I was asked to comment on the latest manga chapter of Bleach, so here goes:

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  2. While it’s so nice to have familiar faces back after such a long time I can’t help but feel the timing is once again far too convenient, on a side note The Blob being back after such a long time is like the infamous confrontation between Shanks and Whitebeard -One Piece-, but it is Wonderweiss’ prestation wich call the name Vasto Lorde that make me want to see more…

  3. Wasn’t expecting Wonderweiss taking out Ukitake at all. But is Ukitake really going to be taken down just after that? Okay, I admit it’s very highly possible he’s taken out but well, that’s quite disappointing. (Where’s the 4th division Captain?!)

    The appearance of the Vaizards just after seeing the gloomy Kira descending into depression again is really nice. For one stupid moment I thought Ichigo will appear to save all of them (once again -.-) but was pleasantly, pleasantly, very plesantly surprised by the Vaizards’ appearance, having kind of forgotten them already. 😀

    I will like to see how Komamura goes against his old “friend”–me thinking that they’ll be matched up, at least. Though of course we will see a lot of unnecessary beast angst…most probably.

    I agree with what you said about the Vaizards probably not being capable enough to totally overthrow the Espadas and Aizen and co. so that Ichigo will be able to hero again. But I hope they manage to do some overwhelming feats first. Somehow they look kind of weak to me on the last page. D: (Even though they’re supposed to look really strong. Perhaps this is the side-effect of reading Naruto first before reading this?)

  4. Another endless manga.. >.< Sorry but I can’t get myself to like it. Naruto is better in my eyes, but NO manga can stink against One Piece, which is by far the best of those endless titles. The number of sold copies is another proof for that.

    Anyways, enough of mimimi, wish for the fans, that they’ll finaly get an end they deserve soon~


  6. Ukitake was the sick and weak and underestimated captain… and BAM he get pwnt…..

    bleach’s plot has never been full of twists and surprises. it will all go down to ichigo and his boring dry bankai/beauty-mask to save the day. But, of course, aizen wont die or else the series is over.


    that would be bullshit but who knows lmao

  7. I can’t remember… has any non-hollow actually DIED in this yet? Because I don’t think they have… I mean, I like the story, but without the fear of a character dying, it’s kind of hollow. I hate to admit that Naruto has anything over this or One Piece, but at least it’s possible for characters to die in it. It was a great chapter, don’t get me wrong, I just think the action is kind of boring if everyone’s virtually immortal.

  8. There are so many things still in a mystery; the King, the 0 division, Urahara’s role, even the captains in H.M and Ichigo’s ability. There is NOWAY ON EARTH it’s going to end here. Not to mention Visards weren’t too found of shinigami in the first place.

    Btw, if you want to bitch about Bleach piss off to somewhere else; we can’t have a discussion about the chapter before some moron jumps in complaining about the Manga, comparing it to others blah blah blah

  9. strongest espada is actually 0.. (that would make sense since Starrk said ‘if that kid is here.. Aizen is getting impatient’)

    it wouldn’t be wonderweiss bu maybe that giant ‘eye’ can also mean ‘0’ or zero. who knows.. good stuff!

  10. @ tritoch
    I thought Yami was Espada 0, ie the strongest?
    Wonderweiss could more likley be a Vasto Lorde or perhaps that’s what the big eye thing is he brought with him.
    Either way, can’t wait for the next chapter.

  11. This was essentially the only route the author could go with after the conclusion to Turning Back the Pendulum. I think most of us already knew that the Captains would be handed a loss, and the Vizard’s would inevitably help Soul Society.

    The only factors that intrigued me the most were Wonderweice and his “pet” behind him. And still looking back on Aizen’s statement on not trying to crush ants, I don’t think he is limited to just being two times stronger than a Captain; even if that Captain is Yamamoto.

    As for people dying, I’d like to see a trimming of the cast since just knocking them out is not really the best end one can take. People that may end up biting the dust in a heroic self sacrifice: Yamamoto, Ukitake, Komamura, some of those Vice Captains as well since they’ve taken up more time and panels than some other Captains combined.

  12. i say that the whole evil person slash mastermind of all this is the 1st lieutenant white haired guy. i mean, correct if i am wrong, but he had just one significant role in whole manga (me no watch filler arcs) – one where he was ordered by captain yamamoto through jedi powers mind communication skill to go after renji but ichigo stopped him Easily Without Bankai. wada eff. he is white haired, probably older than unohana – and ukitake and kyouraku (sssaaaaavvvviest bleach character) for that matter. and he is just an ornament/filler for yama-ji? i say he is the one behind all of this in the lurking in the shadows mode and nobody expects (ha!) it but i would not bet my girlfriend on it. nice chapter btw, expected another lame exchange of abilities and wasted pages but i was treated to that nice smile of shinji.

  13. Am not impressed.
    These Vizards were the first to had into the battlefield, and they get last…
    Did they get there by riding on pregnant turtle’s backs? I hope they have a good explaination for taking this long!
    Also Ukitake and Kyouraku are disappointing. They were supposed to be the strongest shinigamis second only to the old guy, and yet they get thier ass kicked that easly?!
    Especially Ukitake. It’s obvious he’ll probably come back as if that wound was a mere scratch eventually, but damn! how can the second\third strongest not even notice when someone sneaks behined him and pierce all-way through his chest?! Very lame Ukitake, very very lame… And Kyouraku dosen’t even have a shikai power!!! (than again, not many captains these days remember what a shikai is… Soi Fon is even completely oblivious to how powerful her shikai is and how it’s much more useful than her pathetic bankai and how she could have probably kill Barragan if she used it wisely…)
    I waited since the soul society arc to see them in action, and that’s all I get in the end. I am not impressed…
    And I agree with Whim about the dying thing. There’s need to be some sort of heroic scarifice to make battle seem more realistic.

  14. @SomeKindaNick

    The chapters of the past year since the vizards left to join the battle were set in a time span of let’s say… a good 20 minutes. So no, you are too dumb to even read *sighs* Bleach.

  15. the top 3 espada + aizen,ichimaru,tousen + yami,wonderweiss, big eye dude = 9 enemies…
    6 captains currently there (yamamoto,toushiro etc) + 3 captains in hueco mundo (not counting unohana) + ichigo + 8 vizards = 17 people…

    9 v 17… seems kinda ridiculous lol, either a lot of people have to die, some other twists happen, or are all the “bad guys” gonna be taking on two people (I mean Tousen already got owned by Kenpachi).

    Also, I hope Kubo doesn’t skimp on all the bankais either hah. Still have to see Ukitake, Jyuushiro, Yamamoto, Aizen, Gin… not to mention… most of the Vizards should be able to perform bankais seeing as a bunch of them were captains (and because ichigo uses his bankai in his vizard form…)

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  17. im starting to wonder if shinigamis have heart, because ive probably seen every single captain and vice captain pierced through the heart at least once and somehow they get back up. I have no doubt in my mind that ukitake is not down for the count just yet. O and about vaizards….WTF?!?!?!?!

  18. ‘forgot that theres still urahara and yoruichi too’

    as well as the ‘King’ and his personal guard of elites. Seems like a waste to go to the trouble of mentioning them and not use them at some point…

  19. There has been rumors floating around that Ichigo’s mom (Misaki) was a former Espada that became a human somehow and married Ichigo’s dad (former Captain). Their love was kinda like a Romeo & Juliette type thing. It explains why Ichigo is so strong as a shinigami and also has very strong Hollow powers too. Whats everyone think about the possibility of Ichigo’s Parentage?

  20. Ok so we have vizard and shinigami vs 3 stooges and espardas. Because of the obvious number difference between both sides i think we should expect aizen to have something up his sleeve. I also believe the shinigami who are stuck in heuco mundo will have a very important role once the battle is resolve. If there are anyone who is good, this is probabley the right time to kill them off.

  21. It’s really about time, but this really cements the Captains as being second rate to me. Couldn’t they at least have let Soi Fon actually do something useful for once?

  22. @Omni
    Shinji and co owed Kisuke Urahara. No doubt they will ‘side’ with the shinigamis, although their aim is just to get revenge on Aizen and co, rather than doing the shinigamis’ task of protecting their ‘King and Co – z0mg, when will we ever see Squad 0 in action’.

    I’m just glad that the Aizen Arc is nearing it’s end at least; I really doubt any heroes/baddies will show up to turn the tide of the brawl that’s about to break out between the Visoreds and Aizen’s Jerk Squad.

  23. After a few months of “elsewhere” chapters, we’ll come back to this and learn the Vizard’s arrival was simply Aizen’s shikai, which he did just for the lulz.

  24. Totally predictable once aizen was freed i knew the vizards were going to miraculosly(sp) show up… only took them a bazilion chapters. From cliche manga and RATIONAL human sense its vizards vs espadas. i guess since there is 8 of them they split up in two’s 2 fight that giant hollow, 2 fight wonderweiss, aizen probably will stay side lined for awhile while mo and curly fight. sofon will need some help and i guess ice dude and water chick continue their fight… i expect our two double zanpato users to UNEXPECTEDLY come back into action… where the old man fits into all this i have no clue

  25. It’s better that listeing to everyone just talking about the new Bleach chapter. Omni can we move on to the Summer shows please. Tenka Seiha already has about like five this Summer already posted. Oh, Since when to you blog Bleach chapters? I don’t really read Blea

  26. So, how about we discuss our favorite autistic Arrancar?

    I find Wonderweiss particularly interesting due to his aforementioned autistic behavior, among other things like his glamorous looking sword and what Tousen says about him being either pure good or pure evil. He must have a higher purpose other than being Tousen’s posse. I mean, he’s one of the few Arrancar still alive at the moment, so that has to count for something. Also, if Yammy, our lovable/hate-able idiot, is the 0 Espada, then I see no reason why Wonderweiss can’t be powerful…even if he is a little slow. (Espada Numero Cero should have been Wonderweiss Margera!!!!!)

    On a side note, what if he turned out to either be the only Vasto Lord Arrancar or the ~1 Espada?

    Now get a move on with the Summer shows please.

  27. @GGG3

    Are you retarded? This is a thread devoted to talking about the current Bleach chapter. Stop reading it if you don’t want to discuss it.

    And despite the shit quality of the Summer season, there’s already the summer previer catalogue if you want to talk about it.

    Cheshire Lion
  28. @Cheshire Lion

    Whats going on here? Anyways, I think the fights are going to be like this…

    Soi-fon + Kensei + Omaeda v.s Barragan.
    Hitsugaya + Hiyori v.s Halibel.
    Shunsui + Lisa v.s Stark (She was his former vice captain).
    Ukitake + Rose v.s Wonderweiss.
    Komamura + Hachi v.s Superchunky (Big monster thing)
    Shinji + Urahara + Yama-jii v.s Hollowified Aizen (If this happens by Urahara.) Aizen has seen the power hougyoku grants to hollow why not use it on himself. Then he would have quadruple the spiritual pressure of a normal captain.

    Espada # 116
  29. MAN!! and hee i’am thinking that BLOB was YAMI!!!!! transformed that is!…but FUCK YEAH!! i saw that reveal coming from a mile away,, STILL wished i coulda seen UKITAS AND pink kimono dudes BANKIA!!!!! that was a fakeout, well kiddes still lots more bleach to come!
    NOW come on AIZEN!!!! please tell us it aint all about some corney world domination…….PLEASE!!!

    BROOKLYN otaku
  30. “and it’ll all be left up to Ichigo to save everyone”

    That’s what I’m really dreading. Unless Ichigo gets some proper character and skills development, it’s gonna be a straightforward boring fight, using brute force, willpower and the hopes of his friends to win.

  31. I seriously don’t see any reson for them taking so long. Anyways, I suppose somehow Wonderweiss is the real strongest arrancar. I doubt it’s Yammy because he’s huge in his state and it’s the size of an arrancar’s release that indicate strength. Also I don’t believe that any release could bridge a gap of strength THAT large.

  32. I thought all top ten arrancar (at least the top 4) were already Vasto Lorde that had modified with the Hogyouku to posses Shinigami like abilities. Thats why I doubt that Wonderweiss is the “only” Vasto Lorde. At least that’s what I think we’ve been lead to believe.

  33. ok @ Seltzer as i remember it the current espda list is made up of Adjuchas and one gillian… Arrancars seem to be outside the natural evolution of hollows but still it does happen nauturally. As of yet no vastro lords have been espada which brings up a interesting question why not. IT seems obvious to me they are so powerful even aizen has trouble dealing with them which makes the next arc even that more insane as the captain will be completly outclassed.

  34. I for one enjoyed the chapter, sadly i read the kage chapter of naruto first and was caught in the epic feminism and hotness of the Mizukage.

    Where does it say that there are currently no Vastro Lorde in the espada?

    Based on flashbacks we can confirm that everyone 6 and higher are adjucase but we cannot confirm or deny that the 1-5 are vastro lorde.

    AS for Yami i think he is an adjucase who, after saving up his energy, is strong enough to be more POWERFULL (not all round stronger) then stark for a limited period of time.

    As for the vizord, i have to see more of there abilities before making a judgement but considering how Shinji made a mockery of grimmjow with only his mask and no death god abilities he should be on the level of the top few espada.

  35. @N97 Well I’m glad the “Discussion Police” showed up to make sure nobody voiced negative opinions about anything.

    Is it really that enjoyable to discuss things without contradictory opinions? You must be the most boring person on earth. Is Ukitake going to die? Precedence says no, and that is exactly the problem. The author hasn’t shown that he’s willing to kill anyone off, which means that no matter how “shocking” it is when someone gets mortally wounded, most people realize that they’ll either survive in some miraculous way or be brought back to life some miraculous way. What’s there to really discuss here anyways? Almost every person that’s posted has realized that the arc is going to end with some form of Ichigo saving the day. I’m not saying that nobody should read it, because after all: it’s the journey we enjoy, not the destination.

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