Lilynette tries her best to hurt Ukitake, but nothing she throws at him has any effect. It only gets her more frustrated that he calmly tells her to go home. On the other side of the battlefield, Apache explains that the newly formed monster is their pet Allon, and it immediately catches Rangiku off guard and takes a huge swipe at her side. Hinamori is forced to use a spell to catch the gravely injured Rangiku, but she herself then gets taken out by a single punch from the monster. Fortunately, she’s caught by Shuuhei and Kira, and Shuuhei keeps Allon busy while Kira gets to work healing Rangiku. Shuuhei manages to force Allon down with his chains, but using its unique body, Allon is easily able to break free before any sort of deadly blow can be administered. It grabs Shuuhei and looks ready to eat him, but luckily Iba jumps in to help. Iba isn’t able to do anything directly to hurt the monster and gets taken out by a cero, however afterward, Allon crushes and throws Hisagi away instead of eating him. The monster then heads towards Kira who’s still needs more time to heal Rangiku, but it stops when Yamamoto himself steps in and blows a hole through its chest.


This episode was decent overall, but it was everything I expected it to be in terms of censoring. And since it was requested last week, I made some manga comparison shots to give those who don’t read the manga or don’t remember it some frames of reference.

  • Let’s start with Rangiku getting attacked. Using black on red like that a fairly predictable form of censoring, and you can still sort of tell that she’s been gravely injured. Okay, so far not too bad.
  • The next major part is Allon examining the chunk it took out of her, or at least that’s what it should be. As you can see, in the anime version, Allon’s not holding anything, so you’re left wondering, “wtf is it looking at!?” I’m surprised they even bothered to leave blood there.
  • Finally, there’s the close-up of Rangiku’s injury, which Hinamori describes as a wound that goes from the ribs to the intestinal area. Except in the anime version, it looks like she just got bruised!
  • So the censors had a field day with this episode, and Hinamori wasn’t even bleeding from the mouth after her own serious injury (she is, of course, in the manga). I point that out because just minutes later, they had Shuuhei repeatedly coughing up blood as he was being crushed, and that strikes me as rather inconsistent. Now ultimately, I can understand why they did most of this since Bleach is an evening show with an audience that maybe that level of violence isn’t suited for, but it still really takes away the gruesomeness and shock value that the manga had at this point. At least the next episode looks really good animation-wise based on the preview; maybe they can make up for some of this.


    1. I think your commentary at the end pretty much sums it up. I don’t rage over censoring, but it seems to be rather inconsistent this episode. Otherwise, go Lilynette! Put ya guns on, you DFC.

    2. Men can cough up blood but you cant show female characters seriously hurt where blood is shown. If you take that as an rule for this show then it works. In this show men have been beaten to a bloody pulp before just not gals.

    3. I can’t wait for the next episode! Because two great rivals face down once more!” It’s the final showdown between Ichigo and Ulquiorra! I wonder if there’s going to be any fillers this july? Your right Omni about the animation it looks really good, but are they really going to cover to chapters in the next episode?

    4. So they can add in the part where Kira chopped off Avirama’s head, but censor the part where Matsumoto side is ripped? Honestly, the censorship in this show is amusing. Next week they might keep the Aion scene intact and add in a part where we see Yamamoto putting holes in his Aion’s other side or something.

      I can’t understand how can the censored scene in this episode was in any way more violent than the scene where Findor head is being cut in half or the scene with Kira.

    5. This show needs to either be at a later time or shown 2x. Early evening (censored) and later in the evening (uncensored) like was done with Soul Eater. They take one of the most shocking scenes ever in Bleach and nerfed it.

    6. While I despise censoring, I actually hated Rangiku’s injury in the manga.
      As you can see from the comparison shots, even for a shonen, damage of that extent would be instant death. The fact she survived the attack took away the impact of such an injury and any further ones that may take place in the future.
      Even so, the anime could have done a slightly better job of at least making the injury look more serious instead of looking bruised.
      Anyway, looking forward to the next ep.

    7. OHHH HELLL NOOOOO!!! wheres the bite sized nibblets??
      btw, is it just me or is Rangiku the most useless character? and shes a vice captain?
      surely just fo da boobage…. she cant fight at all, zero skill

      BROOKLYN otaku
    8. if they get to censor the brutality here, what more when Show Spoiler ▼

    9. Brooklyn over the course of the series Matsumoto has been a very good character and proven her skills many times. She isnt just there as eye candy or comedy relief. The other VCs had a tough time today and were all destroyed as well.

    10. I was completely freaked out when I read the manga by Allon. It’s not even a battle anymore, more like one of those monster movies where you watch ppl get eaten up one by one xP I don’t think I’ve ever read any shonen manga as gross as the scenes from Bleach. Sure there are bloody ones but not disgusting ones (like the battle between Mayuri and Szayel Aporro). I can’t w8 for Ichigo and Ulq’s battle, but I wonder how Ichigo will fight him, oh wait there’s only bankai…-.-

    11. The edits seem quiet inconsistant between the Rangiku getting attacked image and the close-up of Rangiku’s injury image. Oh well Ogiso Shingo is handling the last episode before the filler. He did episode 31, 118, 121 and some others. So next week quality should be high.

    12. i would rather cover the whole injury with blood if that serves for censoring, i mean how the heck allon has that much blood in his hand and rangiku not? its more like allon broke a finger or something..

      Also is Ichigo vs Ulquiorra Fight comming in this ark? (i thought they were going to fillers after allon)

    13. The censorship in this is getting more and more worrying… For those that read the manga and are up-to-date… Show Spoiler ▼

      . For those yet to see whats coming up in the manga, be prepared to see more outragious censors put in place…

    14. ^^^ even better, how lamely are they gonna cover up halibels MEGA cleavage costume???? will they???? and splash that may be, but i’ve seen just about every episode and i really dont recall her tearing shit up. shes more of a sort of social mediator thingy if anything

      BROOKLYN otaku
    15. LOL Milk Jugs.

      @Brooklyn yes I’m pretty sure they will. I mean it doesn’t show much really. Then again they did censor Neliel a little.

      Also I should mention people can live with serious injuries like that one Matsumoto got. Check the internet.

    16. That shot with Allon holding nothing did look awkward, but blood can of course be seen. Then we see a shot of Matsumoto having a hard time breathing but with what only looks like a bruise from a hard hit. I also thought that the stretching filler material kinda killed the whole increasingly desperate situation feeling the manga was trying to get across.

    17. Working in the video game industry, I’m not entirely surprised by the inconsistency here between Hisagi and Hinamori’s injured appearances. I’ve personally worked on projects where the boards such as the ESRB and PEGI are strict about what flies in terms of violence and gore and blood and so on. In some cases, we’re able to get away with a few things if it’s deemed “unavoidable” (or if you’re a majorly successful franchise that carries a lot of clout), but otherwise you run into many limitations which aren’t entirely consistent.

      In particular, I’ve seen inconsistency in terms of what is acceptable with male and female characters in games. PEGI is fairly strict about violence and gore across the board, but in the US and Japan, there’s a lot more violence and gore admissible if the character being injured is male as opposed to female. Basically, it’s considered inappropriate to allow any visually serious injury to befall a female character whether protagonist or antagonist.

      On one game I had worked on many years back which had a vampire theme to it, the Japanese ratings board (CERO) were fairly forgiving about blood and all, but when it came to the extent of injury allowable, they said they were okay even with the idea of dismemberment and such as long as those types of injuries were limited to human male NPCs — this applied as well if the characters were zombies or whatever. Even stranger still, even though our game didn’t really have the technical limitation of having dead enemies fade out (which you would usually need to do to save memory if it’s the type of game that keeps spawning new enemies), we were required to add it *at least* for females and for animals, if nothing else. We were aiming for a D rating, but CERO threatened that we’d get a Z rating (which would restrict where the game could be sold).


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