Soifon charges at her opponent with Suzumebachi drawn, but he breaks free with a cero and quickly counterattacks. He’s skeptical of Suzumebachi’s power because Soifon didn’t immediately kill him when she had the chance, and she now appears to have trouble matching his speed. After some more fighting and taunting, he introduces himself as Ggio Vega and transforms with his resurrección. This grants him tiger stripes and blades on both arms, and Soifon watches his subsequent power and actions carefully. Oomaeda meanwhile is unable to even put a dent into Nirgge Parduoc, and the Arrancar has no interest in someone he calls a fat dimwit. Nirgge ends up getting so annoyed with Oomaeda that he decides to finish things with his resurrección, thus transforming himself into a large mammoth-like creature. This puts Oomaeda on the run, but right as it looks like Nirgge is going to crush him, Oomaeda shows off his speed and turns the tables by jumping on his opponent’s shoulders. He uses his transformed zanpakutou to get a clean hit on Nirgge’s head, and it appears to knock the Arrancar out. Oomaeda gets close up to gloat, but he realizes too late that Nirgge is still alive, and he gets caught. Fortunately for Oomaeda, something hits Nirgge in the head at a high speed, and Oomaeda turns around to see Soifon lying in the nearby rubble.


Ughhh… I may be a little frustrated (warning, spoilers) with what’s going on in the manga right now concerning Soifon, but it’s frustrated in a good way. This episode, however, was just plain annoying. Oomaeda’s never been a very likable character, and devoting half the episode to him blabbering on and on made me wish that Nirgge had killed him before he could open his mouth. And however cool he managed to look for a moment was ruined by his gloating afterward. Nirgge’s not exactly a great character either, and that ugly green color made his transformation look ridiculous. Soifon vs. Ggio Vega was a little better fight-wise, but I don’t see why it takes her so long to observe and analyze his power. It’s energy she could be spending fighting someone else down the road. In short, I wasn’t too happy with this episode, and I really hope that next week covers more than just the conclusion of this fight. Having said that, in the greater scheme of things, this was probably still better than watching more anime originals.


  1. this may be another joke episode. the mammoth resurrecion looks like puke… it would’ve been better if they colored it purple to note a “barney” reference or whatnot. that aside, oomaeda’s shikai is simply plain… it’s just a massive ball-ended flail… it may have other cool properties but i doubt it. even kira’s wabisuke looks sane when comparing it with oomaeda’s… hell, even shuuhei’s melee to mid-range shikai looks strong enough whenever he wields it ~_~

  2. Bleach epìsodes are becoming frustrating. I really like the series, the manga is great, but after reading the manga, the anime seems… juiceless. In the good moments they generally take the tension with stupid material. It’s a shame, the animation of a manga has lots of potential, but if you don’t take it seriously you can just turn a diamond into dust. I’d rather wait 3 months and have a quality anime than not waiting and having a half assed animation.
    Take hajime no ippo for example, the manga is great, the anime even better! I wish that were the case of Bleach too…

  3. You make it sound like these chapters that these were based on weren’t frustrating and prolonged in the first place XD.

    In fact the longer the current set of matches goes on with each week in the manga the less exciting they become as they’ve devolved into nothing more than as posted by Jassaray in mangahelpers “technique is new, it must AUTOMATICALLY be superpowerful and lead to victory.” As one continually sees with each new Bleach chapter with one side trying to OHKO the other only to be defeated by a new technique that may end up OHKOing the other. Or if its not an OHKO fight its nothing more than a filler-esque fight with a few sword swings here and there to waste some pannels, I’m sure those that read can figure out whose fight this is <__>.

  4. What I find fustrating is the intro that explains how Ichigo became a soul reaper substitute and such. Then after the OP you get more into about what happened the last couple of weeks. By the time they actually get going on this weeks episode its 1/2 over already (or seems like it at least). Then toss a few techniches at each other and “TO BE CONTINUED”.

  5. this ep. was SLOW. Many of Ggio Vega’s kicks were in slow-mo and honesty the fight w/ the mammoth was far from humorous (if that was what they were trying to do) and it took up an entire chunk of the ep.

  6. I completely understand your frustration! I couldn’t even get through the whole episode! I totally agreed with Ggio Vega when he talked about what Soi Fon should of done. I mean, it seems like common sense to me, trap, kill, without any chatter of what your zanpakuto can do. *sigh* There I go, blabbering away.. haha.

    Anwyn S.
  7. What I found frustrating is that all the captains/vice-captains go on about how they already know about arrancar resurrections and stuff but at the same time they keep getting suprised at how they get stronger/faster when they power up. Yumichika, Shuuhei and Soi Fon have all stood there going “ZOMG his speed increased!” or “ZOMG his strength increased!” right after smirking at the arrancar that they already know everything about them. So lame.


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