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  1. yeah and the author/editors don’t want bleach to end

    they want to keep it going and going and going…

    just like Endless Eight!

    why else have chapters that one can read in 2 mins that span a total of 8 secs in manga time?

  2. If I were Shinji, I’d go bankai with my mask on and go for the kill right away.Big mistake on his part, since Aizen is only second to Yamamoto in overall strength.

  3. sooooooooooooooooooooo many fight in the current arc yet kubo’s pacing style is wayyyyyyyyyyyy too slow…
    i wonder if it’ll take another 2 years for this arc to finish…dem it!

  4. Do u guys really think that Aizen gonna make a move in next chapter?
    Aizen will just sit down and watch spades fighting vs vaizards, after 6 chapters maybe he could make some atack.

  5. the vizards have so much potential. none of them have shown shikai yet, moreso bankai. who knows how far the battle would go i also think shinji and co. didn’t hide for a couple of years to be skewered by aizen’s black coffin (like komamura). maybe they trained themselves to counter aizen’s suigetsu’s ability or did some nasty stuff. it would be very disappointing if they had their asses handed again despite the hell they experienced before so im very much rooting for a cool fight.

  6. Why do I get the feeling that this will be a rehash of the Soul Society Arc Finale?

    Basically, the vizards arrived just in time to turn the tide of battle and they will probably finish off the rest of the espada Wonderwice included but in the end Aizen will excape in some way with Gin and Tousen and things will go back to square one.

    I’m pretty sure no one important will die with the exception of maybe the espada…

    I hope I’m surprised in some way or another, but at this point my expectations are pretty low. I hope at least we get to see some cool fights between the vizards and espada 1-3

  7. Lots of things can happen, especially if it’s Aizen we’re talking about…
    all this could merely be a distraction and Aizen is probably tunneling his way to Soul Society.
    I doubt Shinji’s sword will deal any damage right there… Aizen has had a lot of prep time for a kawarimi no jutsu. LOL!
    Anyone else feel the story will switch back to Hueco Mundo next chapter? This is the perfect cliffy.

  8. And what they now really need badly, is the Heal Squad Captain. or Sinji Healer, give them a hand. But there must be allot more action, or the “Proud” of the Shinigami Squad are in the Way. Like the General. Old, but full of Proud!!

  9. @Ragna

    Thats easy to explain.

    In a same why you explain the “why Vaizards bothered to use their masks at the simple menos grande”

    Its for revenge.

    The mask use was to show off the power to Aizen – the power he plotted so much to get his hands on.

    And Shinji wants to defeat Aizen without the mask – defeating the man you hate with the powers he gave to you would ruin the whole logic of revenge.

    As for overall designs…Well, let’s not forget that we do not still know the bankai powers of Vaizards, so there’s a lot left to deliver in their department. And I can’t help to wonder on how much of that COULD possibly be delivered with them being enemies to both SS and Aizen.

    Unknown Voice
  10. Is it just me or do I sense a important reason why Ichigo n co. are stuck in hueco mundo. Maybe Aizen kills everyone in karuka, if not some while everyone stuck in hueco mundo survives.

  11. Lol.dont forget yammy back in hueco,he could do something.hez number 0-ZERO,i literally laughed my ass off.So im pretty sacarstic about my first statement (>.<)
    Shinji Ftw.

  12. Shinji didn’t remove his mask completely. He just slid it off 3/4 of his face so Aizen could see his face as he “tries” to kill him.

    If we remember back to Ichigo v Ulquiorra they keep their hollowfication powers until their entire mask is removed. In the last frame in the chapter there is still some white under his hair.

  13. i wonder what the numbers are for the Espada. Sure they have then numbered, but since Ulquiorra said that he is the only Espada to reach the Segunda Etapa, wouldn’t that make him stronger than Harribel, Barragan, and possibly Stark and Yammy?

    Darma Shoten
  14. My Guts, say me “Inoue” is a hidden secret Key, to this all… I still can remember a scene, where Ichigo went to SS (First Season). After the Battles, someone asked the Heal Squad Captain, “Will they need your help?”. She only saw Inoue try to heal Ichigo. But She said only after she saw Inoue. “They don’t need my help!”… A hidden point, of what she is capable of? Remember the Scene, too. Where she was searching Ichigo, and found him on the Vizard Train grounds?. And where the “barrier” type, whats surprised she easy gone trough his “absolute Perfect Barrier”?

  15. and don’t forget her “Karate/Judoka/something Martial arts” Friend of hers? She can see Ichigo in Spirit form, and the Monsters… I think Her appearance will not be far away.. i predict some action when they Aizen defend the “Captains” and are going on to destroy the Real Town, after destroying the Pillars… Is She a hidden Super secret Guardian, what Aizen is looking for? 🙂

    Call me Rumors addict. But, that keep the curiosity alive, don’t? 🙂

  16. It is obvious that it’s too soon for Aizen to get killed. Everyone wants a piece of him.

    Let’s put it this way – who do you think deserves the final finishing blow on Aizen?

    Is it Shinji? Or Momo? Or another person…

    Besides Aizen as of now seems like the big ol’ villain in the story (unless there’s another antagonist out there) and if he were to die right now, it would be the end of Bleach… All that stuff about the King’s key, etc. would have been for naught.

    I have a feeling that the King’s key might ALSO be a red herring. I mean they practically have Aizen’s plan figured out. Yea – he’s always a step ahead and stuff, but does Soul Society and everyone else have his plan completely figured out? Cause it seems like Aizen’s plans are getting pretty darn foiled at the moment.

    But I’m pretty sure he’s going to make the King’s key somehow… Maybe? Or does it really end here?

    Who knows.

    Xineohp Erif
  17. This King thing, is the “red Story Line”. The reason for Aizen to do this all… So if we see this King or Queen, then Hell froze over… Aehm Bleach reached the end.

  18. No, my best bet is… tada.. an Illusion..And don’t you think is strange.. All around Azien gained a powerup, because of his Researching… But his best buddys (the ex-SS Captains!). On what Powerlevel are they? 🙂

    Oh again, i am spreading rumors

  19. @Ryan
    I think about 70% chance Aizen will pull it out 🙂
    Hes the one that wants to become shinigami + hollow, and thus conducted all those experiments. Aizen also mentioned when a shinigami mastered kidou, kendo and hand to hand, the shinigami has reached the peak of a shinigami. He wouldn’t create all those espadas and have them under control if he is ‘just’ a shinigami, altho a powerful one.

  20. Huh yeah, while more exciting then the previous 100 chapters (turn back the pendulum was the only good thing in Bleach’s last 2 years).. Bleach still fell short compared to other WSJ manga this week.

    I’m much more excited with Bakuman, Reborn and mostly, One Piece.. Seriously, this is how you make someone’s jaw drop to the floor after 550 chapters.

  21. Sorry for my bad english. At least for me, I think Aizen will “remove” the Shinji mask / hollow power. Because Aizen made/create/transform the group of Shinji in Vizards and have the full knowledge of that power.

  22. Two things I see happening in the coming months…

    1. The Commander is going to die. He is older then dirt and even tho he is still very powerful I am willing to bet that Aizen kills him. Its time for some new blood to be the Captain-Commander.

    2. Inoue will betray Ichigo and side with Aizen. She loves Ichigo so of course she does NOT want to betray them but I bet the Espada Uniform she is wearing will influince her to betray her friends.

    I don’t have any direct evidence that either of these will happen but I have a gut feeling they are going to happen.

  23. I got these Ideas from fake bleach spoliers and from myself

    I hope that it doesn’t turn out like:

    1. turns out the royal guard steps in and then Aizen reveals that he had the royal key all along and wanted to draw everyone in one place then unleased a whole bunch of super powerful arrancars that kills every good guy there


    2. that the towers are destroyed and he uses the shinigami there to and Karakura town to create the key.

    that’s most of the cast in that area, Kubo wouldn’t do that would he? I mean that’s a serious Asspull (yes, I go to TV Tropes). And doesn’t no one die in Bleach?

  24. man rose’s hollow was cool, hacchi’s one also pretty scary like some ceremony, love’s one was true violence, lisa’s was too cool… just don’t ask me which one’s best, really…

  25. For me, Bleach is just another Anime now. As of recently, the Anime has been filled with to many fillers, and the Manga is just to dragged out. I stayed up for 23 hours to catch up to ep 183, then watched to 212. I have not been able to watch since then. I stopped reading at ch 236. Just to much. But then again, this is also coming from a person who loves the slowest manga on earth, Pastel… lol

  26. That wasn’t really overkill, i mean i think that this chapter was just to show their battle cry and stance and the way they strike and the way they look when they battle, all at once, but overkill and something that is possible by them would be just one of them destroying all those Gillians would have been possible. and that would be real overkill.

    that aside dam man bleach chapter need to add more content in each episode, no wonder anime catches up too fast.

  27. Actually… there’s a reason why the smaller good guys never go for the big bad guys, and just leave it to the over-powered hero, because, when the small fries do gang up on the big guys, the big guys slaughter them one at a time. And the is unobjectionable as Toshirou was in ER in under 3 frames against Aizen (before Aizen even leveled up +100)… also, the screaming brat also revived some of the stronger defeated opponents, and the shinigami are all wounded, badly. Also, I’d like to note, even if I make an enemy of his fangirls, TOSHIROU IS FRIGGIN WEAK! At the very least, when the others beat an opponent, they kill them, but in the series, at least 3 times, Toshirou has failed to kill his opponent, and they come out unscathed after being frozen, ex: numero 11, Espada #8, and the recent Espada #3, and that is just from the recent Arrancar vs. Shinigami war…

  28. @chad001

    Yes TOSHIROU is weak, its said that his ice sword is the strongest right, i think he just doesn’t know how to fully use it to the best possible way to become strong with it so he is weak.

    Compared to him Rukia’s ice weapon seems to destroy faster then his, lol but to me Rukia is like a snail or a fat girl, or a weak person, with a strong weapon, i mean sure her weapon can do some heavy damage, but once someone catches up with her or gets to close, or hits her she is done in few hits most time one(haha).

  29. If it wasn’t his Brother, Rukia would be Captain, too. If have been explained in the Series. But don’t ask me where. My Mind is not that good.

    And, if there a possibility that Azien can have 3 Kei’s? First Kei is for Vice-Captain, 2nd Kei is Captain and 3rd Kei for someone that achieve all kind of Battle skills?

    And how they will fit Ichigo (he surly will save the day. Hey, is the main hero after all!) in this all now? Has Inoune the “Control” of Ichigo? (Well you know what killed this, 2nd gear Hollow(not to Spoiler to much))

  30. @Chimasternmay

    Toushiro is weak when compared to OTHER characters, but he is powerhouse when compared to others of his age.

    Its quite clear that somewhere in the future, when he is about the same age as Byakuya, he would be as powerful as Yamamoto, hence the whole point of him being prodigy and etc,

    Unknown Voice
  31. Well, knowing Bleach. If the Vizard are in a tough spot or nearly killed/defeated. Ichigo will appear out of nowhere and safe the day, as normal.

    And let’s forget about Hirako or any of the other vizards beating Aizen, they might fight Tousen or Gin. But the big bad guy is most likely going to be left for Ichigo. After all remember Ichigo did get a new hollow upgrade.

  32. The vizard will definitely handle all the espada since the shinigami failed. The big concern will come from the bankai of Gin,Tosen,and Aizen. I also think Aizen and his lackies are vizards themselves. Plus I dont think Renji and the others will defeat Yammy, actually never mind cause Byakuya and the other captains are there. I have no idea how but the King’s Key will get created. Aizen might reveal that Soul Soceity became his target due to interference of the Shinigami. I mean nobody is there now…yeah nobody is there now. Soul Soceity will be sacrificed.


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