Almost everyone is surprised to see Yamamoto step in, but Allon responds by pounding on the hole in its chest. The monster then goes into a rage, heals itself, and powers up even more. It grows to an enormous size, but Yamamoto isn’t intimidated and easily slices it in half after it tries to attack him. When one of those halves then springs back up to life, he incinerates it. That leaves Harribel’s three fracción, and when they attack Yamamoto as well, he burns them too. In the aftermath, Harribel realizes what happened, and it leads to her deciding to use more force against Hitsugaya. To this end, she reveals that there is a three tattooed on her right breast, and Hitsugaya is forced to initiate bankai right before she strikes. Starrk also decides to get more serious, and he reveals to Kyouraku that he’s the Primera Espada, meaning that Barragon is number 2. All three of the Espada now power up even more.

Back in Las Noches, Renji and Sado continue to fight Hollows while Rukia finishes off the last of the Exequias. That leaves just their leader, but he’s not terribly concerned and releases his own power. Further inside, Ichigo and Ulquiorra’s fight starts to heat up, but Ulquiorra thinks that it’s pointless for Ichigo to continue. Ulquiorra is confident that the Shinigami won’t be able to stop Aizen’s plan, but Ichigo tells him not to underestimate his power. Ichigo feels that if the Gotei 13 aren’t able to stop Aizen, then he’ll go do it himself, and he’s determined to defeat Ulquiorra and leave with Inoue. Their two powers then clash in a great release of energy.


As the preview from last week’s episode suggested, this episode was animated quite nicely, and it made Yamamoto look especially good. I initially actually thought that it was a bit lacking in terms of fight choreography compared to the Shuuhei/Findor episode, but then I saw what they did with the final scene with Ulquiorra and Ichigo, and that quickly changed my mind. My main complaint then is once again the censoring with Harribel. Here’s some more comparison shots for those of you who haven’t read the manga. I’ve talked about this before, but it just seems so stupid for them to cover up the bottom half of her breasts when someone like Mila Rose has shown a ton of skin these past three episodes. Why did they decide to draw an arbitrary line at that and not at nipples like it’s commonly done? I can only imagine how much they’re going to add to her in the next stage of that fight.

Unfortunately, we won’t be seeing that next stage or the rest of the Ichigo vs. Ulquiorra fight for quite a while. As this week’s preview and after-episode segment indicated, we’re going back to anime original material, though I believe that next week’s episode is actually a side-story from much earlier in the manga. In any case, I suspect this will last at least one season, if not two or more so that the manga can make more progress. On the plus side, a new ED should be starting soon, and it’s been announced to be by Asai Kenichi.


  1. More fillers.. *sigh* I will forever hold the opinion that a hiatus is better than crappy fillers. Save the money spent making the fillers for manga-based material. They’ll still sell other merchandise since the manga is still being published and all. But.. not much my little opinion will hold sooo yeah. Patience, right? lol.

  2. I wish the staff had the time to adapt the Ichigo/Ulquiorra fight before starting this new batch of fillers. Maybe the fight still wasn’t over in the manga by the time they finished writing this episode.

    By the way, I noticed head writer Masashi Sogo hasn’t been credited for a script ever since the “Turn Back the Pendulum” arc. Did he leave Bleach after four years, or was he working on the new filler arc already?

  3. I agree that Halibel’s censoring, in light of other characters and the way they are animated, is silly. Also, lets face it; the Japanese allow *real* women’s breasts and sex-based games on their public television networks.
    It is becoming more and more apparent the difference between the A- and B- animation teams in this series, as well. The fight between Ichigo and Ulquiorra, compared to the scenes of Toushiro and Halibel are night and day in quality.
    And, to agree even more – Seriously? More filler episodes? Lets get to the end of this Arc, and end a good series before people lose interest.

  4. I just kinda wish they would just suppass the manga and come up with their own ending and story.
    The manga has been kind of stagnate in development of plot for the past half year or so.

  5. I was really looking forward to this episode to see halibel’s #3, but what a disappointment. In the above comparison is like seeing day and night right next to each other.

  6. looks like it’s filler after this… seemingly exciting episode… man the fire was good! yah especially with some more repeated/coincidental fighting styles in the animation, it just makes another filler more exciting to the boring dragged manga story…

    hope new ending sounds nice (end of month preview?), and hope I still get to watch the anime…*sob*

  7. The new filler arc will be about the Zanpakutos, with the contribution of Kubo Tite. I hope it will be good.
    Ep 227 and 228 will be omake adaptation (ch. 0.8 and Bleach Special Bleach on the Beach, integrated with fillers), the new, Zanpakuto filler arc will start from 229.

    Voice actors + the zanpakutos that will be shown:
    Muramasa – Yuuichi Nakamura
    Sode no Shirayuki – Mie Sonozaki
    Suzumebachi – Ayumi Jun
    Senbonzakura – Daisuke Hirakawa
    Katen Kyōkotsu – Ayumi Fujimura
    Sōgyo no Kotowari – Yui Shimamura
    Tobiume – Ayumi Fujimura
    Kazeshini – Mashō Taniyama
    Haineko – Sāki Takahashi
    Hōzukimaru – Take Tora
    Ruriiro Kujaku – Takuma Terashima

    + Zangetsu, Zabimaru and Hyourinmaru

  8. I want to see Ichigo’s fathers story and how he came to be where he is. How he met and fell in love with his wife the human (or is she a former espada as some have suggested which explains how Ichigo is so strong on both sides of power).

  9. Hum damn filler … but I guess they will do another film with it !
    I searched the name for the new ending theme; It will be Mad Surfer by Kenichi Asai and it seem that ED will start on July 28th (it’s not a bit late ??)

    *sorry for my bad english !

  10. They better save there money for the ichigo fight. that was one of my favorite parts of the manga. Ulquiorra is probably my favorite Espada, then probably Stark.. But i love how he adheres to his beliefs, especially the sense of absolution of no prevail that he tries to instill into Ichigo and who ever he faces.

    DANG YOU BLEACH!!! WHY FILLERS NOW, I was so pumped up when i saw them flash back to Ichigo… GRRRRR

  11. Bleach has pretty much died as a series for me now.
    No matter how good the canon eps can be, the fact that one single arc has been randomly put on hold twice for a season or two of filler eps… well I’m sorry, but no series can survive that.
    R.I.P Bleach. You have served me well these last few years.
    Unfortunetly it’s manga-only for me now.

    Ps. LOL at the boon censoring. So it’s ok for a side character Arrancar to show under-bbob but not an Espada?

  12. Have to side with a number of comments on here against the reviewer … animation was *crap* tonight. Parts of it were well-done, probably the parts that were done with a computer, but I think maybe the studio saw the predictable fanboy/girl backlash and just phoned it in tonight. Even noticed an animation error where Eon/Allon/Deon Sanders loses the hair on his forearms for a scene, after he finishes beating on his chest like a retard for 2 full minutes.

    I understand the need for filler, as the anime’s getting real close to the manga, but there’s no reason to c*cktease us with the ulquiorra fight if they’re just going to yank it away from us for a second time.

  13. And yes, BOOOOOO to the boob censoring. F’ing studio execs make no sense at all. >:/ At least in the manga the wonderful undersides of Hallibel’s breasts shall remain free and unconstrained by bone, cloth or gravity. 😛

  14. Honestly, I haven’t liked Halibel’s character design after her original form. I liked the face hidden behind the collar, I liked the original form of her sword, but not much else. The censoring wasn’t bad and it was expected. It’s not really a big deal. I found the coughing up clear liquid in place of blood in past episodes much more annoying. The problem lies, as Omni points out, with the inconsistency of the censoring.

  15. this is not actually related to bleach but i wanted 2 share this and i was really excited to learn that the manga Fairy Tail is gonna have its anime adaptation this year, produced by A-1 Pictures and Satelight. its a great shounen manga and i hope they make it a cool one. if you’re a fan of one piece, you’ll like this as well.

  16. @kaz

    And millions of people including me now want to kill you for your last sentence.

    Face it, apart from a few similarities in art(due to Toriyama influences) there’s NOTHING similar between FT and OP.

    FT is so much more sophisticated in realistic(as much as possible in fantasy genre) storytelling, while OP goes more for comedy, cartoony style.

    But yeh, agreed, its one of the greatest things I am looking forward.

    Unknown Voice
  17. lol. there has been so many battles and RUkia and co. are still fighting the skeleton minions. so sad~
    Is it me or does Ichigo look like he’s had too much fun w/ eyeliner in this one?

  18. Harribel rivals Grimmjaw among best looking Bleach characters (even with the damn censorship).

    I like how she attacks Hitsugaya immediately to the point where he almost doesn’t get Bankai off in time. They rarely if ever do stuff like that in the anime, but rather chat it up or draw stuff out for half an episode. Sorta like how Grimmjaw impaled Rukia.

    The cool characters don’t f%&! around.


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