Having finally aired last night (thanks goes out to everyone who emailed me), SCANDAL’s Shoujo S PV turned out to be exactly what the preview indicated it’d be: girls playing guitars and singing while water is coming down everywhere. I thought the band members looked a lot better when not soaked, but the water coming down (along with some fancy camerawork) added to what otherwise might have been a more static video given how much of it is just the band singing and moving around in one spot. As it is, it turned out to be a pretty high energy PV, which is appropriate since it’s a pretty high energy song. And I enjoyed hearing the full version of it, particularly since the single isn’t going to be out for another month. It’s a shame though that the song is only a little over three minutes long, and the rest of the video shows that janitor guy while the girls laugh in the background. Anyway, it’s a fun video and worth a watch just to see the band.

The single for Shoujo S is due out June 17th, 2009.


  1. GOOD energy! cant beat school girl outfits. weird how they all look the same, still like the ed song better. “just an opinion”
    @whitey-chan….hehe we must love ALL female drummers

    BROOKLYN otaku
  2. The wetness and the school girl outfits was, uh… Pleasing. Extremely cheesy fake instrument playing always bothers me, but I guess I can forgive it just this once.

  3. YAY!~ Love the song x33 A lot of peeps ahev complained about the whole RukiHime dancing -_____- But I am glad for the song and I love the Bleach opening. Can’t wait for it to be out on download!

  4. So is this a real band that can actually play? Or some factory band where choreography is more important that actual singing/playing.
    Cos if they can sing/play like that while doing symetric dance moves, i want to see those girls live

  5. well after seeing this, looks like I hab to dislike Sambomaster’s Bleach Ending (even though I loved plenty of their songs) to go with the Opening, haiz Opening somewhat expected, short as it seems, would be enough for me on this Arc? Hope so…

    seriously? the janitor has such a stupid face that he is seriously redundant, really…

    well BLEACH deserves better theme songs isn’t it?

  6. I loove this song! It’s so different from the usual boy rock band songs that Bleach has for openings. I checked out their past concert live on Youtube a week ago, and these girls could seriously sing! (Though I’m not such a big fan of their “rock moves”)

  7. This song is so catchy!!! I keep singing it.
    I have to admit though, I really didn’t like this music video. It’s creepy o.O. Girls “playing” instruments in the rain is not my type of thing.
    I like the TV size better. That’s weird isn’t it?

  8. This is probably SCANDL’s 3rd best single that they’ve released (with “Doll” and “Space Ranger” tied for first). They are slowly going a little more pop than their previous songs, a trend that began with “Sakura Goodbye”). I imagine that this will be their highest charting song on Oricon due to its exposure on BLEACH.

    If they want people to stop comparing them to ZONE then they should ditch the choreography.

  9. heh, they’re cute…
    HOWEVER, i’m an audio obsessive and can’t stand it when people don’t talk into mics properly…
    also, their guitars are unplugged and they’re not playing them properly…

  10. @ heminder: its a music video -.- beside its not wise plugging in electric instrument while u r soaking wet.. unless they dont want to enjoy the money they milk from their audiences, im sure they play properly if it was live


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