There was a Darker than BLACK 2 – officially titled Darker than BLACK: Ryuusei no Gemini – commercial that aired with today’s episode of Basquash. As you can see above, it starts with a quick montage of stuff that happened in the final episode of the first series, including Hei’s line about how there is no longer any man named Li. Then comes the interesting part of the commercial, the much wilder looking Hei. It’s not a lot to go on (there are magazine spoilers that reveal more), but it’s exciting to me all the same, and I’m looking forward to the series. The fact that the commercial aired during Basquash today means that it’ll most likely be taking over that MBS timeslot come October, the same Thursday timeslot that the first series had.


  1. Second season seems to not be from the manga, so I hope they can pull it off well enough to not destroy what the first left us with. Maybe they are leaving the Shikkoku no Hana series for a second sequel/third season, considering that one just started.

  2. This is DTB we’re talking about. It’s entire theme was a long exaggerated plot twist that took the whole series to pan out. I don’t think they can screw up any kind of sequel as long as it has enough uber action to tide me over, no matter how funky the plot is.

  3. Sweet. Hei looks badass, as always. I hope they bring back Yin too (maybe more grown up and emotional and less loli and stone-faced?). At any rate, DTB2 is a definite watch for me.

  4. Ah, fall season is indeed something to look forward to.
    Loved the original, but will be interesting to see how they pick things up after the ending of the original.
    Not liking the long haired Hei though. :/

  5. I thought it was gonna be longer, but it’s enough for now! Thanks Omni, really looking forward to this. Now I just need to get myself familiar with the first season since it’s been a while, and hey just to the right I click on it and read about it thanks to Omni! XD

  6. Blargh, just saw the trailer and I’m kinda disappointed that it looks like this new red-haired girl is going to be the main character and Hei a side character? If so, are the creators of DTB2 pulling a Metal Gear Solid 2? Even more disheartening is that there’s no sight of Yin in the trailer. 🙁 At least they have that black lady contractor with the white hair and can control the rain; always thought she was a neat character.

  7. @ Reiter
    I really don’t think that Hei will take the role of a side character, he’s the freaking icon of the show and same with Yin.

    I think the PV was scenes taken from the first episode just as an (re)introduction to the whole DtB plot like the Contractors and whatnot.

    As long as they don’t try to replace Yin with new girl, I’m fine with it lol.

  8. meh… I dropped this show at episode 7…

    i lost all interest in this when they added a fucking private investigator type character to the story… i hate those kind of characters who aren’t REAL investigators and don’t mind their own fucking business…

  9. darker than dark is a fan-freackon-tastic series, I’m so looking forward to this new seaon he totally looks bad ass, perhaps this new seaon will include a comet hitting earth createing a new heavens gate since the last heavens gate was was destroyed by hei’s sister pie in south america and lets not forget that the sintacit still exists.

  10. I really really hate this new addition to darker than black, I mean seriously hei is a slightly fat stinkin druck, yin is died, and hei isnt free he’s working for the cia I mean what the hell ;[


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