The rock-like ship floating above Karakura Town is actually a huge Hollow fortress comprised of many Hollows combined with a Hollow at the core. Tessai wants the Karakuraiser team to take it down with the power of friendship, and Tatsuki convinces the others to do it. She is still frustrated over what happened with Ichigo, and she’s decided that she has to do whatever she can here. The plan is to destroy the Hollow at the core of the fortress, and the members of the Karakuraiser team all take on different roles. Don Kanonji and Ururu handle the Hollows outside while Tatsuki and the afro Shinigami Kurumadani Zennosuke handle the Hollows inside the fortress.

Chizuru, on the other hand, is useless until the female Arrancar leader appears. That’s the point where Chizuru’s erotic lesbian abilities kick in, and she’s able to restrain the Arrancar. It gives Kon the chance to reach the center of the fortress, and with the power of friendship aiding him, he’s able to use the Raiser Beam to defeat the Hollows at the core. That ends the battle and breaks apart the fortress, and after everyone escapes, Urahara appears and finishes it off with his zanpaktou. He then puts the Karakuraiser team – with the exception of Ururu – to sleep and is grateful to them all for doing their best so that he could complete his own job. That job involves four giant pillars that create a field around a large part of Karakura Town,


I was lukewarm about this mini-arc based on the episode last week, but after seeing this week’s, I like it a lot more. Among other things, this episode featured some Tatsuki character development (not much, but I’ll take what I can get), a very nicely animated airborne action scene with Ururu, a hilarious scene with Chizuru and her lesbian powers, and this also gave some insight as to what Urahara was doing. Since that last one is going to be important in the coming weeks, I’m glad that we got to see the origins of it, and it made this mini-arc feel less like a side-story and more like an actual part of the main plot. In short, I really enjoyed this episode, and I’m now even more pumped up to see the grand battle starting next week. The new OP and ED by SCANDEL and Sambomaster should be coming as well, so next week is definitely an episode to look forward to.


  1. So, what happened to the female arrancar leader? No mention of her aside from the erotic lesbian powers of Chizuru. Either ways, looking forward to next episode’s big battle royale.

  2. i don,t think they would insert another filler because when the next episode airs they probably going to start doing their 5 minutes of narration/explaination of what happened in the past episodes for each episode so i guess its a good thing one knows that ahead of time.

    John Tokyo
  3. past episode and this episode totally out of point i think the creator of bleach resting due to many vol of manga to draw so on …………

    So i think this 2 episode is just to save time for them to get 215 episode ready by time

  4. I’m glad I stopped watching this crap.

    They keep getting fillers every 5 episodes and even after the very first arch of filler, the actual episodes (not fillers) were even worse than the fillers.

    So, no thank you!

  5. Will be interesting to see how they animate what happens to Matsumoto in the coming battle (she is my favorite bleach character after Ichigo and I was horrified at what happens to her).

  6. @hellknight
    the creator of bleach draws the manga so if he rest it wouldnt affect the anime, if it was the animators being lazy thats diffrent.

    Anyway looking forward for next weeks ep. I rofled at the Shikabane Reference

  7. I agree!!!!! this has gotta be the best filler i’ve ever seen in an anime!!! i shit you not! HILARIOUS!!! “ghetto-Ass super hero” charging his wristband with a phone charger, HAHAHAHAHA, “RISER-DOGGYSTYLE”!? dude i cant belive i laughed so much at a bleach episode. and now its over quick, and back to the gooood stuff. no complaints here

    BROOKLYN otaku
  8. @Agevhunter:
    That’s what I’ve been saying since last week. People who complain of ‘filler’s are those who only read scanlations and never bother to buy/read the actual book. All this omakes are usually only on the volume release, so they would not know they are really manga material.

  9. It seems from the preview Ulqi returns next week from Grimmy’s CN and does the infamous “hearts” talk with Hime.
    Manga on the other hand… this week… was… kinda… you know… *sobs*

  10. Didn’t really like this first ep of this omake/filler, but the this one was probably the best filler I’ve seen for some time in terms of entertainment. I also like how it weaved back into main plot during the end, actually giving this ‘comic relief’ segment some imortance.
    Still, I’m a little concerned at how close they are getting to the manga. I’d hate it if they randomly started another filler season up mid-way through this current arc…

  11. So can bleach get any more retarded? I watched the first like 45 seconds of the episode and just said screw it, I have better things to do like headbutting a wall instead of watching these fillers.

  12. I saw the manga version of the next episode, and to be honest, it will be epic. And I mean epic! You guys are going to love the fights that are coming up. They will blow you away, however, I can’t tell you what happens, it would ruin the surprise.

  13. Well shoot. I was expecting it to take itself seriously, but GOOD GOD. 😀 It was really amusing and cheesy! We never even got to KNOW that arrancar before Chizuru completely spoiled her grand entrance! 😀

  14. why’s everyone sayin that this was a “filler”-arc? It was featured in the Anime as a side story so it was actually canon. o_O

    And i don’t think that we will get anymore filler arcs. My guess is that Bleach will end after the “Final battle”. It isn’t called “Final” for show… i guess.

    So Manga and Anime, both, will come to an End at the same time? Well, i hope so because i really am getting bored of Bleach >_>

  15. lol filler or not, this episode did turn out to be good. i lol’ed soo much when kon was recharging his wristband with phone charger LOOL. looking foward for next week episode though, with all the fillers(execpetion to karakuraiser’s) we’ve been through, finally we got to see the final fight between shinagimi and hollow.

  16. Actually, I read the Omake in a scanlation website. It all depends on if they reload the chapter after the volume is published.

    But by their own admission, most who don’t know Karakuraizer is omake, DON’T READ THE MANGA AT ALL!


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