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  1. Yep, Love doesn’t read Bleach, wich could cost him victory with the long history of rock-paper-strawberry Kubo put in place, but in the case he did it would mean death by boredom. Starrk finally does something that could make his fight less boring than the previous one (aka getting hit and calling the puppies). Kubo, let the cheapshot go back to Soul Eater, sacrifice the boobs and make things progress in your “war” (ask Oda how to tell a war between the top).

  2. Well, about Starrk coming sooner than Harribel, or even Barragan dieing sooner than her… welcome to Bleach. It’s not like Kobo ever wrote this manga in the dramatically convenient way.

    But I guess most of us likes it for exactly that.

  3. i have to say i laughed when starrk said that if they keep fighting all that would happen is more of their freinds would die. it was like starrk had realized that Kubo was never going to let any good guy die and just wanted to quit.

  4. no way Harribel is gonna die… they gonna let her live, then her and her nice ass are gonna go back to Hueco Mundo and live there in happiness and content forever and ever

    or at least I hope…

  5. Omni, like Ive said before, Halibel’s battle isnt being left for last because of her, but because of Hitsugaya (even though Lisa and Hiyori have stepped in, he’s still in perfect condition to keep fighting). He’s one of the top 5 most popular characters so Kubo has to feed the fandom by making his battle the most anticipated. Hitsugaya has no place fighting Tercera Espada when he had to go all out to defeat Shawlong and wasnt even able to kill Luppi. But like I said, in shounen series, the most popular characters get more spotlight.

  6. I think the key here was Starrk noting that Aizen truly doesn’t care about the Espada, and that he is fully aware that the ten of them were basically put into play to die as grist for Aizen’s plan. Starrk choosing to fight may in fact mean he is deciding to say screw it to Aizen (not the first to do so, though that didn’t do Barrigan much good -ever-) and start looking for a way out for himself and Harribel.

    Yes, I am probably wrong. Yes, Starrk and Harribel are probably the next contestants in the ‘Last Words of an Evil Minion’. But I have the hope that Starrk actually showing awareness of Aizen’s true nature and his more or less being over the fight may potend a shift in his motives and subsequent actions.

  7. more sound advice…i hate , HATE HATE!!!! when they do this shit! YOU WONT WIN DUMBASS!!!
    first move wins…heh..not even if it is a gunshot to the head! you’ll still lose. this is what i hate about shounen..somebody need to change the rules and QUICK!!
    of course harribel wont die. (1) shes hot (2) that whole honer ,fight for ur teammates shtick.

    BROOKLYN otaku
  8. “It’s not like Aizen’s gonna save us anyway… …I just don’t care anymore… …Let’s just go home and sleep”

    How can you not like Starrk?
    I kinda wish he would just quickly deal with Love & Rose and then take Halibel and, go home and sleep or someting.
    Also, Lilynette tells him he has to fight if he don’t want his friends to die but isn’t Halibel the only Espada still alive if you don’t count Yammi and Grimmjow?

  9. maybe they are doing the battle in opposite order since its opposite order. not by number but by who seemed the strongest first to the weakest.

    and those seemed like dogs to me, then wolves. its more likely dogs too. if it was wolves i could tell from one look in their eyes. but lol i can’t see their eyes well.

    and i wonder if Starrk is going to die, so far all Espada who were in a match up have died. i thought at least the 3 in the town would not die, but The Death King B something died, well he had no personality so what do u expect. but since Starrk does have one, and maybe Harriel they might not just die off,like how…I FORGOT WHAT I WAS GONNA SAY> SHHIT>

  10. @omni. Lots of people believe that Harribel is being left for last because of her aspect of death, sacrifice. It’s to believed that it will be used in the plot.

    I really like the mask shikai combination of Love’s. Rose will probably get involved at some point, but he will probably be Ukitake to Love’s Shunsui. The wolves are very interesting. There are a lot of possibilities of what they can do. I think the only thing that is for sure is that they will be VERY destructive. I’m going with kamikaze wolves.

  11. The calmest characters always have the last fights. Barragan was arrogant and lost his cool when he was trapped. Harribel was more surprised than angry when she was in the 100 ice flower prison. But yeah, because she’s fighting Toshiro her fight is last. The power of fangirls is absolute. lol!!

  12. I thimk Stark already realised before that Aizen will not care for the espadas or any hollows. So the only reason he is fighting is for revenge.for his “friends” death. I hope we see other vizards releases in the following chapters.

  13. I feel like ichigo is going to bargin in very soon…neliel is an arrancar…she can create a garganta…also ichigo got hollow powers…so he may create a garganta…just wait the time elapsed to make ulquiorra suffer minus the time lag between ueco mundo and real world…probably by then, aizen should have already mopped the floor with the vizards & co. Maybe with some arrancar’s death to parring the forces. just my opinion

  14. Stark is clearly Kubo’s homage to Eddard Stark of R.D.Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” book series.

    The symbol of House Stark is running direwolf, the motto is “The Winter is coming”, not to mention that Stark(Bleach) looks almost identical to Eddard Stark.

    Unknown Voice
  15. Gotta love Stark. Anyone else smile just a little at how he seems to be the only Espada smart enough to bring guns into a sword fight (similarities to Soul Eater be damned). I dunno what Stark would be fighting for though. It didn’t seem like he was on good terms with any of the other Espada, and his aspect, “loneliness,” leads me to believe he’ll be the only Espada to come out of this alive when it’s all said and done. To be the last surviving Espada would be fitting for him (lone wolf, I get it, hyuk hyuk).

    @ Unknown Voice
    I dunno about going that far. Would Kubo even know who GRRM is? Probably just a coincidence more than anything else.

  16. Maybe Harribel Sacrifice herself to save Starrk from being Killed (her aspect is Sacrifice) Then Starrk Will be the only one espada in FKT (his Aspect loneliness kick in) and ta daa Starrk get all powerful.

  17. @jellayrei
    I guess that’s what happen when you have way too many important characters. Well, it’s certainly interesting to see what all their powers are. Now, time to dust off my PSP for Heat the Soul 7 (imagine that game with all of the espada and vizoreds) =D

    Cain is a Scar's fanboy

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