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To be honest though, I was less interested in this week’s chapter and more interested in the revealed zanpakutou character designs for the upcoming anime original arc. The fact that so many of them got human forms seems to suggest that the arc will go for quite a while (a year would not shock me), and for now, it looks very promising. If you’re having trouble figuring out who’s who, a poster on ASuki’s forums has already labeled the images to identify each of the characters.


  1. The pretense for the filler arc sounds somewhat interesting, at least more so than the last two. I might actually start picking up the anime regularly again rather than just watching the episodes pertaining to certain favorite chapters.

  2. Wait… what the f?

    Didn’t they already show us what Zabimaru looked like when Renji was trying to get his Bankai? How have they changed the look of his materialized zanpakutou? That too, into a pair of women? LOL Renji is so whipped.

  3. @SOSAnimeBoy
    that was what i was thinking, about Renji zanpakutou materialized form, i thought it was the bambo monkey, and i would at least think Senbonzakura would be a female, with the you what on, whatever…

    seems like the Zanpakutous will become characters, so will it be something of a master servant relationship, or will it only be about them more, or will they become enemies

  4. I think Soi Fong and Omaeda will Also participate in the Hachi vs. Barragan battle. Hachi will probably hold him down with some barrier spell and Soi Fong will deliver the finishing blow…that or Yamamoto will actually get to fight again.

  5. From looking at the initial character design, they seem to have put a bit more effort. I believe that the most important thing will be the actual storytelling so it keep us intrested.

  6. Aizen is not around and it’s just his zanpaktou along with Gin and Tousen (that explains why Tousen attacked Shinji “he knew about it” and this proved that Aizen is not around) it seems everyone doesn’t know about it except Urahara Kisuke.

  7. Well, I really liked this week’s chapter. Komamura has become one of my favourite captains as the story has progressed and I was immensely glad to see him be the first one to step up and allign himself with the Visoreds. Hisagi then joining in to fight Tousen made that moment even more awesome. I really want that hypocrite to be taken down, and I hope Hisagi or Komamura do it.

    nowhere man
  8. To answer to that :
    Wait… what the f?

    Didn’t they already show us what Zabimaru looked like when Renji was trying to get his Bankai? How have they changed the look of his materialized zanpakutou? That too, into a pair of women? LOL Renji is so whipped.

    In Colorful Bleach, we have [url=]That[/url] and [url=]That[/url]
    To explain for no-french : The zanpakuto of Reiji has been broked but Mayuri repair him… with a choice… And Mayuri can change the sex of a Zanpakuto… :s
    So… The monkey-girl can exist :p

  9. i think that girl with the skull ornament is BENIHIME because the skull motif is is like thos old princess heddresses which would describe her HIME part and i think her hair may be red from the off color photo which would be the BENI (crimson)…also, she looks like the kinda girl that kisuke would go for, she seems bad ass…and because benihime uses blood that would be expected that she would be pirate like…look at how kisuke associates with bad ass women that kukaku shiba, and that yuroichi

  10. oh man the anime filler looks too interesting to miss… but then why they all look so weird? I don’t think the zanpakutos themselves look THAT bad…

    manga-wise… looking forward to barragan vs… hacchi an tessai?? hmm… KIDO GALORE!!!…|||

  11. that was an epic chapter. “the one piece was righteous too!!!!” wow theyer unloading another anime original….booo. man Bleach must be making MONEY hand over fist to be milking it to this degree.. i wonder how old i’ll be when it all ends…hell i wonder what will be the next thing to replace it 4-6 years from NOW. still rather get “berserk”

    BROOKLYN otaku
  12. I don’t like most of the character design that much (or may be because my expectation of the character design was much higher). However, I am digging Wabisuke’s humanoid version.

  13. Hm, Zabimaru’s ape-woman form reminds me of an earlier anime omake (I think it was during the Bount arc) where Kurotsuchi was saying something about changing the appearance and gender of Renji’s zanpakutou…
    I can see most of the (for the most part, weak) references to the swords’ names in their humanoid forms, but I’m not really seeing Byakuya’s. Maybe the reference to the “senkei” form of his bankai, though I was expecting more of a noh or kabuki-themed character.
    Hyorinmaru just looks…wrong… (plus he looks like a cheap knockoff of Scar).
    Totally agree with the above post; out of all the characters, Wabisuke is the best. Kinda explains why Kira looks so emo all the time.

  14. After looking at ASuki’s forum on the various zanpakuto characters. I wonder why Ichigo’s zanpakuto in human form looks extremely normal when compared to the Gotei 13’s?

  15. Remember a shinigami golden cup where Mayuri was offering change of gender for the Zanpaktuo? i guess renji did it…. i mean both the Snake and Babbon of the original Zabimaru are male


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