Ikkaku and Yumichika come to real world to go after a Hollow, but Ichigo won’t let them stay with him, and Urahara is away, so they’re forced to stay with Keigo again. Mizuho is delighted to see Ikkaku, but she drives him crazy, and nothing he says or does can keep her away from him. Yumichika thinks that if they get Ikkaku a wig, then she’ll lose interest in him because she prefers bald men, and Yumichika has a bit of fun himself by super-gluing the wig to Ikkaku’s head. The wig succeeds in turning Mizuho off of Ikkaku, but it also has the opposite effect where she starts to treat him extremely poorly, and he ends up storming out with Yumichika.

Mizuho becomes concerned enough to go out after them with Keigo, however before they can get very far, they’re attacked by the Hollow. Ikkaku and Yumichika come to her rescue, but it turns out that the super-glue that Yumichika used has a side effect of preventing Ikkaku from leaving his gigai. Ikkaku ultimately has to use brute force to rip off the wig, and he saves Mizuho just in time. Having lost consciousness, Mizuho wakes up the next morning and wonders if it was a dream, but she remembers Ikkaku carrying her home. She catches him just as he and Yumichika are leaving, and she offers to let him stay with her again next time. When Ikkaku throws off the wig for the final time though, everyone laughs at him because he’s grown a single hair.


Although this episode didn’t have any funky animation styles like the last Mizuho episode to make it stand out, it turned out to be a bit better than I was expecting. That’s not to say it was a great episode, but at least Ikkaku with all those different hairstyles was amusing. It was also interesting to see the anime’s writers push Ikkaku and Mizuho together again as a potential couple, and it makes me wonder if Kubo Tite will ultimately have those two end up together or if Ikkaku will be dead or something at the end of Bleach – if it ever ends.

Of course, probably the most interesting part of this episode was the preview for the next episode and arc which will feature the various zanpakutou and (I assume) their human forms. It looks and sounds like it could be good, but I won’t get my hopes up just yet. I am, however, looking forward to the new ED.


  1. the zanpaktou arc better not have the “spirit makes the weilder dissappear” or “sprit seals weilder inside zanpaktou” thing in it.

    sorry, some plot points I’m not a fan of

  2. @God~Knows~
    Ikkaku is underrated because he has to be, wtf is there point to him in bleach beside showing up to help sometimes, if ur asking for more might as well put him in Ichigo’s main group that wont fit probably, then might as well ask for side story all about him, which they are obviously doing probably due to some bald fan girls request lol.

    about the preview, its seems like the rumor few weeks ago was true, being about Zanpakutou’s : I think im gonna skip watch the episode at the most rather then completely skipping all of them till its back on track.

  3. “if it ever ends” …..come on man!! i know its slow BUT there’s lots of mangas that are long awaited and will probably be milked till we are all in pampers…
    and let me be the first to say that Mizuho LOOKS HOT IN SUSPENDERS!!!!! OMG i think I’m discovering a new fetish of mine…..yep…its confirmed

    BROOKLYN otaku
  4. Girl + suspenders = win.

    Yet another girl, Mizuho, surpasses Rukia on the Bleach hottest girl list. I wish they would stop drawing her as a prepubescent boy and give her a little sex appeal. My god,Rukia even looks bland in the holy grail of cosplay, the school girl uniform.

  5. @Chinmasternmay and God~Knows~

    I dont think Ikkaku is underrated at all, because he’s one of the few vice captains that know bankai and he shows up quite often in the series. In fact a lot of my friends consider him their favorite character in Bleach

  6. The next episode will be a key episode. Mashashi Kudo is incharge of the next episode and he works on the character designs in bleach, so this is actually the first time it will be his first time in charge a single episode.

  7. summer fillers seems good this time!! Maybe it’s just me, but the battle in karakura is too long…we have already seen a lot, but unless we got also 3 espada with 3 resurrection forms, tons of unseen bankai and aizen+jin+tousen+wonderweiss, and vizards(note: they’re not using shumpo or sonido…they actually took a bus to go on the battlefield, cuz they’re managing to being late for all the action…) see ya

  8. ikkaku’s new hairstyle looks nice (and funny), and also looking forward to filler, hmm maybe they should let us hear some ending from this episode’s preview? the zangetsu speech (is it?) kinda plain leh…

  9. Thank god I stopped watching this show. Even seeing pictures as stupid as these make me sick, why do they think people that actually like decent action animes would like this shit. Everybody is still raving how good it is but I am seriously confused. Sadly this bloggers website only tracks a couple of the good animes going on, right now I’m watching like 5 others that aren’t on here.

  10. Ya know, this filler wasn’t too bad- it’s so-so. Though it was basically a rehash of what happened 100 episodes ago, with the “wig” trick added (a similar “wig” story happened in a Hale + Guu filler).

    As opposed to how I initially thought of her, Mizuko was appealing this time around, and her outfit was hawt.

    Any episode that can send Ichigo into a laughing fit wins in my book.

  11. I can’t believe they are selling us this shit… wasn’t bleach a serious anime? In fact, Bleach makes no sense at all… age in bleach, duh? … what about the people before becoming shinigami and their experiences, they didn’t have parents? … Why Hitsugaya grew while Ukitake didn’t? …

    Why i’m telling you this? ._.

  12. awesome ep. lol I haven’t laughed in a long time while watching Bleach, at least it’s genuinely funny this time, unlike the Beach ep, and these fillers beat the entire Bount arc.

  13. The most hilarous episode ever!!! i didn’t expect this arc to be this good, better than the first ones. Anyways i think Ikkaku’s better being bald that having hair because he looked kind of weird and well his baldness is what makes him unique.


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