Okay, so that’s not exactly true.
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On a related note, I’m having fun reading Hatsukoi Limited/Ichigo 100% mangaka Kawashita Mizuki‘s newest series in Weekly Jump, Ane Doki. The first two chapters haven’t exactly been breaking any ground story-wise – it follows a junior high school boy who finds himself being taken care of by a busty high school girl – but it’s good mindless romance comedy fun with art that only Kawashita Mizuki can deliver (main girl Natsuki is drawn a lot like Misaki from HL). I can definitely see this getting an anime adaptation next year or in 2011. You can read the first chapter here.


  1. Yup Bleach Manga Chapter this was, good to see reactions which i always love.
    Yup Read Ane Doki it was great, liked Ichigo 100%, hated Hatsukoi Limited, but thank god Ane Doki brought me back to her work. well hope they don’t take out a anime too soon, if the manga plans to go long.

  2. i hate it when mangakas do that. They leave you with a “holy crap” moment in one chapter but don’t get anything done with the next one, of course, it does hinder the fact that they only release 19 pages a week, which means that the waiting is the hardest part when you get a chapter with little actual substance.

    I also hated Ichigo 100% and Hatsukoi Limited, you know when a manga is bad when one of the episodes from the first season of Zetsubou Sensie made the joke that it was only good to scare hikimori’s out of their rooms and abuse masochists.

    Darma Shoten
  3. damian: Considering I’m reading Bleach anyway every week, these posts take very little time to write up, and the overall positive response I’ve gotten, yes, I probably will continue with a weekly Bleach manga post.

  4. Completely true. Not a thing happened in the manga. It’s was more comedy chapter. There is one thing which I find unclear. Where is vice luitenant Naomi?

    Further when you start to think about the Vizards things really don’t add up. First the Vizards were shady Shinigami’s who tried to achieve Hollow powers. Words of Urahara. Then it became clear that they were captains turned to hollows by Aizen. Urahara was pointed guilty and fled to to the real world. While Aizen was chillin with Orihime in Hueco Mundo the general and Urahara are talking like old buddies making this world shift barrier thingie. Now the Shinigam’s are near death the “Vizards” make their appereance.
    So during the tea drinking date between Uruhara and the genereal, Urahara wasn’t like: oh yeah old geezer, you know what happened 100 years ago? It was all Aizen. Hirako and the others are hanging around in the east side of town. They are still alive hahaha.

  5. Why do i have the felling that once the Aizen/Arrancar story ends, the bad guys will be the vaizard, or maybe the Zero squad (they reference to it on the that arc where they went back in time a hundred years), does someone agree with me on this?

  6. Im expecting the vizards to kill the gillans off. I of course, want them to kill them off as quickley as possible since i want them to fight those big cheeses now.

  7. @TyKH
    Agree about it not adding up with the Vizards, was watching bleach from the start again and i believe in ep 112, Urahara claimed they are an outlaw group that tried to obtain shinigami powers using forbidden techniques, and it showed a group of vizards that are not Shinji’s group. Am i missing something cause in “Turn back the pendulum” they didn’t want that power and Urahara knew them all, but the way he talked in ep 112 its like he just heard rumors of them.

  8. @TyHK: Actually, it was Isshin who said that whole “Vizards were Shinigami who acquired Hollow powers through forbidden rites” thing. Urahara simply didn’t correct him (Urahara’s known for keeping people in the dark, though it does make me wonder about his relationship with Ichigo’s father… We’ll understand more when Isshin’s backstory is explained). What’s more, we still don’t know exactly what it WAS that triggered Hirako & co.’s transformation into Vizards, only that Aizen was behind it.

    As to the rest, I suspect it was mostly alliances of convenience. The Vizards were cast out on the order of Center 46 (who no longer exist, courtesy of Aizen), and Urahara/Yoruichi/Tessai went with them. With Yamamoto now in charge of Soul Society due to Center 46’s destruction and Aizen’s defection, I’d imagine that old man Yama’s beginning to have his doubts regarding the expulsion Urahara/Hirako & co.

    Seeking out Urahara was only natural, after Aizen went to all that trouble to get his hands on Kisuke’s Hougyoku, but the Vizards have gone to extreme lengths to remain hidden. While I suspect that they’ve kept in touch with Urahara to some extent over the decades, Kisuke has never seemed to me to be the kind of person who would waste valuable time reopening old wounds for a little vindication (particularly when no one’s quite sure how Yamamoto would respond to knowledge of the Vizards’ existence/whereabouts – he could have brought the full force of Soul Society down on Karakura in an attempt to eliminate them as another potential threat – Ch 365 shows quite clearly that he feared they might be out for revenge).

    Therefore, I doubt anyone else knew for certain whether the Vizards were still alive until Hirako showed his hand by intervening in Ichigo’s second fight with Grimmjow. Aizen was tipped off, obviously, as he keeps a close eye on all his Arrancars’ actions (and Ulquiorra was present at the end as well), but the only Shinigami present at the time was Rukia, who may not have had the time (considering the events immediately following said battle) or inclination (considering Ichigo’s already tenuous position with relation to SS’s leaders) to report on Hirako to her superiors.

    But that’s just my take on the matter.

  9. Ane Doki is entertaining,though its mostly oppai,loli and pantsu.The main guy lead is annoyingly similar to that sissy boy Rito from To Love….its a little over-the-top in the plot,since there’s alot o of loopholes that need filling up.I don’t see this going that far,perhaps if it can make it to 6 volumes, then it might stay on for the long run

  10. “I also hated Ichigo 100% and Hatsukoi Limited, you know when a manga is bad when…”

    If you dislike a manga then that simply means it’s not within your taste range. You have to be an ass to start claiming everyone must think it’s bad because you hate it and it got referenced by SHAFT. In reality both manga were well received (thus anime adaptions).

    Omni, thanks for letting us know about Ane-Doki. I hardly keep up with manga at all (way behind on Bleach, Tsubasa, Gantz, Berserk, Pluto (wait, it’s complete?), Ippo, Reborn and many others) and don’t keep an eye out for new serializations. I enjoyed HL though it was rather short so I’m sure I’ll enjoy AD. Be sure to mention any other new manga you’ve noticed.

  11. I hope just that Ane-doki will be longer than Hatsukoi Limited. And like you said, it’s definitely will have anime adaption. Author name is enough to make an anime. Anyway, I loved it Ichigo 100%, liked Hatsukoi Limited ,though I hated her manga Akane Overdrive.

    About Bleach new chapter, I find it rather interesting chapter. Nobody anymore from vaizards seems cares about SS, well except Lisa(lol, Lisa beating Kyouraku was kinda funny). And I really liked Shinji response to Yamamoto. “We’re not on your side, nor on Aizen. We’re on Ichigo’s side”. Besides, last page was really nice. Liked all masks, except Lisa ones. Its just too simple.

  12. @ Kanao- What, did i hurt your feelings or something? just because it was well received doesn’t make it good. At least Hatsukoi had some plot too it, but Ichigo 100%? Come on. Its about some kid who sees strawberry panties on some random girl, who happens to not be waring he glasses or something, which completely confuses the main character guy (because they are always either stupid or wusses, you know, because making a strong main male lead in those types of manga’s), sending him on the path to pervert-dom, because the pick up phrase of “Hey, you like wearing strawberry panties?” doesn’t see, so bad to the moron.

    So i’m sorry, but i disagree with your statement that Ichigo 100% is good…the only thing it’s good for is fan service, (which it does a good job of doing i”ll admit) but that just makes it just below a hentai title.

    Also, if your saying well received titles that get turned into anime are good, then your saying Queen’s Blade, and Akikan are good. just remember that.

    Darma Shoten
  13. @Darma Shoten
    You are a fucking retard if you think that’s what the plot of Ichigo 100% is. Or you didn’t even bother reading past the first chapter. If you’re going to down put something, then do it without sounding like an ignorant fuck.

    The manga isn’t even one of my favorites, so it’s not about being defensive. I just can’t stand ignorant faggots like you.

    Name (required)
  14. Let’s have some civility here. There’s no need for flaming.

    Darma, you may want to rethink your statement “because it was well received doesn’t make it good” for it does not follow logically. For a work to be well received entails the meaning of possessing qualities that are of positive interest to an audience. Basically, the work was good enough to be accepted, followed, and praised.

    You’re making objective statements with little, if any, support or logical flow. Remember, it’s your own personal opinion and not something you can press onto others and declare as truth. Of course, this applies to everyone.

    If they didn’t like the manga, fine…they didn’t like it. If they liked the manga, fine…they liked it. Anyone can stress the good or bad points but if it is or isn’t their cup of tea then no length of rhetoric will sway them.

    Just take note: If you wish for your opinion to be respected, you must respect others as well…even if you don’t care.

    A little understanding goes a long way.

  15. If anything, that big hollow and the gillians are probably just tools to show how ridiculously powerful the Vaizards are. Here’s hoping they just mow the hell through all of them all badass-like.

    On a side note, I really enjoyed the first chapter of Ane Doki and I’m waiting for more. It’s just simple and easy to enjoy – it’s nice to have that sometimes.

  16. sure this was a set up chapter of the bleach manga in order to make peeps all energetic at the fights. Its almost certainly going to be a waste of time as just to show off their power… Where its gonna go as to ichigo is (I think) azien is gonna escape ichigo will follow blahblahblah. To me i think ichigo is never gonna fight azien.
    No one can. except (Truphet music) HOLLOW ICHIGO! Think about it. ichigo’s hollow eludes to ichigo not using his whole power (or not being able to access it) so the “final battle” will (most likly) be against his hollow.. but thats to far off i think…

  17. In my opinion, the funniest part of the chapter was when Tousen nonchalantly remarks “His words have meaning” in response to Gin’s lamentation regarding the feral beast’s savage cry.

  18. @Omni

    Its quite clear from this chapter that Show Spoiler ▼

    Unknown Voice
  19. Thanks for e heads up on this new manga Omni. I would have totally missed it. A thing I find weird is that the authors for manga like these that have alot of fanservice are by women. Kawashita Mizuki made Lilim kiss, Ichigo 100% and Hpathetic L. Watashiya kaoru made Kodomo no jikan. It’s really weird.

    Finally they showed up. The Vizards. Why the hell they take so long to show up.

    Those gillian are cannon fodder full stop.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Is there any significance to this? Ichigo has evolved to Vizard lvl 2 bankai mode. I think he’s gonna open his own gate and crash the party. He’s practically e Ultimate Hollow/SS. With Ulquiorra dead, juz left that huge number 10 who became zero or something.

    For some reason, I think the Vizards and SS will make up. Room 46 is dead. The ones who exiled them are dead. And I think old jiji is wise enough to think of e Vizards as friendly rather than foe. Normal SS dun stand a chance in hell against them.

    There was this filler abt the royal twerp who has enemies using swords that suck their lifeforce, the new captain arc. Didn’t Ichigo wear his mask when he went to save e old man? And the old man wasn’t shocked or anything? I think that arc happened further up the timeline. Ichigo was pretty pathetic during tat arc tho.

    Just my 2 cents.

  20. Chances are the vizards will get worn down. Even if they don’t, Aizen’s going to find a way to move forward with his plan. Otherwise, there’d be no good way to introduce Urahara, Yoruichi, Ichigo’s dad (who I still think’s the ex-10th squad captain) and maybe Ishida’s dad into the fray. And Urahara had also hinted that Ichigo’s buddies at school had a part to play as well. I do get the feeling that even with all their help, Aizen will still find some way to get to the SS king, which would be a great way to introduce the 0th Squad and Hikifune for real.

    At any rate, I wonder how long it’ll take Yamamoto to figure out that Ichigo’s also a vizard, and what he’ll do about it. He seems to already be starting to put 2 and 2 together this chapter…

  21. Mizuki Kawashita’s mangas have always been a guilty pleasure for me, I wish they’d animate Lilim Kiss. This appears to be another guilty pleasure I hope to enjoy for a while…

    as long as this story doesn’t end like Me-teru no Kimochi by Gantz mangaka Hiroya Oku at least…

  22. Bleach is getting worse and worse with every passing chapter.

    It’s starting to surpass DB/DBZ in the “let’s have a million chapters for one fight” department.

    Pimpdaddy Hosmacka

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