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Summary and Thoughts
lol, this one was hilarious. Had a quick rehash on Taniguchi’s AA-plus ranking, and then Churuya gets a classic RPG and overhead shooting game made in her honor. And Kyon still denies her smoked cheese.

In regards to the scene with Mikuru and the golden cheese, it’s in reference to an old Aesop fable that seems to be quite popular in Japanese media – there’s been adaptations in the .hack games as well as some anime, or so I’ve heard. Not sure why it’s so popular in Japan, though!

Of course, one would have to mention the sheer bastardry of Kyon here, as we know it’s actually him playing the game. Of course he knew the old fable, so he knew the result – he could have very well just denied her the cheese by selecting “golden cheese” right off, but nope, he had to have Churuya taste the cold and hard truth. Ah, the humanity…

The part with the overhead shooter actually got me laughing out loud – the whole 2-bit nyoro~n audio just made it perfect.


  1. Holy crap. I’m reading a collection of Aesop’s fables currently, and I read the one with the man losing his ax in the river last night. Great timing for the reference, huh.


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