You might have noticed that I had been really looking forward to the Shoujo S PV since it’s such a good song, but the Sambomaster ED to Bleach isn’t bad either. I’ve been listening to the band’s songs on and off for the past four years ever since I first heard them when they did the Densha Otoko ending theme, and usually I find myself listening to the Bleach OP and ED together after each week’s episode. In any case, the PV for Kimi wo Mamotte, Kimi wo Aishite was actually pretty entertaining and featured a boy protects girl type love story that fits well with the song’s lyrics. The whole carrying-the-girl-on-his-back scene was laughable because the guy has such a constipated look on his face, and the rain effects could have used some work, but overall it’s a good video, and as always, I enjoyed hearing the full version of the song.

The single for Kimi wo Mamotte, Kimi wo Aishite is due out June 10th, 2009.


  1. yeah was kinda disappointed in this song, after listening to plenty of sambomaster songs including hikari no rock that 2nd movie song, seriously some parts just sound as weird as ever…

    not complaining here, here waiting for 10th June 2009…

  2. Yeah I’m guessing the rain is supposed to be kind of crappy,fake-looking, you should see some of their other videos. I really like this song, but I don’t think it’s one of their best videos.


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