Chances are you’ve already spoiled yourself by reading Omni’s preview, or visited the official website and seen what a stunning cast this show has. I, however, had not done so prior to watching the episode. Above is a clip of the show’s intro, and these were my reactions:

   “Hey, it’s Noto Mamiko!”
   “No, wait, it must be Hayami Saori.”
   “I am so sure now, cos I watched Eden a few days ago.”

Show Spoiler ▼


The show itself feels like a highly niched version of Azumanga Daioh, which was the ultimate humour series. Personally I’m not well-versed enough in the world of art supplies to appreciate all the jokes, so I don’t intend to watch much more of it, but it’s certainly worth a look if you want some cute comedy and shocking voice work. With a director like Sakurai Hiroaki, who previously made Cromartie High School, and Lucky Star‘s screenwriter Machida Touko, you can expect some quality.


  1. AHHHH I have the GA manga ><” and its so cool. never thought it would be a anime or something with a few OVA’s but still its SOO NICE to c it happen. love the art and storyline =P

  2. Ah! I was tricked! She sounds WAYYYY to much like Mamiko noto!
    After reading the spoiler though, I could kinda tell it was Haruka during the end. She sounded a little like lala from ToLoveru, when she was saying “hajimaruyo”…

  3. Karasu have some class… You may have been trying to make a joke, but you are such a tool.

    You are entitled to your opinion, that much I’ll grant. But

    1) All the bloggers on this site are giving up their free time to do this site. They have every right to blog what they want. If you don’t like what they choose, F*#k off and don’t read it anymore.

    2) Fansubbers likewise can choose the projects they do in a season.

    3) Your so-called attempt at logic is laughable. Just because something is stupid and boring,that is reserved for fags?

    Good luck getting a job with that idiot’s vocabulary!

    No Room for A-holes
  4. Megas:

    Don’t misunderstand, people are free to like, or dislike anything they so choose. I mean personally, when I first heard the description, I thought that the premise didn’t sound that great. Hence, the solution, don’t watch it, or read a blog to determine whether it is something you do want to watch. Also, the point of my previous post is that it’s perfectly fine to say that something is dumb or boring, but the last part that karasu added doesn’t really add anything in terms of explaining why the show is good or bad right?

    As for your comment that the voice cast cannot save a terrible script, you are right. Queen’s Blade loaded up on talent and fanservice, but the show’s plot was a horrific mess.

    No Room for A-holes

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