Way back when they were just starting high school, the only person Mizuiro was really friends with was Keigo. Keigo had been freaked out about Ichigo and Sado being in their class because of the rumors he had heard, but it didn’t bother Mizuiro, and he had introduced himself and Keigo to Ichigo and Sado right before the two got into a fight with some thugs. Ichigo was impressed by how Mizuiro said only good things about Keigo, and he had Mizuiro think up an excuse for him so that he wouldn’t get suspended for fighting. This meeting with Ichigo made Mizuiro happy and changed his outlook on life. Meanwhile in Soul Society, Rukia was assigned to the real world, and Renji got promoted to vice-captain. Upon arriving in Karakura town, Rukia senses strong spirit energy.


So this ended up being a bit of an amalgamation of two fairly good extra chapters from the manga. Both the real world and the Soul Society parts have some good character development, though I did notice that they cut out/changed a particular line about Mizuiro’s mother meeting another man which would have helped explain his situation and attitude better. The episode also felt a little disjointed at times, but I can understand that part of what they are (and what Kubo Tite was originally) trying to do is to portray how two worlds came to collide, and it helped that the episode had two good endings, the first being Mizuiro’s reflections and the second being Rukia in Karakura. I loved that they connected it with the beginning of the first episode, and they even reanimated that scene in widescreen and with updated character designs.

In the absence of the continuation of the main manga story, this wasn’t a bad replacement, though of course it’s only one episode. Next week I’m less sure about because it appears to be a beach/swimsuit episode. The preview makes me question (again) why Rangiku’s skimpy bikini is okay but Harribel’s outfit wasn’t.


  1. Holy crap, an episode dedicated to Chōjirō Sasakibe. It still amazes me that we’ve been going at this show for many years now already. Rukia in the moonlight is a great scene. Rukia in swimwear even better?

  2. How many specials can they animate not much, next episode will just be fan service so eh, this episode was ok, i actually watched it rather then skipping it, but dam the manga and anime are to close what will be the real filler be about…

  3. @Chimasternmay

    Something boring is a high probability. It is really damn close. Only a matter of time till the manga ends but knowing Kubo’s pacing it’s gonna take a damn WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIII………………LLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…..

  4. I was going to skip this, but since I had nothing better to do, I watched it. It wasn’t half bad. I wonder how they’re gonna waste 20 minutes of bleach on the beach *sigh*

  5. I’m glad they used Kubo Tite’s sidestories instead of some made-up anime original (don’t need another bount arc -.-). I wonder how they can stretch the beach sidestory to fit an entire ep. though..I actually liked this ep. THe colors were very nice and the drawings well done. I also really liked the parallel in the ep and w/ the whole series.

  6. @vin-nii If we see the Vizards arrive and get owned by Tousen (If he has a mask) again before March I would be surprised. These fillers will provably go on to at least October. If there is a Bleach movie coming out in November they will stop the fillers and go back to canon to hype the movie. This episode was good but am I the only one who hope that Ichigo school get hit by a cero so we can stop having lame school scenes with characters who bring little to the main story? I would rather see more of the inner workings of Soul Society than more school episodes.

    @yukino The Bount arc to me was the best filler except it was too long.
    A few Bullet Points
    •Bount Genocide
    •Ishida’s MILF obession
    •Actual killing of humans and Shinigami
    •Bad ass Hoodie Shinigami Ichinose(even Kenpachi couldn’t kill him)
    •Yu-Gi-Oh master Ugaki
    •Rukia getting beat up and molested by Yoshi
    •Lestat wannabe Karya spreading his “seed”
    •Soul society getting bombed
    •Drug use

  7. Omni, do you know for how long the fillers will continue? It seems this filler season will be the best comparing to the previous filler sections of Bleach. Reading the manga kinda kills the joy for me so watching anime-original materials are more fun for me, if they’re done well. Oh and, will you please continue blogging the Bleach manga as well?

    Btw, I’ve e-mailed you. Uhm I kinda get nervous when I e-mail someone for the first time. When you have some time, would you consider reading it please?

  8. @Meery: Lol! When I look at my post, it sure seems like a fishy thing XD. I really was talking about something else.

    @Unknown Voice: Even though it included the side-story scenes, most of the scenes were anime-original. So I still think it’s a filler *shrugs*. You didn’t have to use capital letters as well.

  9. Disclaimer: Please do pardon the long post.

    Omni, I must applaud you for your patience and toil in putting up with blogging even the most mundane fillers for this series (not including this episode of course, which is from the manga itself), which until recently the plot of the main manga story has gone rather stagnant with too many fights and too little plot development. (Of course some of the “action” people would complain about the exact opposite when the reverse is true. )

    I only watch these Bleach episodes in one bunch (about 4-5 eps) in one sitting, and unless the OP and ED animation and music is really awesome (like After Dark by Asian Kung Fu Generation), I usually just skip them altogether with the redundant “previous episode recap narration” as though the producers think we all have short-term memory loss after only a week.

    This shaves off nearly 5 minutes for every episode that I watch, and I usually watch them all in one sitting. This saves a lot of time for watching something else, as for fillers, I don’t even bother. Once “filler season” starts, it simply gives me even more free time.

    That said, I admit there is still some usefulness in Omni’s blogging, that way I have an idea when the manga story returns once again, lol. Otherwise I would have to go to the official website just to check once every few months, much like what I’m doing with Naruto, which I’m amazed I’m still watching.

    Thus making Bleach and Naruto the “odd collection” amongst the type of animes I now watch these days.

    Kinny Riddle
  10. Anime-original scenes in a non-filler episode = not a filler. Anime original scenes are bound to appear in anime (duh). No way one is gonna animate a manga series and not add in anime original stuff. Otherwise we’d just be watching moving stills.

  11. Phantom: I have not received an email from you. Did you send it to the right address?

    Kinny Riddle: Thanks for the kind words. Bleach has its ups and downs, but it has yet to get bad enough for me to consider dropping it.

  12. @ Sepiraph
    that’s just depressing, i mean look at his face in this episode its spelled depressed all over…

    @keywin its from extras from those volume they release that u may not have a chance to open up because usually only weekly chapters are translated, for volume u gotta buy it.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  13. Keigo ruined half this episode for me. He’s a failure as a comedic relief and possibly the worst character in the series. I liked how they foreshadowed Chad’s bird friend and I never knew Tatsuki trained Orihime, makes you think she’d be less useless.
    I’m glad to see Mizuiro actually with older women instead of it being hinted at. I don’t watch or read Bleach anymore but when I heard there was filler based on earlier chapters from when it was good, I had to watch it. I still can’t believe you watch and read this garbage.

    Ex Bleach

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