In the aftermath of Kensei and his men being attacked, an alarm goes off throughout Soul Society alerting all the captains of what’s going on and calling them to an emergency meeting. Urahara immediately realizes that Hiyori might be in danger, but she’s already gone. Yamamoto decides to send a force to take care of things, and Urahara wants to go, but Yamamoto refuses and selects Rose, Shinji, Love instead. He also wants to send both Tessai and Hachigen, the leaders of the Kidou Corps, but Kyouraku convinces him to just send Hachigen and Kyouraku’s own vice-captain Lisa. After the assignments are set, Kyouraku advises Urahara that believing and waiting are also part of a captain’s job. Meanwhile, Hiyori has her hands full with a dark figure attacking her, and she’s ultimately saved by Shinji. Their opponent is none other than Kensei, but he’s got a Hollow mask and armor now. Everyone is shocked and initially a bit reluctant to face him, however he attacks first and hits Love. Shinji knows that they have to stop Kensei, and Lisa and Rose feels that they can do so without killing him. However, they get attacked out of nowhere by Mashiro who also now has a Hollow mask. Hachigen manages to restrain her with a spell, and he tries to do the same with Kensei, but Kensei is able to use sheer brute power to break free. Back at the 12th Division, Urahara is sneaking off into the night but gets caught by Tessai. Tessai notices that Urahara is wearing a cloak that completely blocks off spiritual force, and he figures out that Urahara is going to help Hiyori. He refuses to let Urahara go alone but understands the situation and insists that they go together.


This was a pretty exciting episode, and as expected they expanded on some of the fighting between the Shinigami and Kensei and Mashiro. It’s hard for me to gauge how powerful everyone is since I don’t think there’s a really good frame of reference, but it suffices to say that the Shinigami captains are outclassed by Kensei in his Hollow form, and even Mashiro seems pretty powerful. That just makes me wonder how much more powerful they’ve gotten in the present since I assume they’re better able to control and harness their Hollow powers. In any case, this episode mostly followed the manga again, so I don’t have much more to say about it other than the fact that I was a bit miffed that they spoiled Aizen’s involvement in all this in the preview. Even though it’s not a huge surprise that he’d have his hands in all this, spoiling in previews is still one of my pet peeves. Oh well, there are only two more episodes to go in this arc, so I should probably just enjoy it while I can.


  1. Well… nobody has yet relesed his or her sword during this fight, so it’s hard to really measure the strength of the masked ones.

    @Cheshire Lion
    What do you mean with the “theme music spoiler”?

  2. anyone who hadn’t gathered that aizen was already up to no good at this point is not paying attention…

    what i want to know is why none of the three captains present at this fight decided to use shikai or bankai….? er… lets just stand around and get pummelled…

    thankgod for hachi!!

  3. I think people who find the spoilers in the preview annoying are those that:

    1. have not read the manga,
    2. are unable to deduce that Aizen was the most probable culprit.

    Chances are that people who fall into one or both of these categories are significantly little – so I don’t see the big deal with spoilers in previews. Not that, in this particular case, revealing Aizen as the culprit was such a huge wtf-spoiler anyway.

    boku youna
  4. it just me or does hachi from bleach sound like hachi from one piece? haha, with a little “old man rasp”. p.s- love the chain with rabbit foot head ornament in da girl

    BROOKLYN otaku
  5. bleach is a popular manga in japan so there’s no need for some mysterious culprit thing…

    and anime pendelum arc is more detailed than the manga…

    but oh well we are near the end of the arc so expect spoilers…

  6. Everyone knows Aizen is the antagonist in this series he was already revealed to be the villian since way back so aizen showing up in the preview as the culprit shouldn’t be suprising to anyone rather i,m more in interested in seeing how he was able to do it and what made him do it yea i know he wants the king’s key or something like that this man is so strong i don,t think any of the captains can stop him not even ichigo but dies he really want a world where hollow and human exist is this is his mission i mean i,m just wondering why someone that powerful caused all this damage when i saw his illusion i told myself this aizen is already good he even has bankai but when did he get it

    John Tokyo
  7. aizen is the real reason why bleach is continuing, right? Sousuke Aizen, by revealing his treachery in the concluysion of the Soul Society arc, became the derogatory main antagonit that evertbody will have a crush onto…

    knight of one
  8. I haven’t read the manga and I already knew Aizen was behind it, i don’t think the preview spoilt anything because in a previous episode it was clear that Aizen was behind it.

    I’m just wondering how he will get away with it.

    Shame its only 2 more episodes long since this is pretty much the best story arc since soul society, I wish there was more in this. But oh well filler and back to the long drawn out fight.

  9. Is the next Arc gonna be anime orginal filler? I dont mind fillers as long as there entertaining. Besides arc after that is pretty intense so i’d like to see some more lighthearted stuff before that.


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