OP Sequence

OP10: 「少女S」 (Shoujo S) by SCANDAL
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Yamamoto starts the battle against Aizen and his forces by enveloping Aizen, Ichimaru, and Tousen in a wall of flame. Aizen, however, is confident that his Espada can take care of things without him needing to do anything. Meanwhile, in Las Noches, Ulquiorra thinks that Inoue should be scared since she’s alone, but she claims not to be because her heart is already together with all of her friends. Ulquiorra finds this hard to believe, so Inoue explains how she was initially sad when she heard that everyone came to save her. When she sensed Rukia fall and saw Ichigo fighting though, she didn’t want any of them to be hurt, and she realized that those were the same feelings that her friends had towards her.

At that moment, Ichigo is charging towards the tower where Inoue is, but he gets temporarily held up by Rudobone and the Exequias. He fortunately gets some help from Renji, Sado, and Rukia, so he’s able to continue on while those three handle the Exequias. Back in the tower, Ulquiorra dismisses what Inoue said and asserts that feelings cannot actually be shared. Inoue concedes that it might be impossible to feel the exact same thing, but she believes that when people care about each other, their hearts will be a little closer. For her, this is what it means for hearts to be as one. Ulquiorra responds to this by questioning what heart is, and he wonders if he’ll be able to see it if he tears open her chest or breaks open her skull. All this is interrupted by the sudden arrival of Ichigo.

ED Sequence

ED19: 「君を守って 君を愛して」 (Kimi wo Mamotte Kimi wo Aishite) by サンボマスター (Sambomaster)
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So not only are both the OP and ED really good (kudos to SCANDAL and Sambomaster), the accompanying animation sequences/character shots look really nice as well. The OP sequence in particular has Rukia, Inoue, and Rangiku singing and dancing (which makes sense since SCANDAL is a girl band), and it manages to be very stylish and sexy. If only the actual series could look that good all the time. The ED sequence meanwhile is back to focusing on Rukia and Ichigo after the last ED focused on Inoue. It’s a little weird to see Rukia with Ichigo though given how the story is clearly pointing to Inoue and Ichigo as a stronger couple.


Well, the OP had me all pumped up for this new arc, but the episode itself was only average. It was cool seeing Yamamoto in action again, especially against Aizen, but that was a fairly brief part of the episode, and the rest was focused on Inoue, Ulquiorra, and Ichigo. I understand that the writers needed some extra stuff so that they could stretch two chapters of the manga into an entire episode and that they’re trying to contrast the friendship/love/hope in Inoue with the analytical and despair-inducing Ulquiorra, but that part still dragged on for a bit too long, especially with all those flashbacks. I cheered when Ichigo appeared because it meant that we could get on with the battle, though as the preview shows, it’s actually the battle in Karakura Town that will be the main focus of next week with several of the vice-captains. In fact, based on the Arrancar shown in the new ED sequence, it’s probably safe to say that the rest of this spring season will be that Karakura Town battle, and they’ll likely stop right before the story returns to Las Noches. It should be an interesting few months.


  1. The preview was awesome, but because of what was said
    Renji: Howl, Zabimaru
    Chad: El Directo!
    Rukia: Hakuren!
    Ichigo: You gauy, aren’t you over doing it?
    Renji: It’s finally our turn. We won’t feel good unless we go wild.
    The three of them: Laughing like crazy.
    Exequias: screaming in pain
    Ichigo: I feel sorry for those Exequias guys.

  2. yay we get to see those fights animated, cos I sometimes have trouble reading what is actually happening or trying to understand how the different shikais actually look in action.

  3. The OP is so addicting. The animation rocks and all the girls look so hot in it.
    And the ED, the most cute ED I ever seen in Bleach other than Gallop. They wouldn’t give us these things unless its pointing to Ichigo and Rukia

  4. “It’s a little weird to see Rukia with Ichigo though given how the story is clearly pointing to Inoue and Ichigo as a stronger couple.”

    There is no such thing as couple in Bleach… What the story is clearly pointing out is that Inoue is in love with Ichigo. That is all. On Ichigo’s side, he would have gone to HM for Chad or Ishida too. Far too early to call it anything, expecially “strong”…

    And it’s not like shounen main heroes get together with any girl anyways. There are exaples of it, but those are mainly focused on love (Eureka Seven for example).

    Thigs might go to either way here, and in the end the whole series might end without anyone hooking up with anyone… That’s how it usually happens. Well, when things like this actually “end”.. they are not popular because of that…

  5. Finally to this point, after reading this it the manga after what seemed like ages. New OP was hot, but these Ichigo x Rukia endings are getting under my nerves. (Never really liked Rukia too much)

  6. man duno leh, kinda disliked the opening song, when this is somehow a shonen show…

    and great, BLEACH gets interesting, when I’m gonna have my Mid-Year Exams, it’s just unfair…

    Now should go take the screenshots of the opening…

  7. Really? The OP was great?! I thought it was one of the worst Bleach OPs in its run! Normally, I get accustomed to a new OP quite quickly, but this one seemed so out-of-place and awkward to watch! I dunno what it is…

  8. the only issue i have with whats coming up is that the manga isn’t too far ahead and Tite Kubo doesn’t actually do much with each chapter of the manga so you end up like with a lot of episodes backtracking and shoehorning in filler arcs just not do 3 chapters a week.

    however the aside to things going on outside of Karakura Town seemed somewhat interesting and didn’t annoy like the rest of the flashbacks and pointless flashes of battle in this episode for some reason

  9. The OP scenes was alright with the exception of the vizards, ichigo and ishida parents, and others it felt out of place and rushed but the OP song i liked it and the ending song is not the best the bleach ED scene was good but not the best also

    the episode overall was lukewarm some moments i was like they are really gettng serious and then flashbacks that can mislead you into thinkin orihime might have a chance with ichigo while the ED rebukes that (rukia and ichigo running holding hands) like a couple gramps got scared and set Aizen, tosen and gin ablaze because they would have killed everyone or Aizen simply is underestimating them talking abut “we do nothing” i hope he can watch the fight though but i just want to ask a question can,t Aizen counter that attack he received from gramps and why did the espadas stand there without protecting Aizen even though he doesn,t need it would have made sense based on their loyalty to serve him i just seems to me that they are gonna drag this all so i,m gonna be 3 weeks hiatus and then watch it again

    john tokyo
  10. THE OP was horrible for everyone not into skanks and ecchi all facilitated by lazy rotoscoping. So the minority I guess.

    The ending was meh but what’s the point of starting this arc when they’re going to catch up to the manga again in a month and have to start the fillers all over again.

  11. Didn’t that guy in the beginning appeared in the first season where Ichigo battled the Grand Fisher?

    Anyway, with the anime getting closer to the manga, is not a good thing. They really need to make a hiatus or else people will stop watching Bleach if another set of fillers come up…

  12. “It’s a little weird to see Rukia with Ichigo though given how the story is clearly pointing to Inoue and Ichigo as a stronger couple.”

    Lol. Last i heard Inoue’s feelings were still onesided…blogger bias? 😛

  13. The opening was mediocre, the song was too boring, and not catchy at all. And that’s what it is all about, the song has to be catchy, and it’s just dredful. I liked a few of the images,like The Captains and their lieutenants, and so on. The girls dancing was really bad to look at, I just don’t know why?? I would have understood if it was a filler; it isn’t. The Ending was tragic (to be honest). Sambomaster is a good band, and I was really disappointed how boring the song was, really. It was brutal to hear. A few other things I disliked: The dancing, it looks so bad, like robots. WTF?
    Rukia/Ichigo; Orihime/Ichigo…make up your minds man!!

  14. I used to respect Omni for being an unbiased and fair blogger but seriously his comment about “Ichigo and Orihime” being a stronger is couple is so delusional and facepalm worthy.

    Orihime’s love is one-sided. It’s quite simple.

  15. pls bleach i,m begging you pls get serious and stop adding tricks to the anime u telling me none of the exqueias could do sonido or shunpo wow while falling if you want to drag a series at least drag it well that Aizen scene could have been better with him attacking first then gramps can prevent from moving with his zankpotu or have the hollows deal with them first keep them busy with them menos and exqueias they such were many on las noches why not in karakura town this a war aint it seems to me they are trying to make Aizen have a flaw by underestimating them, this guy held someone’s zankpotu with his bare hands i,m sure he can fight against 5 people at the same time.

  16. Alright ep. OP was decent yet out of place for a shonen. ED was meh.
    My main concern is why on earth they started this arc when it’s quite clear they’re running far too close for comfort to the manga. Saying that, if they randomly start another filler arc in the middle of a current one, the show will quickly be dragged down to the Naruto level stupidity.

  17. Omni was correct in his saying Ichigo and Inoue are gonna be a couple (Rukia and Renji also). The series will either end with IchigoXInoue or he will end up with no one. In light of how Inoue feels about Ichigo and Renji feels about turniphead it would not make much sense for Ichigo and Rukia to end up as a couple.

    It will be interesting to see how the animators will cheese the scene with Matsumoto and her rescuer Show Spoiler ▼

  18. intro was horrible with all the dancing and everything. even the song was mediocre. it reminded me of Naruto with all the girls of the series dancing and being happy and eurgh. ending was good though. this whole episode seemed like a bit of a delay for everything as the only thing that happened was Genryuusai trapped Aizen in a wall of fire and Ichigo only just got to Ulquoirra. but i guess it was a worthy watch besides all the unnecessary flashbacks.

  19. New op isnt tht bad but I still like the ed better. The episode was good, back to storyline with all the captains there and hollow’s gang. Anyway .. i think ichigo is better with rukia ;D ..

  20. From a perspective view of a person whom haven’t read the manga like me, I think Omni does have a point.

    Although one could say that Inoue’s feelings are one-sided love, as far as I know IchigoXRukia relationship haven’t yet progressed into something that can be said romantic.

  21. Lol! it is so funny how you guys attack Omni for giving his opinion! I always thought is hillariuos the way rukiaxichi fans attack himexichi fans, like they were real people!
    I’m not against or pro of any of the couples, but I do see it in the practical point of view… Rukia is already dead… she’s a soul… The ONLY way that Ichigo and Rukia can end up together is if you kill Ichigo… which can happened but waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay at the end of the manga… and just maybe, ’cause it would be just too cruel to kill a 17 years old boy… but ONLY Tite knows. Now, stop attacking Omni for giving his opinion… he’s a persona for god’s sake!

    Well, I liked the OP a lot, and yes, they do dance like that in Japan… which I wouldn’t critize if I was a north american (a.k.a. from the US) because, let’s face it… north americans suck at dancing (go to any dance club… and then to a latin american/black night club… you’ll see it).

    Now, I don’t think they are that close to the manga. They have the whole Karakura figth to animate, which hopefully will take several episodes giving the fact that

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Show Spoiler ▼

  22. Why didn’t the death god in the neighboring town do a proper soul burial, instead of telling the girl to “run and hide”? :S I wonder.

    I didn’t really like the OP… it seemed like the most of the budget went to the dancing parts… which weren’t to great anyway. Or maybe the song hasn’t grown on me yet. Same for ED… boring… (well, at least better than Sky Chord).

    It’s amazing how few has happened in this episode. I mean… it wasn’t even all talk. Feels like a big empty bubble.

    Then again… better to bleach than not to bleach.

  23. hey OMNI… any chance you could reverse the order that comments are displayed? i think it would be nice to see most recent comments first, especially since you can’t directly respond to another guest’s comment. most importantly, i think it would increase daily visits and traffic. just clicking the episode and scrolling down would always give me something new to read each day of the week.

  24. “I’m not against or pro of any of the couples, but I do see it in the practical point of view… Rukia is already dead… she’s a soul…”

    sorry Child have to disagree with you here, Ichigo is already DEAD. He got his soul chain CUT and when it’s CUT it means you are no longer ALIVE. Please if you are going to say something read the damn MANGA first.

  25. Ship wank, really? Some people are going to get a nasty surprise at the end of this series.

    When Ichigo and Orihime actually bring out good qualities in each other, call me. I’m not leaving my number because y’all will never need it!

  26. “It’s a little weird to see Rukia with Ichigo though given how the story is clearly pointing to Inoue and Ichigo as a stronger couple.”

    Really? How did you come up with that conclusion? Because in all honesty, all I’m seeing after reading more than 300 chapters of the manga, is that Orihime’s feelings is still one-sided as ever. You say that Ichigo/Orihime are such a strong couple, then why is there a bleach movie focusing on Ichigo/Rukia’s relationship and not Ichigo/Orihime? Why is Ichigo and Rukia the ones who are being focus on in this new ending with a title “Protect you, Love you?” You know, I think you should definitely read Bleach again and leave your biased opinions out the door. I understand it’s your opinion, but many people are reading this blog because they want to know about the episode itself, not who you believe is the stronger couple of Bleach.

  27. I get what they did in the OP but, it’s still a little jarring to see Inoue moving with some confidence, still it is a very catchy song.As far as the episode is concerned it’s nice to see them sticking with the manga storyline for the time being.

  28. Well I actually liked that OP and ED too.
    I mean the OP’s artwork was fantastic, very detailed and a catchy song 😉 I know this OP doesn’t really fit a Shonen series but still loved it. oh and btw nice moves rukia and orihime =p

  29. Anybody read the new Bleach manga?
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Sorry, you haven’t heard from me guys. I’ve had the flu the last several days.
    I’m going to start work on the next Daily Dose so don’t any of you worry just yet.

  30. I liked the new OP despite my usual taste and my distaste for Inoue. Except they would have done greatly enough without Matsumoto (not only because I dislike her) and I can’t understand why she was there at all, doing nothing but frowning at us. I liked how Rukia looked while dancing. Inoue looked quite fat (compared to her usual stature, that is), because her thighs look almost bloated.’-‘

    Eh, I have to watch Ggio Vega fight now. He(she?) was quite interesting and I’m wondering how his voice would come. I don’t want Luppi-like voice though.’^’

  31. Mr. Beat… Firts LOL xDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    Ok, could you please explain to me why his body is not a Gigai but his HUMAN body as meaning he’s STILL alive…

    Unlike Rukia and other soul reapers Ichigo doesn’t have to go to Soul society to recharge or anything like that because HE’S STILL ALIVE! I think you should read the manga and not just read it but try to understand it. He never went to soul society or wonder like a soul would and that’s why he’s not a real Shinigami, but a substitute. I do accept that the chain was cut at the beginning so he could become a Shinigami and go rescue Rukia… but did Urahara ever told him: from now on you’re dead? Why did he come back to the human world and didn’t stay in Soul society as the rules for the dead people say if he was dead then? I mean what would be the point of living a life in the human world if you’re gonna be a freak that never grows old (because real shinigamis don’t grow old right? That’s why Rukia is 200 years old… or if I remember well 150… ten times Ichigo’s age, right?).

    By the way I might be older than you, so I wouldn’t call me kid unless you’re over thirty of course… which I doubt you are.

    And now, this is why I laugh with the fights. I don’t understand why you people get so defensive… it’s a MANGA!! doesn’t matter what you do or say or complain KUBO is the ONLY one that’s gonna decided who Ichigo ends with and it will probably be nobody! I was talking in a practical point of view, now get over it and read the manga not because the couples but because you either like or dislike the story. That’s the point I want to go… Ah! and stop attacking people for their opinions because that my dear is very child-like.

  32. @ Arcade

    Show Spoiler ▼

  33. @ Cain
    Show Spoiler ▼

    @ boznia
    Show Spoiler ▼

    @ Asoch3
    Show Spoiler ▼

  34. LightYoruichi at 7:27 am on April 15th, 2009
    woman, bow to my submission. Rape you, i will~”

    I actually thought he was gonna grab her boob at that point. 😀


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