With Ashura now on his turf, Shinigami-sama gets ready for battle by weilding Maka’s father in scythe form. He’s able to suck up Ashura’s energy blast with his hand, but Ashura is almost equally adept at avoiding his attacks. Ashura eventually takes a break from the fighting to talk about what he thought about back when he was stuck inside the bag made of his own skin. This encompassed life, the universe, and everything, but more specifically, he had noticed the instability in the world and its mysterious contents. He feels that what’s frightening comes from people’s imaginations, and he asserts that imagination is the source of all emotion. Tired of this talk, Shinigami-sama and Maka’s father enter into a resonance of souls and bring out the Kishin Gari, and they manage to cut off Ashura’s right arm. Ashura, however, regenerates it almost instantly, and he comments on how death isn’t what’s frightful, it’s imagining death. For this reason, Ashura claims that he’s stopped imagining.

Black*Star meanwhile knocks down walls inside Baba Yaga’s castle until he reaches Angela, but she responds by kicking him in the crotch. Elsewhere in the castle, Arachne decides not to escape because she’s confident that Ashura will return to her. Back inside Death City, Shinigami-sama continues battling Ashura, all while noting that Ashura was always someone who could not achieve peace of mind unless he crushed his uneasiness one by one. Ashura counters by claiming that rules and order can’t curb uneasiness, but Shinigami-sama knows that madness isn’t the answer either. The two continue to argue ideology as they battle, and what breaks the stalemate is Ashura firing an energy blast at Kid and Azusa. Shinigami-sama uses himself to block this attack, and in the aftermath, Kid finds his father fallen and unresponsive.

Excalibur chooses this time to speak up and question Ashura on what there is in a world of madness. Ashura feels that it’s fine if there’s nothing, as long as there’s no fear, and he disparages the rules and ties of obligation that Shinigami-sama had. When Excalibur asserts that rules are things laid down under every responsibility, Ashura notes that this is why Shinigami-sama lost. Ashura feels that it would be better not to live with any troublesome rules, like being friends or a parent, however he then remembers his relationship with Arachne. Realizing that he has to fix this at once, Ashura returns to Baba Yaga’s castle, and Arachne welcomes him back. Ashura, however, plunges his hand into her chest, pulls out her soul, and eats it.


Well that wasn’t quite what I expected. Certainly seeing Shinigami-sama fight again was nice, and this time he had Maka’s father with him and got to show off some cool moves. I wish they hadn’t thrown quite so much ideology in there to break apart the action though. I’m also a bit disappointed to see Shinigami-sama lose and perhaps even die. It makes sense in the scheme of things since this is a shounen series that Maka, Black*Star、 and Kid – aka. the main three characters – will have to grow and become powerful enough to take down Ashura on their own, but it’s frustrating to see the Shinigami-sama fight end in such a cowardly way. What’s more, having Ashura kill Arachne was pretty anticlimactic. I didn’t expect her to be the final boss, but I didn’t think she’d go quite so easily either.

There’s still three episodes left of this series though, so a lot can still happen in terms of plot twists and stuff. For all we know, Arachne and/or Shinigami-sama might not really be dead. Regardless, next week looks to be focused on Maka and Soul, and there will probably be some more character development for Soul in particular since that’s been lacking compared to how much Maka has gotten.


  1. this was a decent episode in terms of action but shinigami did not not look all that powerfull in this episode i guess neither did ashura both should have torn he place up but the best moment was when angela kicked black star in the balls the use of the sound effect and the timing were perfect

  2. I kinda noticed near the end of the fight, shinigami-sama’s voice sound less childish and more serious. It seems this is his real voice and I feel it suited the situation and emphasis his position as the shinigami as well.

  3. Boo. So Arachne dies almost like what they did in the manga. Or maybe they want to do what she appears to be like in the manga right now, or just plain killed her off to finish the series. Then again we expected this to happen, since the three main characters are indeed the ones that must finish off Kishin. Still, this sucks a little. :\

  4. Some what surprised me that the Kishin (Ashura) had a partner previously and had eaten his soul. Also the reveal of Kishin Giri wasn’t much. I was hoping it would be revealed similarly to how Majin Gari was when it was the 3 vs Mosquito. And like I said before I’m hoping they show more of Black stars new “form”. Also I’m sure they’ll milk this series in the anime and manga as well since they haven’t revealed all of those past “Gods” (The one that revealed only Ashura Eibon and Shinigami)

  5. this is more like soul fucker. it fucks with your patience and annoys the hell out of you. how many episodes are left anyways? hopefully everybody dies in the end so this shamble won’t make it to the second year.

  6. I seriously do not like the way this is wrapping up, it’s a shame this did not follow the manga. Although i guess we’ll just have to wait and see how these last 3 eps develop.

  7. Hey, you guys remember that scene in Bambi when his mom got shot and he was like “D:> Mom?… Moooom?” lol that was fucked up XD (” D:>chichiue?.. chichiue????… CHICHIUE??? :'[!!”) Lolz bambi!Kid FTW o.o

  8. I think Excalibur is there so that he can team up with Crona, I got the impression that Ragnarock is dead.

    I do like the anime better than the manga. I feel like it’s lost focus and is going nowhere. To bad the Kim is a witch part didn’t make it into the anime though.

  9. its not bad, though im not sure what the supposed death of shinigami-sama would do for the anime, i just dont think maka,soul,kid,thompson twins and blacks star and tsubaki combined are strong enough yet, though given it is a shonen and theyll prolly awaken hidden powers to take out ashura. in saying that, a credible ending would have been a team effort from stein+marie, justin, shinigami+spirit, and the 2 technician teams duking it with ashura.

  10. I actually like where this is going so far.
    You can’t have Shinigami kill off the main bad guy, so he had to die really.
    Hopefully the main fight will be like the ED, where it shows pretty much everyone near enough dead, with Death City being torn to shreds while the main characters take on the Kishin.

  11. It’s going to finish in a very bad way, then they’ll make a movie clearing that up, and then four or five years after that we get a remake of the series. HAHAHAHAFMAHAHAHA

  12. i think that that shot at the end that killed Shinigami didn’t make sense, if Shinigami was aable to block Ashura’s shot with his Kishin Hunter, why wouldn’t ge do that at the end instead of just standing there?

    i agree, shinigami can’t just die like that…though killing ashura right now would be a waste, the battle should’ve at least ended with both being near death, and then Ashura fleeing due to arachne like at the end right now.

  13. Kishin leveled up. He ate Arachne remember? If the three main character defeats Kishin I’m gonna nuke Japan.
    Also, Shinigami sucks for not having a ranged attack. He should use BOTH Azusa and Spirit. Or Excalibur, which pwns.

  14. @Shiro
    Maka just went all out bankai on Arachne, so I doubt she will be around longer, considering that ‘Eibon’ might to be the ‘main’ vilain of the arc in the long run.

  15. @Cain
    I always compared certain ideas in Soul Eater to Bleach (people being weapons, strength based on the power of ones soul and all that) and the fact that you referred Makas little transformation in the manga as a Bankai made me lmao.

  16. For an original ending, they’ve done a good job of bringing everything together, but I do wish some of the baddies wouldn’t have been beaten so easily. With Arache’s soul being eaten by Asura, however, we now know where it lies, which gives Maka and Soul a chance to retrieve it for themselves AND defeat Asura at the same time! Of course, they still have to catch all those OTHER souls in order to achieve ranking. …but with Shinigami-sama apparently dead, will it matter?


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