Teppei fares poorly against Sylvia when he uses a foil, but things even up after Yuu brings him his sword. Sylvia is still a little faster than him though, so he admits defeat, and the two become friends. Sylvia and Charlotte also recommend him for the society club, but Seika opposes him joining since she sees him as an outsider. She feels that he lacks dignity and class, so Teppei vows to develop it, and Seika gives him until the party in a week. The high-class etiquette that Teppei needs is hard for him to learn though, and Charlotte, Sylvia, and Yuu try to teach him. Charlotte in particular instructs him on dancing, and she kisses him on the cheek as a reward in advance. One night, when he’s not practicing, Teppei chats with Yuu about what he’s doing and about making friends and allies. Yuu calls herself his friend, and she tells him how his grandfather helped her and urged her to do what she could, and this inspires Teppei to do his best. When the party finally arrives, Teppei is able to impress everyone with his dance with Charlotte. Seika admits that he did well, but she’s still not entirely satisfied and wants him to host his own party.


I thought I’d like Seika’s character, but after this episode, I really can’t stand her anymore. Her haughty attitude is really annoying, and I wish that Teppei had just slapped her or something. I don’t see why he has to jump through so many hoops for her either. Given how popular and powerful his name is, he should be able to start his own club organization on his own terms. I guess though that this is all moving towards having Seika fall in love with him – which she is already starting to – and becoming one of the people he can trust. I like the other girls so much more than her though. Charlotte’s aggressive flirting is very fun to watch (how is it that she always ends up on top of him?), Yuu is the one who probably understands him the best right now and seems the most mature thanks to all of the character development she’s gotten already, and even Sylvia has had some cute moments. If I were to rate them, I’d say Charlotte = Yuu > Sylvia >>>> Seika.

While I may not have liked Seika, the show itself is still quite entertaining. The battle at the beginning was a little shorter than expected, but at least there was a battle, and plus the humor is still good. I also like how the Yuu scenes are a nice change of pace from the more light-hearted material, and now that all four main girls have become active in the story, I’m curious to see what direction the writers and director go with it once its past the Seika stuff.


  1. Seika’s character development seems more along the tsundere type, which is quite a surprise…and yes, very irritating indeed right now. Looks like there will be more fights between her and Teppei next week.

    I cannot bring myself to like Yuu, possibly because she is too nice, but yes, Charlotte is oh so fun to watch and so innocent and coy at the same time. The part where she was looking at Teppei’s manhood and asking about it was so funny.

    Charlotte > Silvia > Yuu > Seika for me at this point. I doubt if it will change either, considering the four girls’ temperaments and personalities.

  2. The only thing I find funny about Seika is that she babbles only about dignity & class when she has just about as much as a rabid dog. They really need to shoot down her character soon if this story is ever gonna get off the ground.

  3. Geez, Seika is worse than I thought. Demand him to host his own debut party to “prove himself” to her? (I mean she, plus her cohorts, are the only ones at this point demanding that from him). So it wasn’t just being merely petty for her to be stepping on his feet in the preview – she’s trying to “take him down”

    Methinks the girl in the pink skirt in the preview is going to turn the tables on Seika (and in addition, I think it’s Charolette, since those are her colors imho).!/Princess%20Lover!%20-%2003%20-%20Large%20Preview%2001.jpg

    Really cute move by Yuu here (plus here she looks like Tama-chan from Bamboo Blade :D)

    Sailor Enlil
  4. Seika reminds of Haruhi for some reason right down to her arrogance and her random abuse of her subordinates. She unfortunately lacks Haruhi’s charisma that made her appealing. Besides she seems to have something against the Arima family, so maybe they’ll tackle that issue. Its only 3 episodes in so there’s plenty of time to develop her.

    On the other hand I really like how Teppei steps up his game to prove himself. He’s definitely got more backbone than most harem leads.

    The other girls are very appealing though, I’m surprised I haven’t found anything to complain about them. That might change in the coming episodes.

  5. “On the other hand I really like how Teppei steps up his game to prove himself. He’s definitely got more backbone than most harem leads.”

    Keep in mind, that doesn’t say a whole lot. A jellyfish has more of a backbone than most Harem male leads. Hell, most harem female leads have more backbone than most harem male leads.

  6. Sylvia >>>>>>>>>>> Charlotte > Seika > Yuu

    Don’t let the title fool you that Charlotte’s the one, they can just make up a new ending thats not in the game like making Yuu a long lost princess that was kidnapped by Isshin XD

  7. @GP Yep, the ending is already set in stone. Charlotte is already trying to act like one of those backdoor characters that goofs off until her time comes. She first did it when they took a break after getting attacked in the 1st eps & the 2nd eps was nothing but her antics. The game was good, but Charlotte was so multipurpose that she couldn’t help but to show her magic in every situation.

    I kinda feel sorry for the other two girls & Seika can go jump off a cliff. The problem with tsundere is that they always will go deredere at some point. The only thing Seika has going for her is her seiyuu. That’s the saddest thing I’ve said about any character.

    You guys are really giving jellyfish a bad name. I was stung by one of those POSs. Let me tell you that they don’t need backbones. I don’t think we’ll every get a harem male lead that don’t get pulled around by the female counterparts. Its annoying, cliché, & downright dumb. But anyone who decides to fully break this mold will become GOD!

  8. @Megas

    Well, since this is based off of a game, there is a Sylvia end in there. But odds of that going on are lower at this point. Not having played the game I don’t know what to look for when it comes to signs of which path/ending they’re working on.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like Charlotte as well, but she’s too much imo. So far she goes at her fast pace and it’s like, move outta the way. I feel at this point that Sylvia is the better match for the main. He was able to read her mood at the end of the 2nd episode and calling her lonely. I think that dynamic works better.

  9. Not sure it’s too clear but both Charlotte and Sylvia are princesses from their own countires. The title basically gives us a 50/50 as to which one he will choose. I’m guessing the traditional “no-choice” harem ending.

    Pretty entertaining episode but I was disapointed with the duration of the fight scene. It’s a shame since last week they spent so much time on the flashback that seemed so unnecessary. It would have been great this week.

    I also find it odd Sylvia isn’t more upset with Charlotte. Isn’t she the fiancee? She needs to step up her game. Did I miss something or are the censors coming off next week?

  10. I never could get the Sylvia ending in the game. I guess I just screwed around with Charlotte too much. She’s still second on my list to Sylvia though. Yuu’s one of those ankle worshipper/support types, while Seika’s just a bitch. Hell, Sylvia’s his fiancee, why can’t she win out. Maybe I’ll play the game again & completely ignore Charlotte (although I tried that twice & still ended up with her O.o)

    @DubleLulz: I second that…even though ‘purple-hair’ would gladly accept such a situation. I won’t go into detail about why.

  11. I’m loving Charlotte at this point, with Sylvia just a bit behind. While I’m not really surprised at the direction they took Seika, I was hoping she wouldn’t be such a bitch.


  12. I almost overlooked this but that green-haired bitch was pretty damn close to insulting the man’s dead parents. I don’t know what part of Jap? there in but where I come from I don’t care where or who you are, if you do some shit like that, you’re asking to have your face smashed in…& that’s coming from a guy who grew up with a well-to-do family in Sai. For those bitches to go that far I would have burned that club down. Damn, I need to vent right now. You can be a bitch, but there are always consequences…& to say that to HIM of all people, plz. & don’t give me that she didn’t know everything BS. They even knew what they did for a living. That dump would have been cinders & ashes.

  13. such is life, bitches exist; still can’t go attacking everyone you dislike just because you feel entitled to.
    arson and assault are usually crimes.
    saying crap about a person’s family usually isn’t.

  14. I don’t care about crimes & shit…& I don’t care about talking someone when they’re alive but you cross the line when they’re dead. You have to be jello to turn the other cheek to that bull. Let it happen to you & see how you feel & act. It DID happen to me. I paid for it (mainly a smack on the wrist) but it felt good as hell in the process & it was worth it. My situation actually entitled me to fight back & it got a little bad since I have 2 black belts.

    But enough of that. Obviously, this anime don’t care about such trivial matters since folks are being senselessly attacked & killed. The guy definitely don’t know what kind of mess he’s in since he’s playing around with those bitches. Even a jellyfish in that situation would have figured out what kind of power he have. It just seems counter-productive to fool around with people who consider themselves enemies to your family. But that’s why did junk is interesting, I guess.

  15. My current ranking now

    Charlotte= Sylvia>Yuu>Seika

    Previously, I said that he’ll end up with Charlotte, but I’m slowly starting to believe there’s a 5% possibility he’ll end up with Sylvia. Either way, I’m rooting more for Charlotte.

    Also, Seika is playing the typical love interest who hates the main at first, but starts to admire him more and more.

    @DubleLulz btw, that’s very very harsh saying that.

  16. @ Megas

    Personally, I agree. I don’t consider myself highly family oriented, but my upbringing did revolve around respecting those who came before me. My entire family looked out for all of us kids and we did so with the younger ones. If you insult my family, you insult a large part of who I am. I don’t mind the bantering and playful, “That’s what your mom said…” because I play it too. But would never intentionally tell someone that their lineage is trash.

    Say stuff like that around most people I know and you will get yourself in a situation you will not enjoy. Personally, if I was Teppei, I’d kicked both girls teeth out and then used my trillions of dollars and high society connections to completely destroy their club and their family’s reputation/fortune!

    But then again, I’m the vengeful type.

  17. Is it me or does Charlotte seem like she’s the type that is completely aware of what she isn’t suppose to be doing, if you know what I mean LOL… and Sylvia is the one who is actually quite tunnel vision, not as situationaly(is this a word) aware? Just my humble opinion. I haven’t played the game or anything just my “calculating-slut-alarm” went off LOL… not necessarily a bad thing, especially in this anime.

    In RL I run the other direction when I encounter girls like Charlotte… they get me in serious trouble. LOL

  18. it has happened to me, and before you call me “jello” it just so happens you’re not to only person with any martial arts experience. i DID turn the other cheek and it seems to me i was always taught not to attack people that likely have no MA training as its a) pointless
    b) doesn’t prove anything
    c) frankly makes you look silly (watch ep3 of bakemonogatari, and you’ll get an idea of how silly it really looks)

    jello reacts when someone blows hot air at it.

    takes a bigger man to accept their existence and move forward (and if you can, exceed them anyway) then to just attack some girl that can’t fight back anyway just because she excels at flapping her gums.

    but enough of that, is there any point getting into a macho cock waving contest over fictional girls in an anime? they’re clearly written to rub you the wrong way anyway, so I’d say the writers did a good job.

  19. Like many of you, I was pretty upset with the social club scene. I wouldn’t condone hitting a girl but there are plenty of other non violet ways to get even. Hell, he could have the school build another club area and create an organization that has better values. With his future influence, a lot of good can come from his leadership.

    Well, it’s a comedy show. Best to turn off my reality checks. Oh yeah. Gum scene was definately the best.

  20. I honestly don’t care if he ends up with Charlotte _or_ Sylvia. Either one (or both!) are perfectly acceptable to me. They both have their own excellent points, Charlotte for being forward and actively pursuing him, and Sylvia for her grace and innocence (love when she gets embarrassed over Charlotte doing perverted things to Teppei).

    He even said that Yuu reminds him of his mother, which is an instant death sentence for that romance. Just as long as it isn’t that absolute bitch Seika. It doesn’t matter if she is a tsundere, everything she accuses Teppei of, SHE is actually doing to him.

    Charlotte = Sylvia > Yuu >>>>>> everyone else >>>>>>> Seika

  21. OK folks, Charlotte knows exactly what she’s doing (Cat-Bag).

    @ Anon: I’m getting tired of this…my situation just got worst after I tried to ignore the flaming bitch. I was with my girlfriend (present wife) at the time & she wouldn’t leave us alone. The girls then went at it & I broke it up by kicking the bitch through a store window display. BTW, the bitch was fairly skilled too & my wife didn’t stand a chance. The insult wasn’t as much toward me & it was my partner but it ended up going both ways. The dumbest thing about it was that all 3 of us shared a cell overnight, talk about hell on earth. All 3 of us were pretty beat up to boot so keep the fairy tales about big strapping men eating little wimpy girls to yourself. Just about the only thing we wasn’t trying to do is kill each other.

    I’m fine with you if you just going to let someone beat you up if you’re referring to baka-family-whatever but my mess all started with insults to family that wasn’t there anymore. Of course green-hair bitch probably couldn’t hold a finger to Teppei so something along the lines of Irie’s scenerio would make more sense but I certainly would fuck around with them like he’s doing. That’s jello, plain & simple. Why would anyone want to be in a club with someone that just insulted your family. That’s fuckin stupid. But that’s why its anime. It’s not suppose to make sense.

  22. for some reason Charlotte reminds me of Lala from To-Love-Ru, and Yuu: Haruna, Sylvia: Golden Darkness, etc….but that’s just me, haha 😛
    I do like this type of anime though, especially with a relatively strong male protagonist.
    Really don’t like Seika right now, but perhaps that will change soon (better change soon)

  23. I had high hopes for Seika, but after watching this ep, I think Teppei should have just bitchslapped her and her two followers and then pwned them like the pimp he is. A Meatrod would fill that yapping piehole of hers quite handily.

  24. @Meery: Yeah he looks great. I should put on my sunday best then we can fly down to the Château Yquem and have some Sauternes. Although its a little out of my price range I’m sure he can pick up the bill. We can talk about our problems with bitches & I can give him some advice 😀

  25. To hell woth you all. Since when has ANY harem game anime followed the original script? We might even get a Seika end, but it’s just too damn early to tell. Oh, and:

    Maria(Sylvia’s little sister) > Charlotte = Yuu > Sylvia > Seika
    For those of you who played the game, you surely must agree.
    It’s a damn shame there isn’t a Maria end.

  26. To hell with you all. Since when has ANY harem game anime followed the original script? We might even get a Seika end, but it’s just too damn early to tell. Oh, and:

    Maria(Sylvia’s little sister) > Charlotte = Yuu > Sylvia > Seika
    For those of you who played the game, you surely must agree.

    It’s a damn shame there isn’t a Maria end.

  27. Hmm… weird.

    I actually felt that Seika was okay since her family have some problem with the Arima family which is why she is like that. However, I felt like how you guys felt towards that purple-hair girl and the other one.

  28. Beside, if Seika was that bad, she would not be like what she was at the end of the episode. Overall, I felt the “rape,” “bitchslapped,” and etcetera is just plain unnecessary.


    Heck yeah! I thought Maria was soo cute! But a Maria ending in a hgame? No way although that’s probably because I’m not exactly a lolicon but she sure is cute! Overall right now though it would be

    Charlotte=Sylvia > Yuu >> Seika

  29. @Nalface: Yeah she looks like Moka-san, but with much bigger boobies. Personality obviously totally different.

    On that note, I’m sure everyone thinks Sylvia is basically Saber with a rapier rather than an broadsword. Again with bigger boobies. Personality is a little different but not AS different as Charlotte/Moka. Sylvia/Saber serious, confident in ablities, stands up for herself, elegantly violent, and very strong sense of duty. Oh yeah, Moe Shyness.

    I’m trying to think up a Yuu/?? comparison, I’m sure there are litterally hundreds of choices but nothing comes to mind atm.

  30. @brianleung8912: that’s the main reason why i like Seika: while being a bitch, she doesn’t have obscene sized boobies…
    Other than that, i think this show is great because:
    a, the dude does have balls
    b, the obligatory MA skilled female doesn’t bitchslap the male lead all the time (Love Hina and lot of others)
    c, the cute-innocent girl knows exactly what she’s doing. That’s obvious since ep1.

  31. I think many people are overreacting to Seika’s attitude because what she said about Teppei’s past was unnecessary, I don’t think it was worth saying that she needed to be bitchslapped over. She’s not even that much of a bitch to hate that much and there’s more to know about her before judging so quickly.

    For now, I think Yuu would be a nice match for Teppei although I think that would be impossible.

  32. Quote: “Given how popular and powerful his name is, he should be able to start his own club organization on his own terms”

    You are so freaking right, I don’t see why he have to impress these rich spoil brat when he probably more powerful in term of status and money than any of them. You don’t freaking see Bill Gate or Donald Trump trying to impress ppl, who they need to impress, Bill Gate can go shopping in a dirty jean and T-shirt, ppl will still gravel at his feet just for an advice from him. Same with Donald Trump and his ridiculous hair style, but does he care enough that he need to impress ppl? Teppi is so dumb trying to impress others.

  33. @Mike: Yeah, Teppei’s sudden lack of spine when dealing with these high society brats seems out of character. He’s already shown that he can be decisive and keep his own counsel in ep 1 when rescuing Charlotte. I hope he breaks Seika & co. soon – all this party/society club stuff is wasting precious episode time.

  34. That’s what is so stupid about this junk. If I was the gramps, I would be more concerned about adjusting the guy’s attitude rather than him finding a bunch of bitchy friends. He doesn’t need to be evil but he does have to know how to throw his weight around. But right now he thinks he have just as much weight as a water flee. I just hope they don’t blow too many episodes on this nonsense club crap.

  35. I think his attempt to prove himself is more of personal pride, considering one of Seika’s subordinates called him out about his whole noodle shop thing. Granted, Seika’s group probably didn’t know his parents were dead so hopefully they’ll realize that and feel like jerks.

    Honestly, I think all the Seika hate is unwarranted, she hasn’t done anything too bad. Yet. At the very least she hasn’t resorted to excessive physical violence, one thing I do despise. Besides that, this episode already shows that Seika wants to get into Teppei’s pants, she just hasn’t passed the denial stage.

  36. @ Mike

    Wow, you think money and status is all that huh? Teppei has to prove that he is worthy of it which he is but not by flaunting his money and status like there’s no tomorrow. That’s one reason why Seika was like that in this episode. She initially thought that he is one of those people who thinks he can buy everyone or anything with money which leads her to that bad attitude towards Teppei. Of course, Teppei proved that he is not and not only that, he is trying hard in what he does which is why she softened up near the end. I don’t care if you are rich or not but if you are a bad person, they you are a bad person whether you are ugly, beautiful, rich, poor, stupid, intelligence, and etc. It doesn’t matter.

    Not only that, you calling those people rich spoiled brats and why? Because they are rich? If they are so then everyone rich is a spoiled brat wouldn’t you agree?

  37. To add, Teppei is not trying to impress others. He is defending his pride and showing that there is nothing wrong with a noodle shop and not only that, a gentlemen is a gentlemen no matter his origins.

  38. Haha, but to add one more thing. Seika may be bitchy but at the same time, she’s not exactly a bitch. What I meant by that is that she is someone who values others not by their status or money but by who they are. That’s why after Teppei proves that he’s not how she thinks he might be as well as him proving his worth, she stops being like what she was before. Would you want someone to respect you only by your money and status or by also the character that defines you?

  39. I hope it’s either charlotte, sylvia, or yuu. Seika can go to hell, it’s a shame that his parents are dead, because if he were to bring home the wind up barbie doll seika, i think his mom would have snatched her bald headed. i was wondering in the first episode we hear about rich people getting killed in accidents and teppei’s parents get killed in one.

    Who is killing the rich people and why?

  40. well Im a fan of seika 🙂 reminds me of Rin Tosaka black hair twintails and
    the tsundere!! 😀 and her looks resembles… but i like Sylvia too.. i dont like
    charlotte though she should remain as a comic relief 😛


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