As Rangiku struggles with her three opponents, she’s saved suddenly by an unexpected ally: Hinamori. Both Aizen and Hitsugaya sense Hinamori’s arrival, and while Aizen feels that it’s of little consequence, Hitsugaya is bothered by it and wonders what she’s doing here. Hinamori ends up telling Rangiku that she’s okay now and comes as the vice-captain of the 5th Division, not as the subordinate of Aizen. In any case, their three opponents don’t see Hinamori as a big threat and are thus surprised when she catches all three of them in her kidou net and envelopes them in a huge explosion. Elsewhere on the battlefield, Kyouraku tries to get Stark to fight him seriously, but Stark has noticed that Kyouraku himself isn’t fighting seriously yet either. In particular, Stark has observed that Kyouraku is able to fight with his sword in either hand and carries two blades, and Kyouraku soon decides to fight with both. Nearby, Lilynette gets annoyed with how Ukitake is treating her like a child and tries to fight him.

Unfortunately for the female vice-captains, Apache, Mila Rose, and Sun Sun are able to recover from the blast by initiating their resurreccións. Hinamori tries to stop Apache’s ensuing cero, but Rangiku has to save her from the powerful blast. Things get worse when the three Arrancar decide to use a certain technique to settle this battle quickly. It involves them each taking off their left arms and combining them into a huge chimera-like beast.


The first thing I noticed about this episode was that the animation quality was pretty good. Not as awesome as the Findor episode a few weeks ago, but still pretty good compared to other recent episodes. Unfortunately, they couldn’t put it to good use in the final scene where Apache and the other two rip off their own left arms to make Allon because it got changed/censored and instead became this red beam combination. Of course, given the track record so far, it’s not entirely unexpected that they made this change, but it does bode poorly for the carnage that is in store next week. The single shot in the preview makes it hard to tell just how much of next week’s episode will be censored, but I’m almost positive they won’t show a certain something.

One last thing I want to mention about this episode is how impressed I am by Sakuma Kumi‘s voice acting since she does both Hinamori and Apache. It must have been kind of odd voicing two characters who were fighting each other, but more to the point, if I hadn’t noticed that both were voiced by her in the credits, I wouldn’t have been able to tell at all.


  1. Fracción’s arms go pew pew pew. Heads should roll over these censoring decisions. -_- It’s amazing to think that 1-3 started their fights this long ago. o_O Anyways, more animated Lilinette is not something to complain over.

  2. ^^Next episode will be only good on animation/art terms. While 226 episode will be superb. Because Ogiso Shingo is handling this episode. All his episodes is superb. He did episodes 10, 22, 31, 118, 121, 133, 140, 166.

  3. Jang Bum-chul will be is in charge of next weeks episode. If I remember correctly he did episodes 196, 200 and 210 with Manasita. This will be his first time he will be handling on his own.

  4. Oops, Apache was the gorilla. Though I knew Sakuma voiced her, I always thought it was Sun-sun (mixed identities). Indeed, you can hardly tell both Hinamori and Apache are her in the first place anyway.

  5. I gotta admit, I’m impressed by Momo’s arrival and how she manages to do a good bit of damage to Sun-Sun, Apache, and Mila Rose. Though one irk I had is how Toshiro’s obvious lack of faith in her shows up, just like awhile back when he showed a lack of faith in Rangiku being able to battle with no hesitation. 😛


  6. I loved the music that started when you saw all three Apache, Mila Rose, and Sun Sun change to they’re resurrection forms, would anyone know what it was called?
    Oh and yes, the slight animation upgrade was lovely. Seeing the detailed handmotions as Kyouraku switched his sword from his right to his left.

  7. Ok, that’s it this bullshit censoring have got to stop.

    I’m OK with mid-grade animation but Bleach time slot is killing the show for many fans. The manga fights are bloody and ruthless the anime should be the same!!!

  8. nothing rlly happened in this ep -.- I wish they would cut the long ass recaps. They are so longwinding that each ep is actually so small, a nanometer in the progress of the plot.

  9. I can all ready tell that next weeks episode isnt going to go well, censoring will be mighty; What with Allon riping off limbs and punching splines inside-out, it aint gonna be pretty.

  10. @ Kan
    Nothing to do with target audience. It’s about timeslots.
    If you watch earlier Bleach eps, they didn’t really hold much back.
    Then the show got popular after the Soul Society arc, got moved to a mainstream timespot, and the censors kicked in accordingly.
    Would be nice if they kept it all uncut for the DVD’s, but sadly that isn’t the case…
    Next ep will obviously get butchered but then it’ll probably make her survival more believable since when I saw that pannel in the manga I assumed she would instantly be dead.

  11. Forget the Allon censorship. I’m more concerned about the censorship in the impending Ichigo vs Ulqi fight. That fight is kickass in the manga but there’s gory parts that should so not be censored.


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