With the appearance of Urahara and Tessai, Aizen claims that he just happened to find Shinji and the others and was trying to help them. Urahara knows that this is a lie and points to the Hollowfication that happened to the captains and vice-captains. This leads to Aizen commenting on how Urahara really is the man he thought he was, and he decides to leave with Tousen and Ichimaru. Before Aizen can get very far, Tessai decides to cast a destructive spell on them, however Aizen is able to block this with another spell and disappears. With Shinji and the others in danger, Urahara and Tessai decide to help them instead of chasing Aizen. Urahara reveals that he has a method to deal with the Hollowfication, and though this method a gamble, Tessai decides to use forbidden techniques to teleport them back to the 12th Division anyway. Back at his lab, Urahara reveals that his method for treating Shinji and the others is through the Hougyoku.

When Urahara wakes up the next morning, however, and sees the Hollow masks still on Shinji, he understands that he’s failed. Shortly thereafter, he and Tessai are arrested and taken before the Central 46 Chambers for conducting Hollowfication experiments. Realizing that he’s been framed by Aizen, Urahara tries to protest, but it turns out that Aizen had made sure that others had seen him last night inside Seireitei, giving him a tight alibi. Urahara and Tessai thus receive their respective sentences of banishment to the real world and imprisonment, however what really alarms Urahara is the decision to deal with Shinji and the others as Hollows. Fortunately, Yoruichi comes and rescues them in the middle of all this, and she brings them to the secret underground training area. She’s also brought all eight of the Shinigami who have transformed into Hollows as well as the new gigai that Urahara was researching. Urahara’s plan is to create gigai for all of them so that they can hide in the real world and take their time finding a solution.

Back in the present, as the Shinigami led by Yamamoto prepare to face Aizen high above Karakura Town, Shinji remembers how Urahara had said that the biggest miscalculation was that there were no miscalculations. Shinji feels that they owe much to Urahara and to Aizen, and he and the rest of the Visoreds depart their warehouse hideout with weapons ready.


Now that was a good episode. For one, the animation quality went up, particularly toward the end, but what I was really happy about was that the last scene with Shinji and company marching out was every bit as cool in the anime as it was in the manga, perhaps even more so. It really makes me want to see the upcoming battle animated, but more specifically, I’m itching to see how Shinji and the others get involved (which, as manga readers will know, still hasn’t happened yet in the manga). Instead though, the anime will be turning to non-manga material for the next two weeks and probably the next season as well. Hopefully the Karakuraizer stuff will be at least funny and amusing.

On a slightly different note, I’ve had several people ask me about my thoughts on the latest developments in the Bleach manga, chapter 350. I’ll use spoiler tags here: Show Spoiler ▼


  1. Ichigo will become the ultimate villain and will be taken out by all the Vaizards. End of story.

    Oh, and I hope he kills Orihime first before he dies.

    This episode sounds like some good stuff, elaborating on the same things they did in the manga, and we are thus at the end of the flashback. Ah, if only we could continue to the fights.

  2. I also liked how they ended that episode. Too bad we won’t see their battle animated for another year or so. Hopefully sooner though.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  3. Show Spoiler ▼

  4. Bah, fillers. Animators pulled off TBTP arc quite nicely.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  5. Ahaha
    Good job everyone for spoiling the manga version like this…
    And you’re criticizing Bleach? Then why do you watch it? It piss me off…
    What about learning how to use spoiler tags before playing frustrated people who know more than everyone else what’s a good plot?
    Oh, and i’ve already read, don’t worry for me ^_________^

  6. I hope ppl understand that the only reason why they have to do fillers is because the Hueco Mundo arc in the manga is moving so slowly, the anime would quickly get caught up and then have no material. Anyway, we don’t want another Kenshin on our hands (or Inuyasha lol) To save the anime from so many fillers, Kubo’s gonna have to hurry his ass up and end this stupid, lackluster arc because seriously, it’s annoying.

    I hope the filler arc they do make is worthwile though.

  7. omg omni, please dont post any more manga updates/reflections. everyone’s comments are like spoiler galore for us who are just trying to read what people thought about the last episode. i feel like that innocent little kid who just saw his parents going at O_O im traumatized

  8. Show Spoiler ▼

  9. its funny that aizen captain band could not be used as evidence against him i guess urahara was stupid back then and the vizards i think they don,t care who wins they gonna go agianst the espadas and soul society for what they did to them

    ryan seacrest
  10. Well for a side story arch that was pretty good, i’d even say it was good for a main arch. In any case we get to see how the Vizars came to be and what they were before hand. I’d kinda like to see if they join in the battle with Soul Society against Aizen. Also if Adult Nel makes a return and fights along side Ichigo. Maybe i’m asking for too much on that last one.

    In any case i’m satisfied with how this arch turned out, they could of made it longer if they would of kept with the pase that they started out with. Then again it would of gotten dull then.

  11. Stuff: I’ve been considering that, but I don’t want to be stuck in a situation where they work in anime original characters into the manga story (as they did with Ririn and company) and not know what’s going on. Also, several people have told me that they read my blog during the anime original episodes to keep an eye on the story and to know when they should start paying attention again.

  12. I think shinji meant kisuke planned everything (to) perfect for the worst case scenario. His perfect planning could be the weakness that turn things around against them. We’ll see..

  13. This is to all you people nagging about the fillers. Look at the bleach episode guide and you’ll see that 215 is the start of the manga material again. Now stop complaining! Its just two episodes of filler! That’s all!!!

    Bleach Episodes

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