Since Akira isn’t familiar with the Johnny hunter that the mysterious message board poster who appears to be Oosugi has mentioned, Kasuga explains that it’s a female who’s already claimed 20,000 victims. Surprised by that number, Akira wonders if people are confusing it with the 20,000 NEETs that he was involved with. Kasuga also reveals that Oosugi was planning on having dinner the previous night with Saki, making her feel bad. When the person in trouble uploads another image, the group notices a piano and uses Eden’s image search engine to get more information. What makes Akira finally realize what’s going on is when the person leaves a message about there being an accomplice named Juiz. Akira thus decides to go out by himself to look for Oosugi and has Juiz help him track down the piano to a certain hotel. Juiz is also able to find out that the person staying in that room is Shiratori Diana Kuroha, the female president of a modeling agency, and she appears to be headed for the hotel, so Akira has Juiz try to stop her.

In accordance with this, a police officer pulls Shiratori over, but Shiratori figures out that it was No. 9 who ordered this and returns the favor by having Juiz crash a truck in front of Akira’s motorcycle. Akira happens to be on the phone with Saki when this occurs, having just told her where he found Oosugi’s location to be. He manages to survive the crash however, and though he’s injured, he continues on to the hotel. Since he’s still far away, his next move is to buy the hotel to prevent Shiratori from getting to her room, however she counters by buying the hotel herself. Shiratori goes all the way up to the room and gets out the cigar cutter, but before she can do the deed, Akira makes his entrance. Observing how beautiful she is, Akira comments on how she doesn’t look like a killer who cuts off Johnnies, and Shiratori responds by noting that he’s younger than she thought and doesn’t seem like the kind of person who directed Careless Monday. She also thinks that he’s the Supporter, but he denies it and explains that he’s only here to save his friend’s acquaintance.

Shiratori still refuses to hand over her captive, and she reveals that she’s had the conviction to kill in this manner since long before she got the cell phone. Her goal is to kill the enemies of women and import foreign men, and she has no intention of winning the game. After Akira questions how she came up with her killing method and she confirms that she hates Johnnies, he decides that he’ll have to save her too. He suspects that a man did something awful to her and that she’s never gotten love from a Johnny, but as he tries to put his arm around her, his own wounds from earlier start bothering him. Willing to give Akira a try, Shiratori takes off her dress and almost kisses him, but he ends up collapsing in her arms. Saki meanwhile has overheard most of the conversation because she was connected to Akira’s phone, and she’s running as fast as she can on foot towards the hotel. By the time she reaches the room, she finds Akira naked in bed beside Shiratori, but he’s unconscious and has been bandaged up.

Shiratori guesses that Saki is Akira’s girlfriend and reassures her that she didn’t do anything to him. After telling Saki to treasure Akira, Shiratori instructs Juiz to do something, and moments later, she is able to magically lift her captive into the air. She then sprouts black wings, and while floating in the air, she reveals that the guy she was going to kill was not Oosugi but actually a wanted rapist. Bidding farewell to Akira, Shiratori escapes by flying out the window with the rapist, and Saki rushes to Akira’s side out of concern. Over on Akira’s cell phone, the purchase history for Selecao No. 11 lists a super illusion.


Okay, they had me going WTF!? in every possible way for a full two minutes when Shiratori sprouted wings and flew away. Despite Juiz and all that she’s able to do, this isn’t a fantasy series – it’s a series that’s grounded in a realistic and believable environment, especially since they keep going back to examining Japan’s various socio-political problems. So I was completely surprised by this and would probably have been raving all week long if not for them showing that cell phone purchase screen at the end that revealed that it was all an illusion. What it doesn’t answer though is what happened to Shiratori. Did she jump out of the window and kill herself, or did she escape during the illusion, or was she never there in the first place? And what happened to Oosugi, and how did the rapist get his bag?

I do have to say though that Shiratori turned out to be a surprisingly sympathetic figure. Of course I didn’t want to see Akira kiss or sleep with her, but I can’t really call her evil anymore. She’s more misunderstood than anything else and was probably raped as a child or something. It was also fun watching her and Akira try to outdo each other earlier in the episode with Juiz. I don’t see why though they couldn’t have just asked Juiz to identify each other since Juiz is technically working for both of them (though I guess there could be multiple Juiz or something). I certainly don’t remember anything against that in the rules outlined in episode four, and it felt a little odd having them both rely on Juiz. More importantly to the plot though, Shiratori implied that Akira had a hand in Careless Monday, and she’s yet another Selecao who thinks that he’s the Supporter. We’re probably being set up for another plot twist.


  1. You have no idea how many times I went WTF in this episode.O_o And the wings were the climax. Since when did we jump from normal anime to chick that sprouts wings and flies. I know is future time, but I pretty much doubt wings will be accessible. And what was Akira trying to pull with kissing her, try make her see that guys can be gentle too? Honey you can do that without all that ^_^

  2. Omg super illlusion, so crazy. But if Akira spends money so easily, wouldn’t he have run out already, and what happened to Oosugi … I’m so confused. seems the encounter between the 2 have just begun. LOL is it a coincidence that it’s IX (no.9) vs XI (no.11). LOL. Just a thoguht. Can’t wait to see next episode.

  3. OHHHHHH it was an illusion!!!!! I was going WTF also for a whole good 2 minutes when she sprouted those wings I WAS LIKE DAM WHAT DRUGS ARE WE ON NOW??!?!!? Great now we know it was an illusion I hope Akira is alright ^_^ Saki should totally rape his sexy body in that hotel room bed now that hes unconscious would be some sexy scene right there 😉

  4. Sooo…if this guy isnt’ Osugi, then what is his bag and what looked his his cell phone doing there? Talk about a red herring, but what did really happen to him? Probably passed out in an alley somewhere with a massive hangover.

    Looks like Production I.G was really huffing their substances in this episode. Those Johnny zombie things were weird enough, but now… Well, seeing as we only have four episodes left, I’m wondering what conclusion this show is heading towards. That doesn’t sound like nearly enough time to introduce the other seven Selecao we haven’t see yet.

  5. I figured it coudlnt be Osugi, because she went straight past him the first time they met. Or could juiz change faces lol. I also think every Seleco is protected from being found out and only the supporter knows who and I also think he could be working the 1st seleco jus a theory

  6. I think this episode was very interesting even though I didn’t know what they were talking about because there were no subs but since I read this page I can say this was a very wow!!I didn’t expect what happen in the end..she was flying!!What an illusion!!!and did you guys noticed that in episode 5 oosugi had a red tie and in episode 7 the guy in the hotel room had a green tie?….great episode.

  7. Great episode. Yeah, I was freaking out about “Holy crap, they are going the super Sci-Fi crazy route now?” until I saw the message on the phone. Good stuff though, and yeah I agree. I don’t think that’s Oosugi. People forget that there was another guy there next to him when he was barfing. We’ll probably see a flashback in the next episode where he passed out or something, and she snagged the guy + Oosugi’s bag. Dunno though. Can’t wait for next week.

  8. What made me most curious was the last picture on his phone. Was his injury made because he used up all his money and the woman gave him money for him to stay alive?

  9. So, what happened to Oosugi? Did he just fall into depression, let his bag get stolen and stop contacting his friends?

    I am assuming that “Careless Monday” might have to do with the phones and their ability to receive exactly what the selecao ordered Juiz to get done. We still don’t know what Akira has done, or how he has done it in relation to the event.

    He probably was part of the plan and was setup from the starting, while the real antagonist (assuming #1) is the mastermind behind the incident.

  10. @Oz “So, what happened to Oosugi? Did he just fall into depression, let his bag get stolen and stop contacting his friends?”

    Most likely yes.

    “I am assuming that “Careless Monday” might have to do with the phones and their ability to receive exactly what the selecao ordered Juiz to get done.”

    “Careless Monday” was the first missile attack, which took place 3 month before Saki and Akira meat in Washington DC. Basically Diana thinks Akira is behind that missile attack.

  11. Okay I have an idea about the illusion. I remember the illusion was purchased in order to affect 3 things. So could it be that 1. She used it on herself to get wings, 2. To make Saki see another identity under the mask and 3. Make Saki see that Takizawa was laying almost naked(Mmmmmm) on the bed. So I’m thinking that, since all three of thses are illusions, Saki’s there in the room, seeing something else while… maybe, number XI and IX are doing… sumthing else o_O

  12. Don’t know why no one on this blog noticed the helicopter above the hotel … when she was about the fly out the window. That seems like it would make that scene alot more plausible.

  13. I was thinking that this series was turned into fantasy the moment she got those wings, I’m happy that it was only an illusion cuz this series would be better off without hocus pocus

  14. @Oz We kinda know what Akira done he collected 20,000 NEETs and either sent them to dubai tracking bk to ep 5 or he killed them or he used them for the “Careless Monday” bombing.

  15. Does nobody think about the fact that you can use the 10 billion to invest into something and then get away with very high profit? That way you’ll never will be killed, as long as you do SOMETHING good. Be sure to watch the other selaceo and you’ve settled for a perfect life.

  16. @Cakepie

    One of e rules for being a Selecao is that e money given cannot be used to earn more money, or investments. E other was that they cannot give up on being a messiah. If not the supporter will come to kill em. anyway they’re dead too if they not e one who wins this messiah game.


    True. Well David Copperfield can fly. By using super strong spider like wires. She should be able too if a heli was carrying her. Tho i dunno why she would waste so much cash on an illusion for Saki though.

  17. before the glass shattered you could see a helicopter circling the Hotel, and earlier in the episode aswell, so she obviously got into it via the optical illusion 🙂

  18. The clues it was all a fake were all there before the message on the phone explained it. The movement of the bound fella. THe movement of her hair (as if threads were there), the helicopter outside

    Zaku Fan
  19. i think the three things were 1- the floating 2- the wings 3- the man’s identity being a rapist. the glass was probably real, and there was a shot of the building with a helicopter above it. she probably used the helicopter to escape. she seemed to have a lot of people working for her in previous episodes, so she must have just given them a call. my thoughts, anyhow…

  20. I agree with Heminder. The first two Illusions were obvious, the wings and the levitation. The glass breaking was real because there was wind after it broke, and the third could have been to fake his identity so they wouldn’t continue chasing her.

    Also @ raqhalzine

    Wouldn’t it be possible to buy something at a low price, use Juiz to make sure that the object would become rare and valuable, and then sell it again to make a profit?

  21. As far as I can tell, the phone messages are

    Illusion: 28,000,000 yen
    [something about the Insomnia hotel]: 1,687,000,000 yen
    Causing the crash on the highway: 400,000 yen

    So everything was incorporated into the one illusion

  22. The moment she said ‘Juiz, begin’, I already pegged all of it being special effects. Wires for the various liftings of victims, hair and bodies (and some of the flying) and ultra nifty robotronics for the wings. Whatever kind of explosive for the windows breaking.
    As for the jumping part, if you look well, there’s a helicopter outside of the hotel. Guess what her next strings are attached to?

  23. Wait, she took his cell and left Akira with her cell. Aren’t the cellphones used specifically by touch or something that was mention in an earlier episode. How are they going to use Juiz?!

  24. Don’t you think guys, that since she bought that illusion from Juiz, she could have included an illusion to CHANGE Oosugi’s face? So he’ll look like that weirdo? I thought she did that, and just went away with her last prey…

    Oosugi: I’m sorry, but it sucks to be you :/

  25. What I didn’t understood was why would Akira pay for that illusion? payment was on his phone and as was shown in the detective episode – nobody else can use Selesao’s phone

  26. the “rapist” is Osugi. The cell phone said there were three illusions. So Osugi rising in the air = #1, her flying with wings = #2, and Osugi’s appearance changing is #3. That’s him under the hood.

    werid person
  27. the cellphones are fingerprint activated, since akira is unconcious i guess she could’ve used his finger to press the botton.

    and theres a scene when the tanker fell. when akira’s cellphone was sliding on the ground. i could’ve sware i saw selesao #11 on that cellphone

  28. I think either Oshugi’s still her prisoner, and she used the illusion to make him look like someone else, or the rapist stole his stuff before getting nabbed by the Selecao lady.

  29. She escaped in a helicopter… If you look back before, they show outside the hotel a helicopter and them lowering a rope ladder. someone probably blew out the window and she was grabbed by someone and flew off…

    I absolutely love this anime, its one of the better ones i have scene in a long time..

  30. i just relooked at the parts where oshugi was like barfing and he has a red tie and the guy walkin by him had a green tie if u look really closely in ep 5 then in ep 6 u see the green tie guy was the 1 tied up so the illusion didnt change his face. i think that guy was guna r@pe oshugi and she saved him o.O?!?!? and he just passed out from bein wasted !? or mayb the rapist just took his crap cuz he passed out! but another cliffhanger till nxt ep

  31. about the phone… in my opinion, thier phone can view other Seleceo money usage history and balance. I think the phone beside akira was his own phone…somehow it was showing her balance and usage history

  32. I honestly think it’s NOT Ohsugi-kun…haven’t we confirmed two episodes before that Ohsugi was wearing a red tie rather than a green tie? I agree with the theory that the rapist just stole Ohsugi’s bag before getting caught by Kuroha. I found it really ironic how when both Akira and Kuroha were competing with each other, they were both using Juiz at the same time XD; Hope we get to see more of Kuroha’s character later on? Nice illusion O_O Special effects like whoa~ And wow..only 4 episodes left? I hope it’ll be a resolved ending…

  33. Speaking of multiple Juiz, the official website actually hints (but doesn’t confirm at all) at the existence of multiple Juiz. Specifically, it says something like “The voices of the JUIZ that handled Takizawa’s request is similar to JUIZ that handled Kondou’s request. However, their mannerisms appear to be slightly different. Why…? Perhaps each JUIZ has separate mannerisms for each Selecao?”

    My pet theory is that JUIZ is a learning AI — hence the base programs are the same (voice software is the same), but each instance learns different mannerisms from its host Selecao.

    Source: (JUIZ bubble)


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