like the accelerator character. I had a feeling during his original part to b play in the series we would see a bit more of him. Although things are coming to a close i still hope we see more of him as well as the last order. I will be a little sad to see this series come to its close.

  20. Is it just me or does the jumpsuit teacher in the new Opening look like Yoshikawa? If so then she actually is going to become a character…which is good because then this arc would be a segway into the new school arc instead of a strange side-story.

    I’m also interested in the “higher ups” mentioned in this arc, as of now it makes no sense that they haven’t pursued the people responsible for wrecking their fancy satelite (aka Touma and Index) but since I never read the novels i’ll just have to wait and see.


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