Oomaeda is concerned about Soifon, but she finds him annoying and continues to fight Ggio Vega on her own. That leaves Oomaeda to deal with the still-alive Nirgge Parduoc, and he actually fights instead of running this time. When things start to look particularly bad for Soifon because Ggio has her pinned against a wall, Oomaeda realizes that he has to help her, but he finds himself in a bind too because Nirgge grabs his leg and tosses him around. This ends up working in Oomaeda’s favor though because he’s able to hit Nirgge while moving and continue onward towards Soifon and Ggio. He arrives just in time to block Ggio’s attack with his own zanpaktou, and he then wraps the Arrancar up for his captain. Ggio responds by charging up a cero at point-blank range, but before he can fire it, he gets kicked by Soifon.

Soifon isn’t grateful for Oomaeda’s help though and explains that she wanted to see the power of an Arrancar resurrección to prepare for future fights. When Oomaeda starts complaining, she smacks him in the face and reminds him that the way of their special forces is to attack from behind and to let their ally die if the enemy is too strong. She sends him back down to finish off Nirgge, and while he does so, she prepares to finish off Ggio. The Arrancar tries to power up further and bulks up greatly, but Soifon is able to kill him with two instant hits, one from the front and one from behind. Oomaeda thinks that she didn’t hit the same spot twice with Suzumebachi yet still got the same results, but Soifon reveals that she did indeed get the same spot because she pierced Ggio’s lung from both the front and back. With this done, the two of them now prepare to face off against the actual Espada, Barragan.


For an episode that covered only a little over a chapter, this wasn’t as bad as it could have been. The fighting was decent, as was the animation quality, and the stuff they added with Oomaeda sort of tied into Soifon’s lesson/reminder to him towards the end. I really wanted them to move faster through the material (it’s especially frustrating given the manga’s pace right now with Soifon), but I can understand that what they’re probably doing is pacing themselves so that when the season ends in a few weeks, they’ll be at the right stopping point (it’s only six or so chapters away) to move onto more anime original episodes or whatever. So I guess we should enjoy this while we can. As for next week, the story moves on to the next battle, and it irks me a little that the preview just gives away the fact that Hinamori will be showing up. So much for that surprise…


  1. Ya know, if you ask me, Soi Fon is wrong about why Marechiyo tried to help her out. He did it because of his loyalty as a lieutenant, not because he was worried he’d have to fight Vega. But I guess since she still tries to play the cold “bitch” card at times, she doesn’t understand. XD

  2. Oomaeda is a horrible Vice Captain. I find it ridiculous that all of these arrancar have been defeated, but somehow a useless shinigami like him is able to make it through unscathed?

  3. @Mateusz; Exactly. Marechiyo has shown how fast he is. And we can assume he’s even fooled Soi Fon with thinking he’s nothing more than an idiot. XD He’s that good no one suspectsssss a thing! 😀


  4. Seeing Momo in next weeks preview means that the really bad thing is gonna happen to Matsu (it happens just before Momo shows up so be ready for it)next week. Wonder how the animators will cover what happens in terms of blood/censorship?

  5. @ arky
    Show Spoiler ▼

  6. i’ve always found Omaeda to be annoying, though slightly humerous.
    but the question is: should i be excited that an original anime arc is coming up soon?

    Your Next Door Neighbor
  7. I wonder how exactly did Hinamori get there and how her sanity returned. Soifon’s speech was pretty cool, though I was a little annoyed by the fact that she spent all that time observing an enemy “of that level”. I mean going as far as pretending you’re pinned -.-


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