• I spent a ton of time sick this week and am still not feeling great from an apparent stomach virus (thankfully it wasn’t related to the TB). I will note though that I’ve now learned the stark difference between public health services and private health services.
  • I can’t say I’m shocked about the new Shakugan no Shana and Darker than BLACK anime announcements – more Shana was only a matter of time, and DtB I had heard a rumor about recently. For now, it’s pretty likely that I’ll end up blogging both of them whenever they come around.
  • In regard to this week’s chapter of Bleach, Show Spoiler ▼
  • And speaking of manga, what was with the recent To Love-Ru/Black Cat crossover (spoilers)? I know it’s not technically a crossover since they’re not the exact same set of characters, but it was close enough. It made me wish Yabuki Kentarou would go do more Black Cat manga.
  • I haven’t heard many good new songs this week, but this one by Oku Hanako stuck with me. It’s not in any way connected to CLANNAD, but it really reminds me of the series, especially the middle parts and the chorus.
  • Since it’s that time of the season again, I’ve started writing the Summer 2009 Preview. There are only about 19 or 20 new shows premiering, but that’s more or less on par with previous years. Nothing really catches my eye though at first glance.

    1. Awww hope you feel better soon Omni ๐Ÿ™
      As for the sequels to the SnS and DtB, YESH!!!! They’ve been in need and answered.
      Bleach was kinda meh, I agree with your thoughts. I remember having to scroll up and down to see her full bankai though xD to like double check.
      Yabuki Kentarou should make more black cat ;A; To Love-Ru… hardly any storyline really in my words, lol. Can read any chapter after getting grasp of main characters. So I’ve been reading the series randomly, but enough to have seen the big crossover.
      Wow, the song Waratte Waratte is a really nice song :D! It really sound CLANNADish at the chorus, along with the keyboard notes with it too.
      Lastly, yay, I humbly await Summer 2009 previews ^___^ glad it starts after my exams :S

    2. Its been along time since we’ve heard from Arcade and his Daily Doses, So I wonder if there’s any news at all…..Anyways, I hope you get better Omni, try drinking some ginger-ale.

    3. Yay for more Shana. Hopefully more good anime that had open endings get sequels since the anime in the past few seasons haven’t that great. I’m itching for some more Full Metal Panic >.<

    4. im quite ashamed to admit that i’ve grown very dependent on this site especially when it comes to the season anime releases. simply put, i wouldn’t have any ideas what will come out unless omni releases that important post.

      at any rate, will jc be mimicking what sunrise did (by alternating 00 and geass air times) this time alternating shana and to aru index/railgun? i just hope they wont screw up like with what happened to geass where the staff became too reliant on the schedule (im still baffled by how the airing dates of geass affected its success).

      oh and about bleach
      Show Spoiler ▼

    5. Haha! I don’t even read To-Love-Ru but I’ve watched it and read black cat. That chapter was awesome! Really reminds me of black cat… Ah… Nostalgic, isn’t it?

    6. I’ve heard that the SnS anime coming up is a reboot (since it’s hard to do a remotely accurate to the novels version of the anime with the mess JC Staff made out of S2)

    7. hope you’ll get better soon Omni.

      Soifon’s bankai was kind of meh. Hopefully there’ll be more than just a big honking bazooka.

      As for To-Love, I think the authors are short on ideas, so they are just going to bring in Black Cat characters from time to time to generate buzz lol.

    8. Umineko no naku koro ni and CANAAN are in the summer, I will be following those, other than that, I am looking forward to your post to see what else I will have to watch.
      Have really been looking forward to Umineko though.


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