After Shuuhei gets injured, Kazeshini is ready to finish him off, but Kira steps in just in time to save him. Kira doesn’t stick around to fight Kazeshini though and instead traps him with a spell before escaping with Shuuhei to safety. Elsewhere in Soul Society, Renji is able to fight his Zanpakutou spirits more effectively now that he has the shikai form of his sword, but they respond by initiating bankai. This turns the tide of the battle back in their favor, and when it becomes clear that Renji is no match for this, they decide to leave him. Renji, however, decides to try to use some kidou spells against them. At first his blasts are ineffective, but he finally succeeds after he using a spell to shatter his own sword and then having those sword pieces slash his Zanpakutou spirits from all directions. Their defeat results in them returning to their original sword form, and the entire fight has Renji vowing that he’ll keep trying to get stronger.

Ichigo meanwhile finds himself fighting Zangetsu again, and Zangetsu claims to want to know which one of them is truly strong. To do this, Zangetsu initiates bankai and uses a super powerful Getsuga Tenshou against Ichigo. Ichigo is unable to do the same, so he’s forced to rely on his own abilities and the help of his Hollow side. Even though he doesn’t bring out his mask, it is those Hollow powers that allow him to overcome Zangetsu’s Getsuga Tenshou, and the defeat returns Zangetsu back to his sword form. Afterward, part of Muramasa’s body starts to phase out, causing him to decide to withdraw. With Muramasa gone, Zangetsu explains to Ichigo that Muramasa was brainwashing them and manipulating them through their instinct. Knowing this, Ichigo is still determined to go after him.


That wasn’t so much a new Getsuga Tenshou as the episode title had suggested, but it was interesting enough, and the episode itself was pretty exciting. It was cool seeing the Zanpakutou wield the bankai versions of themselves, and it was even better seeing Ichigo and Renji overcome them. I do have to say though that the ending of the Renji battle was sort of weak. He only beat Zabimaru after they stopped using their bankai form, and him going around shooting off kidou spells like that made me feel like I was watching DBZ or something. I was seriously expecting him to yell Kamehameha at this point. Ichigo’s victory was much more impressive, both visually and from a story point of view, but I guess I do have to give Renji some credit for being the first Shinigami to get his Zanpakutou back. As for Muramasa, I noticed that he looked kind of like Ulquiorra when his eyes were bleeding, but more importantly, he started to phase out as if he was disappearing. It’s too early for this arc to end though, so I doubt Muramasa’s going to leave anytime soon, and future episode titles seem to suggest that the focus will turn to each of the other high-level Shinigami and their respective Zanpakutou.


  1. I agree. I didn’t like the way the Renji battle ended, though on the hand, it was rather sneaky of him to do what he did, banking on the overconfidence of his zanpakutou. Still, it looked like a rushed ending, since the big hole in it was the fact that his zanpakutou could have just went to bankai again, and he would have been defeated. I still like this arc, though, because it explores the relationship between the shinigami and the zanpakutou.

  2. Wow, the story really ran fast during this episode o_O I wonder how the story will turn out now we know how Muramasa manipulate zanpakutô… Anyway i really enjoyed this episode, a very good one and i laughted at the DBZ part xD

    The end with Muramasa talking to himself (or to someone else?) suggest that there is another villain more important than him in my opinion.

  3. Hmm, they should have had Zabimarus real (original) form speak at the end instead of “chimpette and snakey”. I also wouldn’t have minded them absorbing their zan’s spirit as well but I guess that’s just my personal preference.

  4. For the simple purpouse that if he used his hollow form, he wouldn’t have been fighting zangetsu. Hichigo understands that Zangetsu wanted to fight Ichigo, and that if Ichigo just went hollow form again, he might have taken it as an insult. The three of them have worked together in sync for a while now, and they all understand one anothers’ thoughts.

    Abd Al-Azrad
  5. That new Getsuga Tensho is simillar to the move in used against zaraki way back in ss arc. So it seems that muramasa is falling ill and fading. He probably reunite with the other zan and tinker his plan a little. Oh and when to animating an episode shingo>youko

  6. Nice episode overall, Shuuhei didn,t even bother use kidou against Kazeshini, Ichigo actually overwhelmed zangestu thanks to that hollow the thing that bothered me though was Ichigo is good at hand to hand combat but he rarely uses it then everyone knows how to flashstep now thus making the fight look boring plus ichigo might need to learn some kidou too…wait a minute zangestu now has two hands hmm thought it was one……Muramasa seems to be drawing his powers from the other zanpoktous but i,m actually looking forward to toushiro and rangiku’s fight against their zanpoktous.

  7. @ SuaSponte75th
    I assume because Hollow Ichigo was filling in Zangetsu’s role for Ichigo, so the catch was that he couldn’t use his mask while he was doing this.
    I also think their must be some higher ‘boss’ above Murumasa. After all, what more can he do now that the Zanpakutou are breaking free of his mind control, which seems to be his main power?
    Either way, hopefully we have some sort of twist or plot progression rather than moving on to wathing every Shinigami fight their Zanpakutou every episode.

  8. in the end the solution is plain and simple…beat the crap out of the zampakutou avatars make em return into the katana form…but first u have to tell the magic word: “iwanttobecomestronger!”….like this is spelled as a single word after all.

  9. yea it seems like its going to be half and half episode, half about ichigo, other half about every other captain and co captain one at a time.

    also if only ichigo could do this type of Getsuga Tenshou(with mask) in earlier episodes in true anime/manga it would of been a neat special attack.

  10. Maybe Muramasa is disappearing because he killed his shinigami. If a Zanpakutou is part of a shinigami than it can be assumed that they would die at the same time. Perhaps there is a nefarious character keeping Muramasa alive behind the scenes, like a contractor or something. I never thought that there would be any new attacks for major characters no matter what gets hinted at as it is a filler arc, and no matter how much of an improvement it is over filler arcs in the past (for all series) there is no way that anything new will happen that doesn’t disappear again before the arc ends.

  11. Deathdakid: There is a slight change in ed credits. It shows Kira and wabiske now.

    I noticed that! I was thinking it subsituted for Renji’s zanpaktou, but they’re still in the ending too! I’m trying to remember who was in that place before…

  12. I seriously thought Murramasa was at Aizen’s palace at first, the way the floor and atmosphere resembled Las Noches, toppled with the fact that there was a (visually) reference to Ulquiorra. But I seriously doubt theyd bring Aizen to this.

    And if Murramasa was tslkin to somebody it was OBVIOUSLY his owner. The intro repeats again that Zanpakutou die with their owners so it’d make no sense whatsoever if Murramasa’s owner is dead.

  13. Anyone notice that Zangetsu’s Getsuga Tenshou was black and Ichigo’s was blue. Was it not suppose to be Black for Ichigo since he has his hollow inside him and Zangetsu’s Blue like in episode 233??

    Anyone it was a awesome episode on how both Ichigo and Renji beat thier Zanpakutou’s bankai form.

  14. It was damn impressive. The mind control bit kind of caught me off guard. And the ending when his eyes were bleeding out showed that he probably doesn’t have long or probably has some way to increase his lifespan or whatever he’s doing to stay in that form.

    Maybe when he said he had no shinigami was a huge hint to why he’s reacting like that.

    The ending of Renji’s seem rushed. But the animation made up for it and I was COMPLETELY SATISFIED with the ending between Ichigo and Zangetsu.

    They couldn’t make a better ending than that. 😀

  15. In the preview, muramasa seemed to be alright.I suspect he has his wielder trapped somewhere, or he really killed him.Hopefully next episode,we get a more better episode cuz we don,t know if byakuya is dead or alive and the old man has been MIA for while.

  16. i actually think murramasa might be kenpachis zanpakutou [ sorry about spelling, lol ] we know nothing about his zanpajutou and with the murramasa’s idea of waking up – it might be hissssss


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