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  1. Just a heads up; the spoilers are shown on your RSS feed, I don’t read bleach so I don’t mind but you may ruin it for someone else. Maybe start putting spoilers only in the long-form post?

  2. i hope he’s not dead…i’m quite fond of barragan rite now he’s friggen bad-ass. I’m sure they’ll go onto another fight and it will basically be a repeat again of what happened and none of the top 3 espadas will have died. It would be kool though if all three of them at the end combined with each other into some extreme espada.

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  5. @ichigo


    How about Espada 4 through 9? Dumbass.


    Because contrary to popular belief, Naruto is a piece of garbage. lol itachi’s bff that he killed is actually the mastermind behind it all LMFAO!!!

  6. Is this guy serious? Naruto better than Bleach? You are a funny one sir, that is a good joke.

    It will only be good once Sasuke gets his punk as handed to him for being such a whiny little bitch.

    Darma Shoten
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  8. @Paul
    Weird that they didn’t even show him when the Visoreds made their entrance.

    That trap looked like a bank vault. Hachi must work part-time designing them or something. W’ll see if they are bandit-proof next chapter.

  9. @Lelouch ,no offense ,just an opinion ,but AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA yeah right!!! let me just ask.. don’t your eyes hurt from looking at those TERRIBLE drawings?? seriously

    BROOKLYN otaku
  10. @ Ichigo –

    I half-agree with you. I believe action animes where no-one dies are pretty pathetic, i love a good death-scene even if its the main chracter (Light) or even a supporting character (Shirley). Back when Naruto killed off Asuma i knew that Naruto had taken a new direction and personally from that point on, i saw Naruto as a more mature anime even though it’s suitable for all ages.

    Kurisu Vi Britannia
  11. i really dont understand why people hate on bleach and naruto so much. sure it doesnt have some super deep storyline or realistic situations but im not looking for that when i read bleach or naruto. in fact i really cant find another manga like bleach or naruto. they both have great fighting scenes, many plot twists, and a huge amount of characters that are all interesting and dont take away from the plot. bleach and naruto dont have heart wrenching scenes or impactful deaths but it doesnt matter because the manga is good without it in fact that unrealism is what draws me to it. also naruto is just as good as bleach in fact the recent chapter in naruto have major plot movement and and actual storyline whereas the bleach chapters are all just a bunch of people fighting eachother and then fighting eachother again….which is a little pointless so yes naruto is better then bleach at the moment but to me theyre equally good overall. now you bitches can whine all you want about why naruto and bleach suckz or how bleach ownzors naruto

  12. Next time it will be revealed that Barragan made his brain rot while releasing and he will go Segunda Etapa, but in his case he will increase his rotten state and turn to dust : he chose suicide over defeat, yes his brain did rot (Kubo’s brain did too long ago by the way). Just end this mess with those overrated espadas 1-2-3 there is still a lot of characters to be done with and at least half of them have not even been introduced yet, Oda is doing the same type of storytelling at the moment and everything is a lot more well paced and at least, make sense.

  13. Guys… Don’t be sore losers.
    Admit it, Bleach have downscaled quite hard while Naruto up-scaled a bit nicely ’till the end.

    I had my share of love and hate and hate and some more hate with both of these, and I think it’s about time to admit that even though for most of the past Bleach was better, Naruto is now the better one by a bit.

    Also I would like to point this comment to any fanboy of any series:
    You may have like been hardcore about it for sometime but don’t go “my shit’s better” before checking the other work and before you accept your series’s disatventages and bad points, and make sure what youre saying isn’t out of sheer stubborness.

  14. Naruto’s storyline has become ridiculously stupid ever since the end of the Chuunin exam. Anything before that was good ol’ original work that I enjoyed.

    Bleach’s plot became bland as well after the SS arc, and has become so cliche. I only read it for Kubo’s amazing artwork.

  15. I can’t decide whether or not I want Barragan dead. I’d like to see him live because, for Espada number two, I don’t think he’s actually done that much other than let off some death gas. Sure, Soifon lost an arm, but he hasn’t actually done much fighting. The bulk of his action has been running behind people…o_O
    However, I want him dead because I know he’s just another mini-mini-boss, and Bleach is moving so slow as it is.

  16. KIDO!!!!! can hacchi teach me some of his kekkai techniques?

    well, here also expecting a second recurrection from the top 3 espadas, since in power harribel should die 1st (haha)…

    haha was thinking how hacchi would catch soifon while she flies again like from the previous time marechiyo caught soifon. that would be MORE disgusting…

  17. sorry fo da double post. but i gotta say @sean, i’m kinda with you man, but the thing is this , in Naruto they are supposed to be ninjas and alotta the $hit thats going on “to me” seems utterly ridiculous ninja wise, plus the crappy artwork is sooo not helping.

    @Somekindanick you are right on!”DON’T LET YOUR LOVE FOR A SERIES CLOUD YOUR JUDGEMENT!!!”
    TRUE DAT!! we need to apply this mantra to ALL things. its kinda like Yankees VS mets *insert team of choice* fans..well kinda.
    @invAZN i feel u, but ONE PIECE is mainstream…ponder that. besides who doesn’t love money!
    @orange i hope u joking cuz that’s CRAZY hahaha but, hmmmm? sorry fo all da shit talking but I’m feeling the comments

    BROOKLYN otaku
  18. @kaineng if u like kido and kekkai u shuld read kekkaishi its basically a manga with a main char who specializes in those techniques and its a pretty good manga too

    @somekindanick i understand how u mite think that people only like bleach and naruto because theyre fanboys and i agree some people take it too seriously and start shit becuz of that, but i disagree with u about how both the series are downscaling if thats wat u meant. in both naruto and bleach things have been slowing down (more bleach then naruto) but i can say with utmost ease that i still very much like these two series and if u think that its getting worse thats ur opinon but that doesnt mean everyone else who still likes the series is wrong. also you cant say that naruto is better then bleach and just tell everyone to admit it when its only ur opinon, everyone likes and dislikes different things theres no such thing as the perfect manga so in my mind theyre still equal.

    @brooklyn otaku naruto isnt a historical manga so theyre not trying to portray ninjas from the past or the ninjas from other stories. Naruto is Masashi Kishimoto’s take on it, so its from his imagination and im pretty sure he’s not trying to be realistic when he writes naruto. Also one piece is mainstream but so is naruto and bleach so if thats the reason ur not reading it u shuld give it a try.

    thnx for reading my long ass replies guys and i hoped u enjoyed this weeks chapters cuz shonen jump is taking a break next week

  19. My 1 complaint with Bleach and Naruto is that there is no romance between the main characters. I mean all these teenagers working together and no one is interested in the opposite sex? Ichigo doesn’t hit on Inoue or at least show interest? Rukia I can understand. She has a turnip head and the body of a 7 year old boy. But Inoue is very attractive and has a great body.

    Naruto has the same issue. But at least Naruto is dancing around the issue of Naruto, Sakura, Hinata, and Sasuke and what they mean to each other. Its just way on the back burner. I realize these action animes focus mainly on action and character development but at least considering the ages of the characters they should be more interested in each other then they are.

  20. Um Ulq already said the only Espada to achieve the second stage was himself, so it is quite unlikely that the top 3 attained it. It is way more likely that Barragan has some other sort of power and we will see this get extended.

  21. @damian
    At least Naruto has a plot. Bleach has no storyline at all. It’s basically fight fight fight. And amazing artwork? Gosh, you have to get your eyes checked.

    @BROOKLYN otaku
    Don’t you get tired from looking at the shitty non-background art from Kubo? Or how about two people staring at each other for a few pages?
    And wait, what? You think One Piece is mainstream and Bleach and Naruto aren’t? Are you on drugs?

  22. What about growing up, calming down, and shitting ot eachother’s opinions?
    It’s pathetic and retarded that we have to read this stupid arguement even here.

    Every manga and anime has is own good/bad points. There is no need to compare them and fight over opinions.

  23. Bleach does have a storyline, it just that reading each chapter is like watching grass grow, I mean the last 50 chapters half of it were like single pages of picture or 2 panels of picture of people gasping whoa, whoa every where…

  24. “Generalisation: Mainstream anime is in it for the moneys.
    Money = Root of all evil
    Evil = Bad

    Therefore, mainstream anime = bad”
    “Every manga and anime has is own good/bad points. There is no need to compare them and fight over opinions.”
    Both of these quoted for truth and wisdom.

    Also I would like to say in Brooklyn’s defense that I think he only gave the One Piece example, to show not all mainstreams are bad and are just for money.
    This is not to say One Piece is not mainstream or that Bleach and Naruto arn’t.

    @Sean: You missed my point, but nevermind.
    @Splash: Don’t mean to sound rude or anything, but what did you expect?
    These are fighting shonen manga… Even if there is a couple, they never go past the holding hands phase, no matter how close they can be…
    And all other stuff about love relationships are just played for laughs if anything.
    This is just how this genre works. You might as well get used to it, because you probably won’t find a lot of shonen manga where a couple kiss. (At least I didn’t)

    Oh yeah, and about my take about the art thing, to tell the truth I find both to be more or less equal.
    Actually I may like Naruto’s art a bit more. Although Bleach has better character design. Never really liked much Naruto’s character design anyway, all the vests and hakamas never really talked to me.

    o3o Thanks for reading me long posts~

  25. I can’t believe Bleach is blogged and Naruto is not. Or One Piece.
    Bleach is just trash since….hundreds of chapters. The only good thing is the art.

    But hey that’s ok it’s not like i decide what to do with the blog 😛

  26. One Piece is much better than both Bleach and Naruto in terms of plot, art and even action scenes and raw emotion.

    It takes me 5-6 minutes to read a One Piece chapter and only about 1 minute to read a Bleach one – it’s all made of huge panels where barely something happens. Just think about the fact that the ongoing battle has been going on for a year and a half now.

    In any case, I think Omni blogging Bleach is his personal choice and should not be considered as a merit to Bleach as a manga. I still think One Piece is far superior.

  27. Omg, those posts were so ridiculous. As someone said, Naruto and Bleach had their up and down and now Naruto is way better than Bleach.

    You guys are only looking about artwork? That’s a shame, I don’t even want to go further with those people.

    All I can say, Naruto has a better plotline than Bleach. Except the Sasuke’s arc.

  28. @everyone Ok people, TIME OUT. If you all want talk about One Piece and naruto manga, go discuss somewhere else.
    As for this chapter it focusing on Hachi & Soifon fight. I think by next week, I am sure If Barragon is defeated, that would get Gin and Aizen involved.

  29. BTW, I also think One Piece> Bleach\Naruto.

    It’s just that these two are the most famous and mostly compared to each other.
    ‘3’ To tell the truth both arn’t even at the top 3 of my mainstreams.

  30. @Deathdakid why shouldn’t we talk about One Piece or Naruto?

    Bleach is definitely the worst out of the 3 ‘mainstream’ mangas currently. Whereas One Piece and Naruto have had rather dramatic plot changes and character developments in the last month or so, Bleach has dragged on the same battle for the past year with a pleathora of half-baked characters that I have no interest in. Entrance of the Vizards? Great plot twist there, didn’t see that coming at all! Do people even still remember that Aizen wants to create the King’s Key by wiping out the whole of Karakura town?

    So yeah, if Random Curiosity continues to blog Bleach there is no reason that One Piece or Naruto should be ignored, or even other series such as Bakuman. Of course this is inherently an anime blogging site so they can do whatever they please..

  31. I wonder how confident Aizen really is in his Espada; Was he over confident in the three? Does he really care if he was mistaken? Calculated propaganda? Hopefully Barragan can throw at least one epic thing our way before he’s removed from the game.

  32. I’d just like to bring it to ya’lls attention as i just noticed something in the Anime which could be either a mistake or a hint at something more. When Hinamori was fighting the fraccion after they’d released she unsheathed Tobiume and released her without calling her name. Bankai anyone?

    Kurisu Vi Britannia
  33. Well Im pretty sure Bleach is being blogged just because Omni likes it.
    I mean, it’s not like they really blog manga here, and probably they don’t blog Naruto or One Piece because they haven’t stciked with them up ’till now and they arn’t gonna go reading some 50 chapters just to get what’s going on.

    @Chuie: Speaking of Bleach’s plot…
    Was Aizen’s goal ever even stated?
    I mean you’d expect by now for him to tell us already why he does all he does so he’ll character will seem a bit more than just some guy that wants to destroy the world, just for the sake of destroying the world. Seriously, Aizen is like evil for totally no reason at all.

  34. Hmmmm, OMNI what you said about all there 2 stage for their powers, that may be a possibility, but I am pretty sure if memories serve me that Uliqquiora was the only one to achieve that form….. am I right?

  35. Blog One Piece instead. It actually does this strange thing of being exciting every single week, rather than once a month.

    Bleach manga chapters can really be summarised in less than a full sentence:
    * Hachi blocks Barragan in barriers for Soi Fong to hit with her bankai.

    Surprised how many give Naruto and Bleach a go but then don’t try One Piece. I can’t understand it…

  36. @ SomeKindaNick: Hmm I think Aizen did mention what he was going to do it but it’s been so long I can’t remember exactly. I think Aizen’s intention is not to destroy the world, but to rule it. Otherwise he would have just kicked everyone’s ass back in Soul Society but instead bids them goodbye and mentions that he will stand atop where no one has stood before. So I assume that by getting the King’s Key he intends to further reach his goal of ultimate power. So Aizen’s not evil for no reason at all; he’s evil because he’s greedy!

  37. “Surprised how many give Naruto and Bleach a go but then don’t try One Piece. I can’t understand it…”
    I believe it’s mostly the art, but I guess some just don’t like give the humor and style a chance.
    Also the fact that pirates have reputation of being considerably uncool outside action films dosen’t help. (at least I think such some people think that. Though the fact that pirates are your usual cartoon grunts makes it seem understandable why they think like that…)


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