The sub-title to this post should be “How A Song Gets Stuck In My Head.” I was actually looking around earlier to see if I had missed the PV for the current OP to Bleach, Shoujo S (the answer: I don’t think it’s aired yet, though I also found this clip that previews the PV), and I happened across a blog that was streaming a random song. Normally in these cases I immediately close the website because I find it obnoxious to automatically stream anything upon loading a page, but this time I paused long enough for the vocals to start, and the song was so good that I ended up listening to the whole thing. One search of lyrics later, I tracked down the title and the artists, and the PV for the song. It turns out that it was Negai by rapper Dohzi-T and singer YU-A (of Foxxi misQ fame apparently), neither of whom I was very familiar with. The PV was interesting as well because it looked like movie or drama quality and portrayed a whole love story in just under six minutes. It’s admittedly sappy stuff that not everyone will like, but I enjoyed the combination of song and video, and these are two more artists I’ll have to keep my eye on from now on.


  1. I like 😀

    Months ago, I stumbled onto another post like this. It was your post on RADWIMPS single Order Made. I get the same feeling when I listened to that song as I listen to this song. Wonderful, wonderful taste of music. 😛 You’ve introduced me to RADWIMPS, Bennie-K, and now Dohzi-T and YU-A.

    I wouldn’t mind if more posts like these would stumble on your site 😀

  2. whoa, a rap song that doesn’t deserve the letter “c” in front of it o.O When was the last time I heard a GOOD song with rap… Wait, no time, more like never XD Not that the song, as a song, is nice (sorry, not my thing :p) but taking into consideration its genre, that’s pretty damn good XD

    The PV is really sweet though =3

  3. Gah, those swirl things on cakes are hard to do, especially if you really want them to look nice and uniform. I’d be pissed if someone came in and started to shake my workplace while making them. >_>

  4. Reminds me of another pv which had a video and song with a similar style, but with more of a slow R&B vibe than this one. That was was called Koko ni iru yo by Soulja feat. Aoyama Thelma. You should check it up if you haven’t already seen it, since the two are quite similar in what they try to portray.

  5. If you like this song you’ll probably like these songs as well
    just youtube it ^^
    君のすべてに – Spontania feat.JUJU
    もう二度と… – Beni
    もう一度・・・ – 童子-T feat.BENI
    ONE LOVE feat.清水翔太 – 童子-T
    ここにいるよ (feat.青山テルマ) – SoulJa

  6. I watched the PV. The music and video was really good. I’m trying to understande the video but does anyone know what it said on the back on the photo? thats the only think that is bothering me.

  7. I admit that I didn’t really understand the video? Haha! Maybe cuz I can’t read the Japanese nor do I understand the lyrics =(
    But I like the song =) thanks for sharing!

  8. @Re-Hikari
    i quite enjoy lots of rap
    i admit a lot of it is indulgent garbage
    but there is good rap out there
    i think that you’re just being ignorant and “alternative generic”
    but that’s my opinion


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