Ikkaku’s apparent defeat enrages Yumichika, but he’s held back and knocked out by Shuuhei and Kira. Poww himself has sensed that Ikkaku is still hiding some power, and although Ikkaku isn’t quite ready to give up yet, he denies having such a power. Before Poww can kill Ikkaku though, Komamura steps in to save him with a punch, and Iba moves quickly to stop the return of the real Karakura Town due to the destroyed pillar. Poww responds by punching Komamura back, and he decides to transform via his resurrección. This grows him to gigantic size, and Iba drags Ikkaku away so that they don’t get killed. Poww still tries to crush them, but Komamura stops him and is able to throw him over his shoulder.

Telling Iba not to retreat, Komamura then initiates bankai and uses the giant he summons to deflect Poww’s cero. Poww proves to be no match for the giant that breaks through another cero and causes it to explode in the arrancar’s mouth. Komamura finally introduces himself right before he finishes Poww off. In the aftermath, Iba notes that there’s a world of difference between Komamura’s bankai and Ikkaku’s, thus signifying that he knew all along that Ikkaku had achieved bankai. What pisses Iba off is that Ikkaku wanting to hide his power caused him to fail his job of protecting the pillar. He thus stresses the importance of doing whatever it takes to win, even if it kills you, and he feels that Ikkaku needs to get more powerful if he wants to keep doing things his way. Meanwhile, Barragan’s gotten quite pissed off now that four of his fracción have been defeated.


That was nowhere near as bad as I was expecting quality-wise. Of course it wasn’t as awesome as last week’s episode, but it was still pretty good. It just so happens that the shot from the preview last week that had me worried was one of the worst ones of the episode (which begs to question why they would choose a shot like that for a preview that’s theoretically supposed to generate interest and excitement). Anyway, it was fun seeing Komamura show off his bankai, even if it was disappointing that he had to use it on a fracción. Despite what they say about the fracción being strong and doing whatever it takes to win, I still feel like it’s a waste for a captain to use his/her bankai (and thus the scenes where he/she gets to look cool) for anything less than an Espada. This is a shounen action series, and something like that makes Komamura seem like the weakest captain there at the fight.

I also think that Ikkaku got the raw end of the deal. Although their motivations were different, he and Yumichika were still in similar situations were they didn’t want to use their most powerful moves. The difference is that Yumichika lucked out with Cuuhlhourne, and Ikkaku didn’t. Were the situations reversed and Ikkaku could have fought without anyone else seeing him, then I suspect he would have probably swallowed his pride and used his bankai. On a slightly different note, all this talk about Ikkaku and bankai again made me wonder if Ikkaku will be wearing a captain’s uniform by the end of the series, whenever that is. I know he said a long time ago that he doesn’t want the position, and this episode showed that he’s probably not mature enough for it yet, but he could still be a prime candidate given the openings.


  1. I definitely agree on the ‘captains not using their bankai against fraccion’ issue. Yeah, the captain (Komamura in this case) gets to look cool but wouldn’t it be even better if he defeats the fraccion with his shikai? That would have saved his reputation…as well as making him look cool.

  2. Is it that Ikkaku doesn’t want Kenpachi to know he has bankai or Yama or both? I can’t remember. On another topic Omni was you still interested in Sengoku Basara? I thought you would be reviewing that one as well.

  3. The anime deviated quite a bit from the manga, in terms of portrayal. In the manga Komamura took out Po almost immediately after using bankai, which showed just how awesome his poewr was. In the anime, it was made to seem as if Komamura’s bankai beat Po, but did not overpower him like in the manga.

  4. ssj4jw: As much as I want to, I haven’t had time to watch BASARA. I’m still back on episode two and probably won’t have time to catch up on it for a while, so I doubt I’ll be blogging any more of it (this of course could change if I manage to get some more free time).

  5. I agree that it’s kind’ve a pity he had felt the need to bust out his Bankai on a Fracción. Conversely, at least he’s not using it as frequently as that other captain… Oh look, it’s Soifon’s separated-at-birth little brother!

  6. I am of the same mind as xdarkwingsx on Komamura releasing bankai – it degrades a captain reputation, and makes them look very weak.

    Seems like a good episode, though the anime appears to be catching up very quickly to the manga.

    Might I ask if you are still watching 07 Ghost and intend to blog about it?

  7. I dont know about degrading his captain status because they did put alot of emphasis on the whole “meager worm” title he was given, I personally think he used it to show the difference in power because he honestly had no problem at all with him.

  8. if i was a captain i,m sorry i,m using my bankai against that big fraccion that guy was a threat and i don,t think konamura;s shikai would have been enough to stop that thing but even though they should have used it here also i guess they wanted him to end it quickly so that they could move on to the other battle.Ikkaku has too much pride and that can get someone killed not using ur full strength because he can,t swallow his pride and then again this guy were given a mission to complete i like how Iba san lectured him about it and i think he is gonna be just fine.One more thing i noticed is that the espadas obviously do not interfere when another is fighting unless the situation calls for it besides barragan’s fraccion are the second strongest fraccions compared to other fraccions, it was nice to see them bring back the old intro of ichigo

    Peter Rice
  9. Decent enough episode, although like a few have stated, in the manga it seemed like Poww was defeated in a flash once the bankai was released, but they sort of dragged it out. None the less, we at least saw the difference in power between the two.
    Will certainly be interesting over the next ep or so to see how they handle Matsumoto’s fight in terms of censoring…

  10. When enemy soldier gets this close to ruining your objective, you use all what you have to stop him as fast as you can.

    Surely Komamura could have went the long way fighting him with Shikai and showing off, toying around, but eh could not risk letting another pillar getting destroyed.

    Big Guy proved to be a threat sufficient enough to destroy pilars, thus there was no “fight” or “playing around”, as he needed to be taken out fast.

    As for fraccion let’s not forget that fraccions of top3 are different from others… They ARE strong like how Show Spoiler ▼

    Unknown Voice
  11. Actually his going straight to Bankai shows he doesn’t mess around at all unlike Ikkaku. If his job is to defeat the enemy then he will do so using the quickest method; though in teh manga it was alot more one sided than here.

  12. This was the first time we saw Komamura use his Bankai for a extended period which made this episode great. We only saw a couple of fist swings a few seasons ago when he fought Kenpachi and tried to stop Aizen. The power differences in Bleach characters never makes sense like Komamura using Bankai on a Fraccion while the other three dropped their opponents with Shikai and barely have scratches.But every fight Hitsugaya always go into Bankai and gets Owned. Ichigo doesn’t even use his shikai anymore even if he is fighting a hollow. Ichigo probably goes to the bathroom in Bankai mode.

    I personally think that Matsumoto is a better candidate than Ikkaku for being a captain. While Ikkaku is stronger than her he lacks strategy skills which makes him weak in the Bleach universe like the way some people think that Unohana is the best captain even though we haven’t seen her fight or really do anything other than heal people and discover Aizen’s faux body. Also I think that the next vice-captain to be promoted should be stronger than their current or former captain.Like Ikkaku would get killed by Kenpachi in a fight but I think Matsumoto can kick whitey-chan ass if she gets serious.

  13. I think his bankai had to be used in this case. Each captain’s power is different and it just so happens that Komamura’s bankai was the right size to deal with this fraccion. Take note those that there was no struggling on Komamura’s part once he brought out the bankai. I get the feeling it could do a whole low more if the author desired. I can easily see it’s sword being used to send out energy waves or popping off the armor and moving insanely fast. Had the fraccion not been such a massive giant he could have dealt with him without releasing the way he did.

    Ikkaku’s problem like said is his pride (and maybe afraid he’ll look bad in Kenpachi’s eyes). He needed this talk/dressing down Iba gave him. I think the next time we see him fight he’ll have no problem using his banaki in front of everyone. I get the feeling Kenpachi is going to be written as already knowing the way Iba knew and now Komamura knows. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Captain-Commander already knows as well.

  14. Yeah I agree Duran. I think you guys are just looking at it wrong.

    Remember this guy just destroyed one of the pillars. As a captain, Komamura had an objective to stop Poww no matter what. (Which is why Ikkaku cannot be a captain because of his arrogance.) Also keep in mind that Komamura had no trouble once his Bankai was released. He shoved Poww’s cero right back into his face. (Which was just full of awesomeness.)

  15. Seeing how the serie is ending and there won’t probably many more arcs. I don’t think Ikkaku will have time to train or get stronger anyway. And he’s nowhere near a Captain level shinigami. He won’t be made Captain just because he has Bankai. The same way that Renji is still vice captain and wasn’t moved to be captain after Aizen and the others left.

  16. Seriously, the only one with a power level close to a captain would be Ichigo. I don’t think anyone will become vice-captain the way they are now. There’s really no possible comparison, the power gap is just too big. And if you don’t think that way, you probably will once you see the coming fights. just like the difference between Ikkaku and Komamura was shown in this episode.

  17. ^”Ichigo probably gooes to the bathroom in Bankai mode” lol

    Bleach has definitely become more and more interesting for me. The last two episodes were awesome in action and dialogue. I like how this ep. incorporated a little humor in between and delved in deeper to Ikkaku’s character. The only letdown was that I thought the Fraccion this time was too weak.

    I think they’ll offer Ikkaku position as captain at the end of the series, but he’ll turn it down.

  18. I think the main idea behind komamaru using bankai was to show a captain’s dedication to doing their job versus Ikkaku failing to do his. This definitely doesn’t say that Komamaru is anywhere near the weakest captain. I severely doubt he could take kenpachi head on but he could probably flex on Hitsugaya and maybe even Kyouraku and Ukitake. Of course we haven’t seen any hints to their true power other than their shikai releases once or twice.
    Another aspect of the fight is that Poww uses his size and power to his advantage but when faced against something that is bigger and stronger, he falls with ease. Just imagine how many different attacks someone like Byakuya or Hitsugaya would have to throw at him to find a weakness. Overpowering was an obvious choice.

  19. And yes Komamaru’s shikai is very similar to his bankai only when he does attacks, only the specific body part will appear to attack(aka he throws a punch and a big fist from his tengen appears and mimics his actions. He’s done it once or twice in the series so far but it’s always kinda masked as a surprise attack a lot of the time.


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