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Basquash! – 18

Dan gets saved from Price’s blade by Iceman, and while those two battle it out, Dan and others make their escape.

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Three Years Later…

I’m going in for a CT scan in a little bit after experiencing some chest pains, and I may end up in the emergency room again. No clue when I’ll be back.
EDIT: Back now. Looks like I won’t be getting radiology results until Monday, so I’ll be around (and blogging hopefully) until then.

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Suzumiya Haruhi 2009 – 18 (Endless Eight)

Of course there was still no end, however there were actually a few small but arguably notable differences this week, iteration 15527. For one, Kyon actually tries saying “I love you” to himself after Itsuki suggests it during the stargazing scene. The déjà vu effect also felt more pronounced since there were a few times they’d show the same scene twice through Kyon’s eyes. It also seemed like they were skimping on the animation a little during the explanation scene given how there was over half a minute focused on just Itsuki’s watch. None of this made the episode worth watching, but like I said last week, I’m going to continue tuning in for completion’s sake and so that you folks who (probably wisely) stopped will know when to come back, assuming this arc hasn’t soured you entirely on the show. Regardless, here’s to hoping it ends at eight next week.

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One More To Go?

Nope, not this week either. Taking bets now on if you think next week (week eight) will actually be the final week of Endless Eight.

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Tears to Tiara – 17

While the battle continues on outside, Arawn remains unconscious in bed despite the fact that his wound should have already healed.

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Bleach – 230

Ichigo awakens in his inner world to find Zangetsu asking if he can hear something.

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Dubbed anime ain’t so bad when Conan O’Brien does it


Newly-anointed host of NBC’s “The Tonight Show”, literal and figurative behemoth Conan O’Brien, has always been pretty damn funny – lately he’s been getting a bit more buzz in some online circles after his set was recognized to look like a level in Super Mario – and now, he’s made his foray into the anime industry. Turns out their studio is not far from Bang Zoom, one of the companies that does the English dubbing for anime, so in true Conan fashion, he and co-host Andy are put to work voicing none other than… Ghost in the Shell.

Of particular interest is a cameo from Tenjou Tenge chibi Maya’s rocket tits; also, I would’ve liked to hear them tackle Gurren Lagann instead – but then again, watching Conan shout “I WILL PIERCE THE HEAVENS WITH MY DRILL” might have been the end of all anime in the English-speaking world…

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Princess Lover! – 04

After having spent part of morning rejecting a prototype motorcycle that his grandfather’s scientists developed, Teppei spends his afternoon with Charlotte and Sylvia thinking about how he’s going to host his own party.

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Hayate no Gotoku!! 2nd Season – 17

Some sweet delicious flat chest. I personally prefer “curvier” girls, but I’d make an exception for Hina because she’s a cutie pie. <3


While I don’t consciously try to start all my posts with a screenshot of Hina, it just sort of happens every time. Anyway, I learned a lot this episode.

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Saki – 17

I know how to defeat the Koromo… just pet her incessantly

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Saki – 16

There’s beatdowns, and then there’s Koromo

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Valkyria Chronicles – 17

Welkin finds out from Varrot that Squad 7′s next mission is to destroy an enemy base at Mulberry shore.

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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – 17

In the wake of her arrest, Ross is interrogated about her use of ammunition because it matches the bullet type used to kill Hughes.

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In the aftermath of what happened, Maria shuts herself in her hotel room, distraught over how Canaan isn’t a normal girl like she had convinced herself.

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Let the Battle Begin

Show Spoiler for Bleach Chapter 367 ▼

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