When Ichigo arrives to save Inoue, Ulquiorra draws his sword because he sees Ichigo as a target that has to be destroyed. While those two start fighting, back in the real world, Barragon takes command of the Espada since Aizen is surrounded by Yamamoto’s wall of flame. Barragon reasons that if the four pillars around town are destroyed, then Karakura Town will return to the real world, and he has four giant Arrancar ready to attack the pillars. Fortunately, the Shinigami are ready for this and have posted Ikkaku, Yumichika, Kira, and Shuuhei at the four spots. They made easy work of the Arrancar, so Barragon sends four of his fracción after them.

This results in Ikkaku facing the large Poww while Shuuhei gets to face Findor who promises to fight with strength suitable for a vice-captain. Yumichika, on the other hand, gets to fight the effeminate Charlotte Cuuhlhourne, but he refuses to look at someone so ugly, so Cuuhlhourne slaps him, and the two start arguing and fighting. Finally, Kira gets to face the fracción named Avirama who tries to get him to engage in a shouting match before the fight. Kira doesn’t get worked up until Avirama mentions Ichimaru and how it makes sense that he abandoned Kira. Kira reacts by cutting off a piece of Avirama’s mask and by telling Avirama not to mention that name so carelessly in front of him.


This was a surprisingly fun episode to watch. There were some great action shots, I was really amused by all of the Yumichika and Cuuhlhourne stuff (even though I already knew what was coming from the manga), and it was nice to see Kira get pissed off and kick some ass. The Kira stuff actually reminds me of all the development he got during the last anime original arc, but it’s just so much better to see him active in this setting. Speaking of which, there was also a minimum of anime original material this episode – I think they might have added a line here or there in addition to Kira’s flashback – but the recap portion in the beginning seemed extra long. It keeps them at the two-chapters-per-episode pace though, and I’m not going to complain because it means we’ll get to see manga material animated until at least the end of this season. In any case, I’m looking forward to next week since it should be Yumichika’s turn to shine.


  1. the anime seems to be catching up with the manga again. though i approve of the karakuraiser filler, they might try putting something else or maybe the return of luri ~_~

    at any rate i hope they make the battles longer in the anime than the manga.


    the comedy of yumichika and cuuhlhourne might tone down if the latter got himself(herself) wearing less revealing outfit

    Show Spoiler ▼

  2. @ SilentmanX
    Bleach has always had blood for Hollows and what have you. Censuring only comes into play for the human-like characters. I think the real test will come when we see Matsumoto up-coming battle.

  3. fun episode didn,t the fraccions would be it interesting looks like its going to be crazy in up coming episodes can hope bleach gets back its magic in the upcoming battles
    slow pacing for the one on fights may actually work

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  5. i really still “to this day” cant see AIZEN as a BAD-ASS, or a significant villain. i mean WTF HAS HE REALLY DONE to warrant this??? even his two cronies Stevie wonder and mr snake looking guy..they stand around smirking and stunting like they da shit, but they aint done NOTHING!!! how many eps are we at?? in the 200’s??? aizen better put his money where his mouth is!

    BROOKLYN otaku
  6. @Brooklyn Otaku
    – Manage to execute his lifelong plot of defeating and turning a decent amount of captain-class to hollows (Vizoreds)
    – Manage to stay in Soul Society while shifting the blame on (another captain, and his buddy + the captain that went along)
    – Manage to distract Soul Society during the first arc to complete this objectives
    – Fake his own death
    – Cover up that the inner-sanctuary doods were already dead
    – Kick a lot of people butts without too much trouble -cough- Ichigo/Renji
    – Almost killed Rukia and Rukia’s Bro
    – Retrieved whatever it is the little cube was called
    – Aizen may have yet to do anything significant, but he is holding his own against a commander like Yamato, so I think he is worth being a main villain, but we have yet to see how his power of illusion can be much more than what it is already

  7. Aizen is bad-ass villain, u just nv seen it throughly. Mybe because he smiles alot x.x but wtv .. the episode was awesome but i was expecting more action(serious fight) instead of wasting few mins on each introduction of single fraccion- especially Avirama(screamer bastard) lol. i enjoyed this.

  8. @Cain
    true true true. these are good points, aizen has proved that he’s a great manipulator and master of deception however in the grand scheme of things “opinion” he hasent set the vibe for true evil badassery. i mean kings key? hollows? and all the points you brought up, but what? this is over the span of hundreds of years and that’s all he’s done?? meanwhile soul society was going on like nothing was really poppin off, all that time living peaceful lives. what kind of evil tyranny is that? BUT YOU KNOW, maybe I’m really just frustrated with the pacing of the series, and how they yet to reveal how any of his wacky schemes have relevance to anything, and his henchman and their 354+ volumes “yet still vague motives” talk about MILKING IT!! bottom line. i get bored when people just stand around doing nothing significant yet are supposed to have strong ideals, plans and what not. and YES i realize this is a shounen manga, but still

    BROOKLYN otaku
  9. @ BROOKLYN otaku
    It depends on how want to fit Aizen as a villain. He isn’t a “bad ass” sort of villain (ie. that he goes around killing and slaughtering people), Aizen is a, for every intent and purpose, a manipulator. He is the sort of character that would use his own family for his purpose and not feel a thing (at the very least that is the impression he gives). Aizen’s “badassness” stems from how mysterious he and his powers are as he’s already stated that he’s aiming for the highest standing in the Bleach world and with his power (which he defeated 3 captains without noticeable effort) + the possibility of him having arrancar power make him pretty appealing in a mysterious sort of way.

    I’m pretty sure that this is the sort of “bad ass” that Kubo is aiming with Aizen so we will probably never see Aizen in a true battle until when he is finally defeated. So if you’re looking for a purely cruel sort of enemy you just won’t find it with Aizen, he’s a different sort of antagonist archetype.

    About his ambitions… guess that’s what keeps us coming back. Although most people have a general idea of what he wants it’s still, for the most part, shrouded in mystery still.

    I just think that we will never see Aizen go out slaughtering or fighting (if he does I’m willing to bet that it won’t be shown) until the definitive fight so, unless you change your view on what a villain is, I doubt you’ll find much love for Aizen since he’s a manipulator of the shadows through and through.

    Some Person
  10. @ Some Person / Brooklyn otaku
    Good points. Well, I kinda hope w’ll still be around by the time this show/manga will be over. =D

    on the other hand, can’t wait for the battle to start as well =D

  11. hopefully next episode is gonna be full of action no more talking about ranks come on i wish i was an espada damn i would have made a move already don,t know why they not impatient

    John Revolver
  12. @ cain

    I agree. as a bit of background, Rukia’s explanation on zanpaktuo powers reflect usually the character’s personality, as the zanpaktuo is essentially part of the shinigami’s soul. Hitsugaya has a “cold” and stoic demeanor, described as “hard and cold as ice”, and Hyorimaru is an Ice type. Yumichika is Lewd and gay than needed, and Fuji (later Ruri’iro) Kujaku retains that by the “suck-power” skill. Kira is describes as lonely, emo, and quiet, because of committing mistakes all the time and always being compared as inferior to his contemporaries. Wabisuke refects it, being an apologizer.

    Same goes for Aizen. Kyoka Suigetsu is an illusion type, that mirrors Aizen’s preferred use of deception, trickery and cheating to win. he is basically the sly old villain that we never knew, making him one of the coolest villains of them all.

    and, i will add up all those lacking info.
    – “Another captain” is Kisuke, “friend” is Tessai, and “went along” is Yoruichi. they seem better runnng businesses than being captains at all.
    – the “inner-sanctuary doods” are the legislators and Judges of Soul society’s parliament, Central Chamber 46.
    – the “cube” is Kisuke’s Hougyoku (but it is actually circular….)

    and, BTW, d’you think that Aizen is not really strong at all? maybe he uses the Zanpaktuo ability to make himself look strong and able to defeat Ichigo and Renji with 1 finger?
    then again, i may be wrong. this is only a theory, after all.

    Z-01 Lancelot
  13. @ brooklyn otaku

    nice point. A hundred years or so and he still hadn’t done anything so vast enough to shake soul society out from their undies? this warrants some explanation….

    Aizen sure knows how to strategize and plan well. his plans seem infalliable, but it is actually not. the vizards are his failure. and faking his own death, and Ichigo’s entry to Hueco Mundo. all of these are failures.

    But Aizen is commendable not just by good planning, but being able to use the situation to his advantage. He dispatched the visoreds to work out the persons who actually knew of his true nature, and eliminated all threat to him. Unohana discovered that he is still alive, and he used the opportunity to score out any possible conflict the the ryoka (ichigo and company) will pose, by clearing sokyoku for escape (but it wasnt a good one, judging the he has nowhere to go), and used Ichigo’s entry to draw out other captains to Hueco mundo and helve the force defending karakura town. simply, he is a genius.

    the long time it took is about Aizen doing research about the hougyoku and the king’s key. He needs his data of course, and he cannot do anything unless he knows exactly what to do, and what benefit it is for him. he didn’t rush things, because he cannot, and he will go empty handed for sure if he spent more time for executing his goals than thinking. simply put, he is less brawn and more brain.

    Z-01 Lancelot

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