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At least this week’s chapter of Ane Doki was nice…


  1. Seriously, Omni? This is like the first of the last 100 chapters or more that I found to be actually really interesting to read. >.>

    The fighting has been boring to no end. I found Hitsugaya and Hiyori’s argumenting actually was funny. Bleach has suffered from not many chapters with less seriousness in dialog.

    But that’s just me I guess. I’m just used to One Piece where there’s like 20 times more content in one chapter than there is in Bleach, and all that without feeling rushed.

  2. Kubo’s a terrible storyteller, he should have tried his luck with chara designer for fighting games or eroge. Detective Conan will be long over before Aizen is taken out of the picture. One Piece is so packed with content that Oda must use the front page to complete his story…

  3. And this is why I only read Bleach chapters in one go once every 2-3 months, at this rate, I might as well just wait for the manga volume to come out, because hardly any progress is made on the battlefronts, let alone the story.

    In fact, it now takes me much less time to finish a Bleach manga volume than a volume from any other series, even series like Naruto, because there’s hardly any dialogue, meaning I flip through the pages very quickly.

    Kubo Tite spends too much time setting up way too many battlefronts, and gets bogged down by having to sort them one-by-one. To his credit, some battles do get concluded very quickly, but in the end they all add up. So far, this 4th major manga arc has been 90% battle and 10% plot, which is more or less similar to the 3rd arc….

    (Battle:Plot ratio)
    1st arc – Substitute Shinigami arc (Ichigo fighting “Hollow of the Week”) – 50:50
    2nd arc – Soul Society arc (rescuing Rukia) – 50:50
    3rd arc – Hueco Mundo arc (rescuing Orihime) This sounds familiar, hmm… – 90:10
    4th arc – Battle of Karakura – 90:10

    So once again, thanks to Omni for keeping us up to date on what’s going on, so lazy people like us can come in once again when there’s something really big going on in terms of plot development.

    Kinny Riddle
  4. It was a boring chapter,nothing but a few blows and punches pulled in those 19 pages.It’s comparable to how Naruto is going right now with all the long boring dialogs.One piece however was awesome as usual.Ane-Doki…..was predictable, although it still has that “who is that girl with the big boobs” mystery.

  5. Argh, this was a below par chapter with little plot and very little progression. I just wish something will happen. Once the fillers finish i hope there something to look foward to.

  6. Forget the obvious Double-H argument, did anyone else notice the incredible sexual tension between Soifon and Hachigen? He was like ‘sup’ and she was totally like ‘loser’ and he was then like ‘you miss it’ and she’s all ‘whatever’

  7. Seriously Omni? Bleach has been bad, boring and slow paced for over two years. Nothing’s going to change with this “set up” either. I’m really amazed you continue to find it even remotely interesting. Even when it tries to be interesting you end up with Hitsguya aruging with Hiyori. I admire your endurance and ability to find something to like about the Bleach manga.
    Anime is getting interesting with the excellent fight scenes and this new filler arc though. I can’t even believe I’m saying that.

  8. “The problem is that there’s only incremental progress on all the fronts, and it’s hard to get excited about that.”

    Isn’t that how Kubo’s done everything “recently”?

  9. Bleach has turned into DBZ only without the long training sessions (thank god). Most battles aren’t even entertaining – it’s all about sword fighting, Ceros, and power upgrades. There are very few people with creative abilities like Barragan who could make a battle interesting.

  10. Kubo has definately dug himself into a hole and he’s been struggling to get out of it since the FIRST encounter Ichigo had with Ulquiorra where Ichigo was left for dead. After that you could see Kubo struggling to come up with a coherent plot to keep the series moving.

    Luckily, Bleach has never been much about the plot. I read it because Kubo’s art is amazing and it never disappoints. 🙂

  11. Ōmaeda was like, “Who’s that mofo,” and Soifon’s all “Don’t be jay; he’s a douche,” and Hachi says “Have you shown him our move?” and Soifon’s like “Dude, that’s nyob.”

    If Hachi is really a relative, I hope we find whoever it is that DNA countere’d, cause, yeah.

  12. The easiest explanation is that Hachi and Soifon would know each other from when Tessai would be hanging around with Urahara and Yoruichi.

    More complex would be that he’s a family member expelled from the clan for being less than capable as an assassin, perhaps due to size and reliance on Kido over the more martial arts.

  13. yea, im just putting bleach on hold for a while. i think i’ll wait 2-3 months and read it all in one go and just repeat that process until single chapters begin to get interesting on their own

  14. oh man- I love that yr blogging more and more on bleach manga. Please keep that up- esp on the interesting chaps 🙂

    Also- tousen cut hisagi pretty deep when he said you haven’t grown at all.

  15. Hachi also has the ability to reverse time, thats why i think he is the only one who can go against barragan, maybe he will team up with soifon protecting her from barragans powers so she can kill him

  16. @Guille
    How about her grandpa/father? 😛

    And yes, disagree with Omni on the “not interesting part”, Hitsu/Hyori argument was the most hilarious thing in bleach in a long long time… and the chapter overall was interesting.

    Unknown Voice
  17. Erm… to you guys who are hypothesizing about Soi Fon and Hachi’s relationship, Hachi and Tessai were in the Kidou Corps, which was closely related to the Special Ops that Soi Fon is part of. I doubt that there’s more of a relartionship.


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