After Ichigo and company departed for Hueco Mundo, Urahara decides to recruit Kon to help fight the Hollows that appear in the city. Kon initially doesn’t want to, but Urahara convinces him by suggesting that it could make Kon popular with the girls. Urahara gives Kon a wristwatch device that transforms him into Karakuraiser, and the first job is against a large Hollow in the city. Though he has to get used to the costume and the powers, Kon is eventually able to blast away the Hollow. Several more then appear though, and these ones can fly. Unfortunately, Karakuraiser Kon can’t fly, and he’s nearly defeated, however he gets saved by the arrival of a Karakuraiser team consisting of Don Kanonji, Tatsuki, Chizuru, Keigo, and Ururu. They help defeat the flying Hollows, but afterward, a new enemy appears in the sky: an Arrancar working for Aizen.


You might have noticed that I was rather slow on this post. That’s mainly because I had a two term papers to write this week, but I will say that knowing that this episode would be about these side adventures certainly didn’t help make me want to watch it any more. Regardless, the episode ended up being not bad for being non-manga, but it’s not very good or exciting either. It’s nice to see some of these characters getting airtime while the writers try to explain what happened while Ichigo and company were gone, but the Hollow designs were lackluster, and all I could think of was Queen’s Blade (link NSFW) when I saw the female Arrancar at the end. In fact, the only thing this episode really did was remind me that Tatsuki’s role has never really materialized in the main Bleach story despite so many indications prior to the Hueco Mundo arc that it would.

On the plus side, it’s good to know that after this is all over next week, we’re not going to be seeing another anime original arc because they will be continuing with the manga story. I’m definitely looking forward to the grand battle starting episode 215 as well as to the new OP and ED by SCANDEL and Sambomaster.


  1. Was wondering why bleach 213 was late .. I thought u lost interest on writing about Bleach xD but bah nvm here it is now, filler. to be honest, i dont find its hilarious as it supposed to be, maybe because i was expecting the ‘main’ soryline instead of this karakuraiser stuff. anyway, .. cant wait till episode 215 ^_^

  2. Really? Only two fillers? Is Tite Kubo going to finish his story through the anime or something ’cause they’re going to run astoundingly close together. I’d hate to see some sort of skipping-off mid-battle bollocks.

    Cheshire Lion
  3. I only laughed to go with the flow.

    Yeah only two fillers I can live with this season’s model.
    Awesomeness –>short filler –>Awesomeness –>short filler
    It would be nice if they do this for the rest of the series,
    rather then another Bount / New Captain Arc fiasco.

  4. I predict that they will stretch the top 3 espada’s subordinates vs the lieutenants and rank seats battles over a numbers of episodes before going back to another filler.

  5. even though its a filler if urahara wanted someone to protect the town he could have used the three spirited souls i mean that would have made more sense if they were addeed don,t u think so.

    John Tokyo
  6. Actually, this is half-filler half-canon. Karakurizer appears in Volumes 28, 29 and 31 of the manga in extra pages after each chapter. In fact, most of the scenes from this episode are from those pages, including the badly-drawn Hollow (Kon even remarks “It’s so poorly drawn!” in the manga). And the Karakurizer Team also appears, with profiles that describe their personalities and their special attacks.

    It would seem Kubo planned this on purpose so that they could be adapted to the anime in the form of fillers…

  7. YEA FILLERS!!! XD, so happy just cause they make Tatsuki do something awesome… why is chizuru there though… she can’t even see spirits… keigo, Tatsuki, and ururu can but… Chizuru? Oh well!!! TATSUKI FTW!!!

    Rise-N Seraphim
  8. I love how people are complaining with this “filler” when, like said above, this is part of the manga technically. But alas the ppl will continue to just to say they dislike something jut because someone else is saying it.

    ANYWAYS, I like that they adapted this because I found it amusing when I read it first.

  9. I actually have to agree with Rise-N Seraphim. I was pleasantly surprised with the episode and actually laughed a good deal especially with their special attacks. While I’m not always a big fan of “fillers” I’d rather have it continue to be animated than dropped because they don’t have any more 🙂

  10. I found it to be one of the most fun, offbeat episodes in a while.

    Kinda figured the series might go through the manga’s next bit – I expect they’ll cut to filler at the end of that whole sequence before they hit the current run of chapters where the focus shifts again.

    That’s the logical spot to take a season or two’s break.

    Sol Fury
  11. well for a filler is wasn’t half bad. Not all that great, but still not bad. Granted it dose bring up the “Whats going in town, as the other are away?” Question. Which the manga didn’t really press on, then again it pretty much made you assume that the Hollows were to busy fighting the shikigami in Las Noches to go to earth. Though i was kinda nice seeing some of the side characters doing something (including my favorite Tatsuki), despite it being incredibly corny. Then again they didn’t go into how Ichigo’s friends know of the hollows, but then would of been an episode with in it self. And no one wants that.

  12. oh yeah, 2 more weeks to go… haiz why exams always come @ the wrong time when BLEACH is gonna get exciting?

    “Eh guys? It’s SCANDAL, wib Shoujo S as opening, and Sambomaster on ending…”

  13. God… That pose she’s doing at the very end of the episode (you know, the whole “crossed hands” thing…) really reminds me of Lust from Fullmetal Alchemist!
    I miss Lust… 🙁
    This turned out to be a pretty fun episode! Thank god it didn’t suck as bad as episodes 204-205… These just made no sense whatsoever…

  14. Just watched the episode and Chizuru actually did nothing… cept cheer and also she’s probly gonna go back to her lesbo lurving from the looks of the preview for next week… and Tatsuki get Magnum kick and punch, AWESEOME!!!

    Rise-N Seraphim
  15. i gotta say, i must be freakazoid but i really liked this filler. funny ass sh!t!!! and thats rare for bleach! KARAKURA-RISER EROTIC-KU!! hehehehe sooo ridiculous ,can’t wait to see what happens

    BROOKLYN otaku
  16. fillers. they piss me off, but this time, much better.

    they just focused on the intermission of what is going on in Karakura while Ichigo is fighting at Hueco Mundo. by doing this, they didnt destroy the story continuity at all. plus, kon really makes Ichigo look stupid.

    knight of one
  17. Hmm, wasn’t there that centipede Hollow ages back during a Kon and company filler episode? A female one that fell in love with Kon?

    I totally thought the first hollow was like their offspring or something. xD It’s got the centipede body with the lion crown from Kon, haha.

  18. “we’re not going to be seeing another anime original arc” – THANK GOD FOR THAT
    The bounto arc was actually AMAZING but only after they enter soul socienty, before that bit you can tell it’s stretched out to fill as much time as possible. But when they’re in there..


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