Cuuhlhourne thinks that he was defeated by Yumichika’s bankai, but Yumichika reveals that it was only his zanpakutou’s true form. He describes his zanpakutou as having a personality, and normally he doesn’t have it fully released because he doesn’t want to show it to the rest of his division since they favor direct-attack types. Without Cuuhlhourne hiding them, Yumichika would have rather died than release his zanpakutou. Regardless, this fight is now over and Cuuhlhourne perishes. Elsewhere on the battlefield, Shuuhei realizes that his opponent Findor isn’t fighting at a vice-captain level like he said he was going to be. It turns out that Findor had just been testing him, and the Arrancar is able to power up further by breaking his own mask.

Kira meanwhile has his hands full with Avirama’s released form. Avirama is able to fire off heavy steel feathers from a distance, and so Kira has a hard time turning it into a close-quarters fight. Avirama is also able to split his wings so that he has four of them, and once he does so, he tries to attack Kira directly. Fortunately, this is exactly what Kira wants because it means that he can use his zanpakutou’s special ability to weigh Avirama down. After experiencing and hearing what Wabisuke can do, Avirama calls Kira dirty, but Kira reveals that it goes along with the ideals of the third division: battles are not heroic but rather are full of despair. Though Avirama manages to get up again, Kira knocks him back down and prepares to cut off his head with Wabisuke’s hook-shaped blade. Avirama tries to get him to stop, but Kira asserts that soldiers don’t beg for their lives, and he doesn’t hesitate to kill the Arrancar. Afterward, he bids farewell to his opponent and hopes that he’s not forgiven.


The battles this week weren’t too special, but the anime certainly chose a great spot to finish at. It was all from the manga, however this had much more impact because it was at the end of an episode instead of at the beginning of a new chapter. It gave a lot more emphasis to Kira’s lines, making him a much cooler character, and the piano piece they used there was perfect. They also surprised me by actually showing Avirama’s head come tumbling off, even if it was sort of blacked out. With the kinds of censoring in this show sometimes, I didn’t expect to see that at all. In short, I was quite impressed by the latter parts of this episode, and I can only hope that the rest of the arc will be as good. Next week should be the conclusion to the Shuuhei vs. Findor fight, and the preview has one oddly really well-animated shot, so maybe that’s a good sign.


  1. @ N97
    Yeah, I’m also curious as to how they’re going to handle being so close to the manga.
    I REALLY don’t think this series could handle another random filler arc starting up in the middle of the chaos that is currently taking place, so either the manga quickly gets to a suitable point, or the writers have something up their sleeve.
    If not, then god help us…

  2. I agree that the piano piece suited the situation as the atmosphere was full of despair and it seemed like a hopeless and melancholy situation even though Kira won.

  3. If I recall, something big usually happens in the manga as the anime gets close to catching up – a change in the setting, or a resolution of a current problem, in order to give the anime a clear “out-point” to transition to anime-original material (or, god forbid, just stop making episodes completely for a few months and focus on quality over quantity!). But I tend to see it as a heads-up that something exciting will happen in the manga soon.

  4. this was a really good episode. i hope the manga’s not too close for comfort… 🙁

    is it just me, or does Findor (Hisagi’s opponent) look a lot like the antagonist captains in the Gundam series?

  5. The scariest thing about Kira’s zanpakuto: once Culhornne’s neck touches it, it doubles in weight and he falls against the blade – he essentially cuts his own head off. That’s just cold…

    But Kira and Hisagi’s fights were my favourite parts in this arc, since they showed that the vice-captains don’t lean entirely on either kidou or swordfighting combat, but a good balance of both.

  6. love it! you know its funny because waaaay back the first time i saw Kira’s Blade, i thought “hmmmm? that blade looks like its only good for one thing”. and there you have it.

    BROOKLYN otaku
  7. That was some of the best dialog and ending in a Bleach episode. Hopefully we will be able to see a captain die like Avirama did before this arc is over. I know this is a Shonen manga but for captains not to die when you have the top three Espada, a kid who killed a 3rd seat before he hit puberty, a visually impaired 6th seat who dropped 4 captains and 4 vice-captains in one night, and a guy who I think probably was captain level before he entered the Gotei 13. I mean Ichigo fought 2 captains and a couple of VC’s when he was a newbie in the soul society arc even Ishida dropped a captain and Chad fought one but lost.

  8. Kira’s fight made the point clear; Bleach is not for kids. But nice to see a great fight after watching the fight in episode 217. But the piano score, as some mentioned before, couldn’t be better. The piano gave the episode the atmosphere of a great movie where all the music is good and perfect for the specific scene. I guess LOTR comes to my mind.

  9. @ Michiko. Before reading your post I never thought of that way of his head falling off

    I kinda think the violin score when Kira explained the squad’s insignia was epic too. Bleach mysteries are unlocking one after another (yumichika’s ruri kujako and next week Shuuhei’s relase too

  10. Looks like things are just as intense in the anime as in the manga, even if I still feel the fights here are kinda one-sided til later on. Lemme ask something. Does anyone find it ironic that Ikkaku and Yumichika seem to be cowards of showing their true strength due to what they think could happen? Besides, I think some people know the truth already, like Kenpachi, he just hasn’t said anything. XD

  11. @ Bryon and by showing it only in a pinch they actually think they are badass when it just happens that they have been only fighting weak pansies all the time. I’m really hoping to see those two get a beating hopefully from yammy


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