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I’ve also been reading the new Great Teacher Onizuka series called GTO – Shonan 14 Days which started a couple of months ago in Weekly Shounen Magazine and is a side-story to the original manga in which Onizuka goes to help out at a home for neglected and abused children. It retains a lot of the same elements that made the original good and has some very familiar disaffected youth types to go along with Onizuka’s antics, so it’s been a fun read so far. You can read the first chapters here.


  1. Dragonite88: Yea, I read this week’s Ane Doki. There’s not as much going on as there was in HL, but it’s still a cute, guilty pleasure-type read.

    Izan: 😀 I thought it was worth mentioning because practically no one I’ve tried to talk to about it among my friends had heard of it.

  2. Yar, I feel that Barragan really didn’t seem do a whole lot in general. I do think having him die ironically by his own abilities suits him., and him dying keeps things moving. Having been given a second chance, I hope Harribel puts out a good fight.

  3. “I’m a little surprised that Barragan wasn’t immune against his own ability”

    my thoughts exactly. if he was the concept of inevitable death, it really is ironic for death to kill itself using its very own technique. even mayuri’s method of controlling his zanpakuto against szayel seemed a logical course of action in any battle.

  4. hitsugaya and hiyori seem to get along pretty well XD i really hope this is the real end of barragan, he’s damn irritating and there are so many interesting things coming up (hopefully) like wat happens to ukitake , shunsui’s bankai, ?? vs. aizen or tousen or gin. or maybe kubo will just skip to hueco mundo and go to yammi. with him, you never know XD

  5. I’m a little disappointed how this battle end, but I’m glad it’s finally over…

    Anyway, I’m not expecting much of a battle from Harribel vs Lisa, Hitsugaya and Hiyori… now that I think about it, that match up seems like it will be a bit of an overkill. I’d expect it should really be over in about 2-3 chapters, reason being is that out of the 3 major battles, Hitsugaya had the least trouble with his opponent. So I’m interested in seeing what kind of crap they’ll make up to stretch that battle….


  6. @SoulCaster: I seriously hope youre right because Im pretty sure the harribel will be a major blabing-fest between Hiyori, hitsugaya and maybe Lisa too in order to shut both of them brats, while Harribel herself will seat idly and attack once a chapter to remind us they’re still fighting.

    This is just the impression I get from how many of the characters seem to take thier time talking between fights (Man that is annoying and so unfitting at times! Remember how Soi Fon made a “deal” with Hachi? ummm yeah, she’s pretty much cornered and about to die, not only that but beating him is basically her mission and she is a ninja, this is supposed to be her top priority over everything else, and yet she has the leisure to make “deals”… So yeah.) and the villans habbit of actually just standing there and waiting for them to finish. And of course, the Hiyori and Hitsugaya convo didn’t help this impression.

  7. @ heminder
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    Dammit Hachi why didn’t you send a piece of your rotting arm to all seven of the remaining enemies, not just Barragan, you could have won the fight in one fell swoop.

  8. Naruto is so much better than Bleach. Bleach has dissolved into who has the newest superpower 1 move finisher.

    GTO 14 days Shonan has been really nice so far, i really enjoyed the original manga.


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