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Eden of the East – 04

Saki returns home to her sister’s bakery in the morning and is found by her sister’s husband Ryousuke.

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school food punishment – futuristic imagination PV (Eden of the East ED)


The PV for Eden of the East’s ED aired earlier this week on M-ON!, and I had completely forgotten about it until I was reminded by the commercial that aired during this week’s episode (which I’ll get around to blogging later today). I had really liked the TV-size version, helped out by the fact that it’s got a very nice papermation sequence accompanying it, so I had been looking forward to seeing what the PV was like. It turned out to be not nearly as fun as that since it just had the band standing around playing the song, though I have to admit that this was new to me in the sense that I’m not very familiar with school food punishment as a group. I at least enjoyed hearing the full version of the song – the beginning (the first verse) and the end are the best parts, and I didn’t like the middle of the song quite as much because of the long instrumental section. Regardless, the PV is worth a watch if for no other reason than to hear the full song.

The single for futuristic imagination is due out May 27th, 2009.

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Hatsukoi Limited – 03

Enomoto Kei is a beautiful girl who’s already been proposed to by a well-off man, but she turned him down.

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Valkyria Chronicles – 04

Gallia recapturing the Vasel Bridge has gotten the attention of the Empire, and Maximilian’s plans to counter it involve General Gregor and a key supply line in Kloden.

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Bleach – 217

Inside the wall of flames that Yamamoto trapped them in, Ichimaru senses Kira getting angry and is actually glad that he’s doing well.

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Basquash! – 04

Haruka turns out to be not so interested in Dan himself but rather in his feet.

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A Couple of All-Nighters Later…

  • Exam week is finally over, so I’m in full catch-up mode now since there’s a lot I missed this weekend.
  • In fact, I should (*fingers crossed*) have a decent amount of free time in the next couple of weeks, and I’m looking to do some improvements to the site. Don’t be surprised if you see a maintenance message up soon.
  • I’ve been listening to the full version of the Valkyria OP, HIMEKA’s Asu he no Kizuna, and it’s pretty good. And after seeing the commercial for it, I’m curious to see what the PV for the song will be llike.
  • For anyone wondering, the above image was taken by Trillian during Hanami a few weeks ago. Here’s another pretty one.
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    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – 04

    Somewhere in Central one night, the Iron Blood Alchemist Basque Gran gets attacked by a man with a scar on his forehead.

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    Training With Hinako! OVA – 01

    Boobs. Boobs boobs boobs boobs. Boobs… boobs boobs boobs boobs boobs boobs?! BOOBS!!!!! BOOBSBOOBSBOOBSBOOBS

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    YUI – again PV (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood OP1)


    As many of you may know, popular singer and guitarist YUI performs the opening song for the new Fullmetal Alchemist series. It’s a pretty good song, full of energy, and the full version of it has been floating around the internet for a few weeks now. The PV for it finally aired yesterday, and while it’s not a very exciting video since the majority of it is just shots of her performing the song with a band, it does showcase her instrumental and vocal talents. It’s probably worth a watch if you like the song. If you’re looking for more, FujiTV’s Mezamashi TV also aired a segment a couple of days ago about the PV, and you can find that download here (thanks to yuistalker for the link).

    The single for again comes out June 3rd, 2009.

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    K-ON! – 04

    Predictable beach episode is surprisingly pleasant, with no shortage of egregious Mio pimpage

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    Eden of the East – 03

    Akira and Saki arrive at the dock near his alleged home and find the area largely void of life, save for some homeless people and a handful of cars on the road.

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    Bleach – 216

    When Ichigo arrives to save Inoue, Ulquiorra draws his sword because he sees Ichigo as a target that has to be destroyed.

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    Tears to Tiara – 03

    As Arthur and the Gael people prepare to head for the land of Albion, Arawn gets attacked by a girl armed with a bow and a dagger.

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    The Daily Dose

  • Production I.G. announced that they will be releasing a limited edition CD single for the Oasis song, “Falling Down“. It will also include a DVD with a music video for the song animated by Production I.G. and it is set to be released in Japan on May 27th. If anyone was concerned the DVD will include the original “Falling Down” music video.
  • The supernatural manga Majin Tantei Nōgami Neuro ended its run on Monday after four years of being published in Shueisha‘s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. The manga written by Yusei Matsui focused on a demon named Neuro Nougami who feasts on riddles. Sounds like a twisted version of Yu-Gi-Oh, to me.
  • A promotional video is up for Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas, which will be released on DVD in Japan on June 24th, an OVA prequel to the original series. The OVA is about the friendship of Tenma and Alone who later become mortal enemies. TMS Entertainment are also streaming the trailer on their Youtube page.
  • If you’ve been experiencing symptoms of despair as of late then would you please let out a collective sigh of relief. A third season of Sayonara Zetsubō Sensei has been green-lit and will premiere in July. Zan Sayonara Zetsubō Sensei will continue to follow Itoshiki Nozomu, the most negative person in the world who just so happens to be a high-school teacher. Don’t you feel better already?
  • Sunsoft producer Tomohiro Seki announced that his company has upcoming anime plans for Leiji Matsumoto‘s latest manga Out Of Galaxy Koshika. It’s about a beautiful woman and a young boy aboard a dimensional ship who journey to save the Earth. Sounds a bit familiar. Too familiar. Seki also revealed that the manga will be available on Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch.
  • Dragonball: Evolution has officially dropped out of the Top 10 in the U.S. box office. It opened up at #8 with a $1,575,000. Since the new numbers it’s estimated at $7,825,000 and $44,692,875 worldwide. Anybody see this yet?
  • Hola, mis amigos. Escribo en español para presentarle el tráiler español para Ponyo en el acantilado por el mar. (And yes, I did use Babelfish for all of that.)
  • Alice artwork courtesy of Dhiea on pixiv (account needed to access)

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